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Brand: Braun / Type: Men's Shaver

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 22:42
      Very helpful



      Leaves you face as smooth as silk.... almost every time

      I like to have a wet shave most of the time, although when I'm out and about, usually for work purposes, I tend to like the have an electric shaver with me so that I can have a shave when ever I want I need one, due to the fact that I feel a little more, well, confident, when my face is clean shaven, or is that just me?
      Anyway, I have tried and tested many electric shavers, although when I say electric I mean rechargeable or battery operated shavers, coming across some that shave close to the skin and some that should not legally be called a shaver as they either cut your face to ribbons or leave more hair on your face that you first started with.
      Fortunately, over my manly years of shaving my face I've come across some rather fine shavers, such as Remington, Philips and a rather fine little machine from the company we all know as Braun, with the shaver itself from the Braun 7 series, being called the Braun series 7-720.

      Firstly can I tell you a few little bits about this Braun 7-720...
      * It has what they call Optifoil covering the three cutting heads.
      * It has Sonic technology which means it produces more pulses with every stroke.
      * Offers three shaving options, sensitive, normal and intense
      * Senso Flex head which claims to give 6 times more comfort than a standard shaver head.

      So that's the technical mumbo jumbo over with, I would say technical bits but there's no real technical bits to it.

      What does it look like..?

      It looks like any other shaver really with it's black plastic casing and silver foil head, although it comes in a silver body as well as black.
      There is a rather fine little LCD display on the bottom of it which shows you the battery status, showing a red battery image for low battery and a green battery image for, yes you guessed it, a full battery. With a display of approximately how long you've got left on the battery before it need recharging.
      On the front, so to speak, there are what look like three buttons, which are the actual controls for the three shaving options, with a '+' and a '-' button on the sides of what looks like a small cursor button. This cursor button gives you the indication as to what setting you have chosen, turning from blue to white depending on the sensitivity of the shave you have chosen.
      The actually 'sensitively' controls simple speed up, or slow down the rate of the heads under the foils.

      Using the shaver...
      Before the first shave it is recommended to fully charge the shaver, which takes about an hour, but on a full charge you will get about 45 minutes of shaving power. But after this initial charging ceremony you can simple charge it up if and when required.
      Plus, it can also be used direct from the mains for when you need a shave but have forgotten to charge it up.
      But once charged, or plugged in, you simply use it as a you would any other shaver, flick it on and press the foil heads against your face, feeling the vibration as the shaver does it's business.
      That's it, it's so simply so there's no need to get yourself a degree in rocket technology and informational necessities...

      Cleaning the shaver...
      To clean this you can do one of two things. You can either simple hold this under a running tap and flick it on so that the hairs become loose and the running water will push them out.
      Or you can give it a full clean by taking off the head and brushing the entire thing out with the little brush you get with it.
      This head comes off with the press of the 'locking' buttons which are situated on the side of the head itself.

      My opinion...

      This is without doubt one of the finest electric shavers I have ever used, but what do you expect considering the price it cost, which I will frighten you with later.
      When I first starting using this I was pretty impressed with the way it managed to give my face a clean shave and, most importantly, my face felt clean and smooth.

      As for the 'personalise' shaving options, well the 'sensitive setting is about as useful as a pair of glasses for a man with no ears. It just doesn't seem to shave the hair that much so I have to shave the same place over and over again, which causes skin irritation in itself. In fact, the best mode on it is probably the 'intense' have as it gets at the hair the bests, dragging it out of the face and trimming it away with the least irritation.

      The cutting heads work remarkable well indeed, with the outer heads being covered in the foil whilst the central section moving in a fast 'cutting' motion, a little like an electric hedge trimmer, although a lot less forceful.
      The shaving heads mange to get those facial hairs trimmed down to give a very smooth finish. The heads all act individually, seeming to bend, float and roll to glide over where ever you want to shave, and the fact that it has what they call 'sonic technology' which vibrates so that the hairs seem to come out of the pores a little more than normal, getting the chance to get a better cut.
      Then there's the trimmer which slides up from the rear of the shaver and helps get a fine trim on such things as sideburns and those dodgy moustaches that seem to grow around peoples mouths.

      It's got what they call 'Sonic Technology' which basically means that it vibrates as is shaves which is supposed to bring the hairs to life so that the trimmer can get then easier, leaving your face less irritated by the constant, what they call, 'tug and pull' cutting.

      The display is simple to understand, showing a green light when the shaver is either in use or is begin charged up. Then there's the red light which shows you that the shaver is running low on power and will need charging up soon.

      So what about the frightening price that I mentioned earlier, well it is a bit frightening for a shaver, selling for about £70.00 to a whopping £120, although it can be found on offer in some places.
      As I said, quite pricey for what is just intended to shave your face but for me it is pretty good value for money as it has done me quite proud and managed to come through a lot of travelling.

      Sadly though, after several shaves later, that feeling just isn't the same, even though I've kept the heads clean and lubricated, but it still gives a close enough shave on the 'intense' setting.


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    • Product Details

      The New Series 7 sets Braun's Gold Standard for shaving / featuring the most innovative technology for perfect closeness and skin comfort / Sonic technology and new OptiFoil technology help deliver Braun's most thorough shave ever / This shaver includes Braun's most intelligent Clean & Renew System for extra hygiene and convenience. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

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