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Braun CoolTec CT2s

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Brand: Braun

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2013 11:26
      Very helpful




      I have recently gone back to going clean shaven at times and I used to have one of those disk style electric shavers. When this came up in Amazon vine I thought I would give it a try out. The R.R.P for this is £199.99 (no that isn't a typo) but more on that later.

      As this was for Amazon vine a similar review appears on Amazon under my real name of M.J. Collins

      I am of an age to remember a certain foil style electric shaver which was marketed as 'as close as a blade or your money back' well this shaver did achieve a close shave but a blade would have been quicker and easier to use. I am not saying that this shaver is bad it just took longer to shave my face using it than I thought it would.

      What is the shaver like?

      The shaver has a double foil cutter and a middle cutter as well as a so-called 'cool effect' metal wedge type thing. The charging station is easy to put together and charger comes with the standard two pin shaver plug so unless you have one of those sockets in your bathroom you will need to buy a separate adapter as this is not included. The power lead does not connect directly to the razor but into the base then to the shaver by metal contacts on both the charging base and the shaver its self.

      A full charge takes about an hour to perform. Without using the cool effect this gives about 45 minutes of shaving time. This in my opinion is rather poor considering how much it could be used. With the power hungry cool effect on this is massively reduced to 15 minutes. You also have the option of just doing a quick 5 minute charge which should give you enough charge for a single shave but doing this too often doesn't do the battery much good.

      Whilst in use the shaver does fit well in the hand and the rubberised coating does prevent it from slipping when in use. It is, however, quite heavy but I suppose it does indicate that it is well made and won't drop to bits in a few months. The cutting foils do produce good close results but it needs a lot of working over my face and neck to achieve the results I get from a blade. Although this could just be the shape of my face. Whilst this has become easier and quicker the more times I use it, a blade razor would still produce just as good a result in a shorter time. Whilst the idea of the 'cool effect' is novel one I personally don't see the advantage in it as I have used the shaver with this both on and off and I have not noticed any difference in either the closeness of the shave or the comfort of it. I am, however, not prone to razor burn and so the difference this makes may be more noticeable to those with more sensitive skin. The razor can be used either wet or dry and can also be used in the shower. However, as I don't have a mirror in my shower cubical this may not be the easiest thing to do.

      The size of the shaving head is fairly large and it covers a good area of the face in one go. The shaving head is easy to remove to enable cleaning. Also the shaving head cover is easily put on and removed. A small brush is provided again to help with the cleaning of the shaver. Also there is a small bottle of mineral oil which you are advised to use once a week if you clean the shaver head with water after each use. As with most electric shavers there is a small clipper on the reverse side to provide a quick way to trim sideburns etc and this is not so easily turned on during normal use nor is it flimsy like so many others can be.

      There is a 'travel lock' on the shaver to prevent it being turned on whilst it is in your case if you take it travelling with you. However, this is not fool proof. If the on/off button is pressed for more than 3 seconds this unlocks it and then switches the shaver on without having to release and press the button again. Whilst I realise it is unlikely that this will happen in your case it is not impossible especially the way some airlines throw cases around.

      The instruction book is nice and clear and is in a number of languages and the print is of a good size so you don't need a magnifying glass to read it.

      Problems with it:

      Unfortunately, there is no travel case with this particular model nor is there a cleaning dock which other models have. Although cleaning it isn't too difficult. I also find that the cool effect system is far too easy to turn on (and off) during shaving as it is a button on the front just above the off/on button and a simple press is all that is needed.

      You will need to replace the shaving 'cassette' every so often when the blades become dull to keep it working well. This is, for me, where electric shavers prove to be expensive to run. However, as I only go clean shaven every so often it isn't a major issue for me personally.

      Is it worth the price?

      Now the price, well frankly for what it is and the fact there is no travel case and no cleaning dock like other shavers from their range has I don't think it is worth the £199.99 they are asking for it and I would not have paid that much for it. Fortunately as it was an Amazon Vine item so it did not cost me anything but my time in reviewing it.


      As close as a blade - perhaps but a blade is faster.


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