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Design Go DG906

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Brand: Design-Go / Type: Men's Shaver

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2012 16:16
      Very helpful



      But Design Go pocket shaver will no doubt leave your face feeling smooth and travel fresh.

      Every person's facial structure is unique. The character of the facial hair or beard and moustache, as it is commonly known, differ from person to person ever so more. The uniqueness of the facial structure along with the diverse facial hair character makes shaving experiences a very personal thing. No two persons will have a similar opinion on a shaving product and hence I am attempting a very difficult job in trying to review my travel shaver - Design Go Pocket electric shaver.


      First the easier bit. I got it very cheap - around £15 from ebay. And it has become still cheaper - current prize at Amazon is under £12. It is a truly budget shaver and one should keep it in mind when reading through its feature list.

      Second this shaver occupies very little space. It can be called ultra slim as the product literature shall ask you to believe. So it can easily slip in a toilet bag or even a side zip of a travel pouch or perhaps even in the zip pocket of your travel bag. It is truly small and compact as again the product literature would have us believe.

      Third it comes in a lightweight aluminium composition with a rubber finish and looks sleek and elegant. You would definitely not feel embarrassed using it in a public washroom which I need to do often at stations and airport when travelling on business. The rubber grip gives you a firm hold on it when shaving. Since the possibility of you losing grip is slim there is no little chance of the blade accidentally nicking your skin. That said there are other ways that could do damage to your skin if you are not careful which I shall discuss later.

      Fourth it is a battery powered shaver and comes with 2 AAA batteries. It is good that you do not need an electric source in case you are stranded at a place where it is not available but surely it cannot be for regular use otherwise you would need a constant supply of expensive batteries. Also you do not have to worry about the length of the cord and be fixated to near the electric outlet. You can even close to shave in your bed, if you prefer.


      This is harder to review. There is no universal shaving experience that applies to every person. What might appeal to me might give a completely opposing experience to another.

      Another thing that affects the performance of the shaver is the shaving frequency and location. What might be reasonably ok for a one day hair growth might be troublesome for three day stubble.

      There are 2 types of electric shavers - rotary and foil. While rotary depend on several spinning blades to trim your hair foil shavers rely on sideway moving blades covered with a mesh.

      Design Go pocket shaver is a foil shaver. Foils shavers are good if you are a person who likes close shave. Since these foil shavers imitate manual shaver movements it is designed to give you a closer shave than a rotary shaver. I have a tough beard and like to have a close shave that removes the hair follicles as close to the skin as possible otherwise it leaves almost greenish tinged stubble. Also this shavers foil blades are of the floating type, another feature designed to give you a close shave. I am more than satisfied with the type of close shave this shaves gives me.

      Sometimes though after a weekend this shaver has had problems on a Monday morning shave. It does not have the strength to effortlessly close shave a 2 day hair growth. It tends to tug at your beard at the first go. You need a few further operations to get that close shave.

      It also does make a noise which to me is not very annoying but might be to others.


      Since this is a foil shaver the maintenance required is minimal. This is very helpful because I do not like to waste time cleaning up after a shave when travelling. A simple wipe away takes care of the cleaning.

      The wear and tear does affect the blade after a few months of use. Mine last around 15 months before I start feeling the need to replace the blades though I try to hang in for a few months more. I must say that I do this precisely because I never go for replacing my blades. If the need comes for that then I go and buy a new one. I any case the replacement blades would cost half as much as a new one.

      The batteries last around 20 shaves for me. That means 20 days of travel without worrying about replacing the battery.


      It is true that an electric shaver can never totally replace the shaving experience with soap, water and a manual shaver. It also true that a manual shaver can achieve a close shave at least 10 times better than an electric shaver. But Design Go pocket shaver shall not bring tears to your eyes. It will no doubt leave your face feeling smooth and travel fresh.

      Also in Ciao under same name and title


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  • Product Details

    Palm size ultra slim battery powered shaver Grippy rubber finish Includes: 2AAA batteries The colour of the item may vary

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