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Brand: Braun / Type: Men's Shaver

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2012 12:52
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      It may be almost clear but your face may not be afterwards

      I tend to like to have a smooth face, most of the time anyway. Sometimes I don't mind 'slobbing' it a bit, especially if I'm not at work and I'm desperate to relax.
      Anyway, to get a good clean shaven face I tend to opt for a wet shave the majority of the times, but I do own, and have owned, many electric/battery shavers that have either done a good job or have been as useful as a piece of broken glass rubbed across my stubble.
      One particular battery shaver that I own is not your normal shaver as you'd think, although it is a shaver, but it's only function is to shave without you having to study electronics and scientology first.
      This shaver simply shaves without the fuss of seeing any flashing lights, nor are there any frills around it to make it stand out in the crowd.
      The shaver I am on about is in fact a Braun M-60 Pocket, and when it says pocket it

      The shaver itself
      It isn't ugly, in a shaver sort of fantasy world where shaver fall in love with each other.
      It has a semi clear blue plastic casing that lets you see exactly what is inside the unit.
      It's a cracking size for travelling, being a mere 30mm thick by 60mm wide by 120mm long,(tall), weighing in at mo more than 200g, (excluding batteries, which take it up to about 250g).
      It has a good size foil cover which safely hides the cutting edge/plate. With this foil being protected by a clever swivel cover which 'swivels' around to the bottom when you are using it as a shaver.
      And it has a 'trimmer' which slides out of the back, so you can keep those long side burns neat and tidy.

      Is it easy to use?
      In a word, Yes...
      In the middle there is the on off switch which is large enough to use without any fiddling about. Simply push up the switch and away you go.
      Then, when you've finished, or the batteries have died, you simply push the switch down and it turns off.

      So where does it get its power from..?
      Batteries... not built in rechargeable batteries, simply 2 AA batteries. But you do get two free batteries with this when you buy it, which is nice for a change, although they weren't rechargeable but they are a well known brand and lasted a while, giving enough of power for a quick shave each time.
      Replacing them is simple, you just turn the bottom section of the shaver until it clicks. Then the batteries should pop out of the slots that they are housed in. Replace the batteries and turn the bottom section back the other way and stop when it clicks.

      So what about cleaning it then?
      To clean it you can run it under a tap or give it a quick brush with the little brush that you get with it, although you do have to take the top foil off to get a proper clean as the brush just won't clean through the tiny holes in the foil cover.
      The cleaning brush is cleverly hidden in a sliding section under the bottom of the shaver, attached to the battery cover.

      My opinion...
      This is not the best shaver by far. In fact, for me, it's possibly in the top ten of the worst shavers that I had used.
      Don't get me wrong, it does what it's supposed to do, it shaves the face and neck, although going around the contours of the face is a bit of hit and miss as the head itself is as flexible as a brick.

      You do have to remember that this is a shaver for when you're on the move and, as I do, should really only be used if you're low on luggage space, or time in fact.
      What I mean by that is that it handles a quick shave on very very short hair with hardly any trouble at all. But if used on longer facial hair then this will struggle to cut through, taking a lot of effort and leaving more than stumps of stubble along the skin.
      On some occasions that I have used this I have struggled to get a clean shave, tending to go back to a wet shave once I've become so annoyed that I have thrown this into the bath in a hissy fit.

      In fact, to be honest, it only gives a good shave when you've put fresh good quality batteries into it, once you've used the shaver for a few minutes the batteries die down a bit and the head slows to almost a crawl, making the cutting motion about as useful as a sanding machine.
      I now tend to use rechargeable batteries which do seem to keep the power in the shaver a little longer for a more comfortable shave so that my face doesn't feel like I've been attacked by a swarm of fire flies.

      The thing I really like about this shaver, which is nothing really to do with how it works, but I like the way that the blue plastic casing is almost transparent, giving a good view of the workings inside, showing the batteries and the mechanics so that you know what's happening, almost.
      The swivel head fits snugly around, or more, over the foil head on one hand whilst giving the bottom more width so that I can grip it easier. Swivelling on a firm 'hinge' like device which houses the on/off switch.

      As for the price?
      This sells for about £15.00 which you may think is a good deal but after using it a few times you may change your minds, thinking that maybe £15.00 is a bit too much for this one. I'd have been happier paying about £5 to £8 for it, £10 at a push as you may spend more than that on decent batteries to keep it going.

      Would I recommend this one..?
      I can't really make my mind up about this one. It is a nice little shaver and does a good enough job if the batteries are full of power and the head is as clean as a bishops joke book. But once the batteries have lost more than half there power, or the heads have more hair in them than the bath plughole at Justin Lee Collins house, then this will struggle to give you that clean shave.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      The Braun MobileShave M-60b Portable Shaver is a grooming tool that is ideal for any man on the go! This shaver has a compact intelligent design that lets you carry it everywhere with you and always maintain a groomed look. The Braun MobileShave M-60b Portable Shaver has a precision trimmer that helps keep your moustache and sideburns in good shape. The Smart Foil feature captures hair growing in different directions, while the foil's wide floating features gives you an extra close and comfortable shave. This shaver can be washed under running water, making it particularly practical. The twist cap protects the foil when not in use and becomes a comfortable handle extension to give you a firmer grip and good control while shaving.

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