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Panasonic ES-RF31 Premium Wet & Dry 4 Blade Shaver

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Brand: Panasonic / Type: Men's Shaver

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2012 00:40
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      Now we can all be smooth... well, at least our faces can

      I, like many men, (and some women come to think of it), like to have a clean, smooth face and spend time shaving the constantly growing hair from my chin, cheeks and neck.
      But getting that perfectly smooth skin on my face can be a bit of a problem if I am not using the right shaver, or razor. So the first step to a smooth finish is finding that perfect shaver so that I don't come out the other side with a face full of sliced skin and blobs of toilet roll stuck to the red patches on my skin.
      Over the years I have tried several different types of shavers, be those electric, rechargeable, disposable and even cut throat, (of which I will never ever do so again), and have found some good shavers and some, well, not so good ones.

      One particular shaver I have used is from a well known television makign company, who make and sell many other electrical items, offering some quality products at reasonable prices. This company is called Panasonic and this shavers real name is the Panasonic ES-RF31, which, as the name suggest, is an electric shaver with a foil over the razor.

      Before I buy a product I like to see what it looks like, and here's a bit about what I saw...
      It looks quite smart, even if the head looks as though it is too big for the body, making it look top heavy. There main body is a lovely silver colour with some nice dashes of black along the back and front, finished off by the silver foil head that moves about like a ballerina on the dance floor.
      There is no lcd screen but it does have a few warning lights to let you know what is going on, those lights indicating the battery levels, high, mid, low and red at the bottom meaning that you should charge it up as soon as possible.
      These lights run up the lower part of the front, glowing either blue, or, if the power is running down too much, that horrid red colour. But as it only takes about an hour to charge there's no real problem in rushing when it comes to shaving with it.
      The on/off button is on the front, just above the power indicator lights, with a locking lever surrounding it
      On the back there is a push up section which is used ideally for neatly trimming such places as sideburns and maybe making your moustache neat and tidy.

      How does it work then..?
      To actually switch this on you have to turn the locking lever and then press the on button. The heads will all start to vibrate and away you go, shaving you face and neck, (or what ever you want to shave), with safety and comfort.
      And once it's going it works like many other shavers, apart from one thing, this one is more than your standard 'triple' head shaver, it's a quadruple head system.
      So, when it's working, shaving your face, the main head, the one where the four bladed heads are housed, swivels about, front and side, helping get around the contours of the face with ease. The four bladed heads themselves also move, seeming to 'bounce' individually as they manoeuvre around your face, making the entire head itself feel almost like it's floating an a cushion of air.
      This not only gives a smooth feel on the skin but also manages to give such a close shave without leaving my skin feeling like I've just spent an hour with my head in the oven.

      Is it easy to clean..?
      Yes it is.
      You simply take off the foil head cover then either run the 'blades' under a running tap or a simple brush through with the little brush that you get with this.
      The clean the foil head section you do the same, although I tend to find that the brush, together with a little blow through with my mouth, clears the tiny little holes in the foil without damaging them.

      My opinion...

      For me, after using this as either dry or wet, I feel that the shave is exceptionally close, leaving my face as smooth as silk, (and almost as pretty...tee hee). The slight vibrations as the heads do what they are designed to do managed to shake the hairs enough to get the blades to cut them neatly without making my face feel like it's been hit with a jack hammer.
      The foil cover does a great job in both protecting my face from the cutting surfaces and also protecting those cutting edges from becoming damaged, thus leading to snagging my skin instead of shaving it.
      The four heads, yes, four heads, seem to work together to get that fine, close shave.
      The great thing about this shaver is that it can be used for both a dry shave and a wet shave as the entire case is water tight, so it says, although I haven't dropped it into the bath so far but I have managed to get it wet and it has still come out the other side without any damage.
      Plus, it works on a mains lead as well as the rechargeable battery so, if you happen to forget to charge it and you need that 'emergency' shave, you simply plug it in the mains and shave away, instead of waiting for the batteries to charge.

      It feels pretty sturdy when I'm using it, even when my hands are wet and slippy. This still manages to stay gripped in my hands even though there's no real grip around the sides of it.

      This shaver charges up fully in about an hour, then gives you over an hours worth of shaving time which, no matter how tricky and thick your stubble is, should be enough time to have several shaves without worrying about having to charge it up every day.
      Although, when it does lose to much charge it does tend to make a bit of a different in the ease of the shave, sometime becoming more of a battle as the heads struggle to 'vibrate' as they should. But this is avoided if you keep an eye on the power level indicator on the front.

      So what about the price for such a feel good shave..?
      This shaver sells for around the £100 - £120 region, which sounds a bit on the high side but for what it does, without the need for a degree in electronic technology, and the finish that it manages to give is not too bad at all.
      You can get shavers for a lot less but I've not heard of a four headed shaver for anywhere near the price of this one. In fact, I've seen many triple headed shavers that cost more than this handy 'feel good' system which will leave you feeling fresh and as smooth as an Italian footballer at a hen party.

      In all, this is a shaver that is well worth looking at for the man who likes to shave, or even the woman, I'm not sexist.
      It will leave you feeling smooth and ready for the day, or night, ahead of you.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      Get a close wet or dry shave with the attractive and practical Panasonic ES-RF31 Shaver . The Panasonic ES-RF31 Shaver features a 4-blade cutting system with an extra thin finishing foil to promise a closer shave than ever. Its curved multi-fit arc shaving head incorporates a hypoallergenic foil and 30° nano-edged blades, to capture even tight fitting hairs. And thanks to Panasonic's Wet & Dry Technology you can lather-up and enjoy the refreshing pore-opening sensation of shaving under the shower. What's more, it can go cordless for as long as 65mins! Shaving just got less of a chore, with the Panasonic ES-RF31 Shaver !

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