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Braun Cordless Shaver

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Brand: Braun

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    2 Reviews
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      12.05.2013 09:20
      Very helpful



      Braun Cordless Shaver

      The Braun Electric Shaver Series 1-190


      I bought the Braun Cordless Shaver from Argos for about £40 in 2010.
      I use the Braun Electric Shaver to shave my legs. It is currently available from Sainsbury's for £69.99

      About The Braun Cordless Shaver

      The Braun Cordless Shaver mainly grey and black and it has 1 vibrating foil. The power supply that can be used is mains and rechargeable, the charge seems to last four to five days if I use it sparingly! The Braun Cordless Shaver is washable. The trimmer is a black sliding panal with the trimmer at the end, which is pushed out for use and can used for trimming sideburns but it is not that effective as it's not so precise (yes I tried trimming my lady sideburns once once but not doing that again)! The rest of the shaver is also dark grey with exception of the border of the section surrounding the trimmer which is light grey and this section has the logo braun written on it. I use the Braun Electric Shaver to shave my legs and it gives a clean shave. To switch on the shaver you have to press the power button which is located in the middle section of the shaver.The button has the work "run" written on it. The Braun Braun Cordless Shaver also has a removable plastic casing to protect the shaver end of the electric shaver.


      I would definitely recommend that you buy the Braun Cordless Shaver because it is of excellent quality and gives a clean shave.


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      11.02.2005 13:01
      Very helpful



      For some reason trying to wet shave after an early morning trip to the gym was not very pleasant and left my face sore and with a rash. As I tend to get out of bed and straight to the gym it was not possible to shave before leaving and a shave the night before would not last the day at work. As I work for a bank designer stubble is frowned upon. Hence on my Christmas list I added the need for a cordless rechargeable shaver. I had no preference, as this was not a product I had ever used. Fortunately Santa did put in an appearance this year despite my threats to the kids and I received a Braun Cruzer.


      There are different designs of electric shavers and the Braun favours the single foil frame underneath which rests the cutting blades on a block, which pivots up and down. As the hairs on your body pass through the holes on the foil the blades beneath cut them.

      The shaver has a curved body, which fits easily in your hand; the base is a black grip while the upper section is silver in colour. On the back of the shaver there is a long hair clipper which has a blue finger push on it which slide up when in use. There is also a green recharge light, which shows when the shaver is fully charged.

      On the very base is where the cord is inserted for charging while the underside has a simple to press black button to activate the shaver on and off.

      The shaver has a nice ergonomic design with some sharp colours; in contrast the cord used for recharging is an ugly bright blue and looks quite cheap.

      There is also a clear plastic foil protection cap.


      Looking good is one thing but it is performance that counts, something I have said to many a partner.

      In homage to Proxam a joke

      What is the difference between a new puppy and a new wife?

      After a year the puppy is still pleased to see you.

      Whilst in my view a dry shave is never as close as a wet shave this shaver more than adequately does the job. It is only close up or to the touch that you realise that it does not get as close to the skin as you would like.

      The shaving block floats across the face meaning that you are able to follow the contours around the jaw and also to get to those smaller areas around the lips and nose. I also had no problems using it to ensure that my sideburns are even.

      The shaver can be used plugged in using the cord or through the in built rechargeable battery.

      The charging time is relatively quick taking about an hour and so far I have used the shaver about 8 times without the need to recharge. The manual anticipates a full charge will provide 30 minutes of shaving.

      The shaver can also be used in the shower with shaving foam, unplugged obviously, however I have not yet tested this feature.


      The foil cap slides off easily to allow you to clean the blades with the brush provided. Alternatively you can rinse the shaving head under running water whilst still in operation and leave it to dry.


      The clear plastic foil guard protects it from damage when not in use and this also sis across the activation button to prevent it switching on in error. The long hair trimmer however does not have a guard meaning that the blade is exposed however this is a small jagged etch which would scratch you at best, needless to say the product should be kept away from children unless you want the cat to be shaved.

      The product comes with a two-year warranty.

      Overall this product does the job that I need it for and with as it is light and lasts for 30 minutes full charged would be ideal for a weekend break especially if you are camping.

      On the down side it does retail for £45 on Amazon which I think is a little expensive for what you are getting but then having never had an electric shaver since my teens I have nothing to compare it with.

      For more information check out


      Customer Relations 0800 7837010


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