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Philips HQ6920

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2016 22:31


      • "Good budget model"


      • "Not cheap"

      Time for Brazil!

      One of the great mysteries of being a teenage guy is how you decide on wet shave or dry shave. The idea of scraping a cutthroat razor anywhere near my face and neck never appealed at any point in my life and I soon decided on an electric chaser. Wet shaves look painful; induce red rashes and lots of nicks and a bit of blood. I’m sure the only reason guys choose to do it is they think it somehow how macho. Ok, I don’t grow facial hair like Wolverine so it won’t get tangled up in the blades but a daily electric shave should really be suitable to most guys. It’s clearly more pleasurable. I suppose you get a closer shave with a blade but I’m sure most women don’t mind a bit of sandpaper there.

      I’m not into brands or design and so pretty much any electric shave will do. Obviously you have to spend a little money on them as some engineering is going on there and so you don’t want it ripping off your face every morning! I’m quite vain when it comes to shaving as I like some stubble although now that stubble is starting to go grey I’m less keen on it. I don’t do hipster beard stubble and I don’t do Jason Statham stubble. It’s rugged man stubble not itchy stubble, whatever that is. Let’s just say I like a bit on and sadly think women are somehow attracted to that. I’m tanned most of the year so it suits me. Because of that I want a shaver that will take off the amount I want. A clean shave is not my thing. When I was backpacking I actually used nail scissors to shave to avoid a razor. Actually I still do.

      The Philips HQ 6926 Reflex Action is mid ranged price. Mail grooming trends and the year of the beard has pushed up the price of facial and body grooming kit big time as metrosexual man takes over. You would have thought the bizarre year of the beard when every young guy seemed to have a beard would actually drive down the price of shavers and razors. But man grooming is big business and everything on the up, this coming in at around £40.00. In fact men are shaving off ALL of their hair these days like women are, online porn and body image vanity increasingly dictating to young people. I won’t discuss my other shaving chores but you certainly wouldn’t use an electric shaver for it if you did!

      There is a good Phillips range but I went on price and the three headed model. I like the all over feel of three spinning heads. It just feels smoother and less like a thresher. I find the twin heads snag the longer facial hair and all very irritating, like when you bang that sensitive spot on your head. Also, if I have an important appointment or event to look respectable I will need to shave it all off quick and so good for that.

      The Shaving System is close cut, which means the blades shape to the facial contours, apparently. They call it a ‘Reflex Action’ system with individual floating heads. It’s a rechargeable model and takes 8 hours to get up to speed and lasts about 8 hours with that juice. It has cabel charging alongside provided rechargeable battery and automatic voltage and battery level indicator. Accessories wise you get a little cleaning brush, two pin plug adapter and plastic protection cap for the heads. It’s nicely packaged and you get a velvet pouch for transport. It’s not travel size and fairly chunky and has weight and so maybe not ideal there for taking abroad.

      Women, of course, are overcharged for razors if they are painted pink and it’s the same with electric shavers. Fancy names like emulators are just away to add a tenner. This Phillips model would be perfectly fine for shaving female legs with a close finish though. Obviously men expect women’s legs to be smooth 24/7 and younger guys have no idea they are not naturally smooth and girls have a lot of work to do in the morning to prepare for the day. I don’t shave my legs as they are magnificent as they are but if you needed to then this will do the job, as it will, your chest. Grey chest hairs are not attractive and have to go. Smooth bodies are in these days and boys have to be right for girls, right?


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      29.10.2012 01:34
      Very helpful



      A budget, rechargeable but effective Philips shaver - the perfect stocking filler!

      After the disappointment of my latest cordless Remington shaver experience, I went straight to Tesco to see what they had on display, knowing that for most of their small appliances at the moment in their personal care aisles, there is a sale on. Sadly though, I couldn't find a good enough alternative to the Remington at the cost price I had initially paid out for at Argos. It seems that whilst a few appliances were on a reduced sale, there were no Philips products that could compare to the Remington on price and I was about to go away empty handed when I noticed a small box squashed into the corner underneath all the promoted products; the Philips Super Lift & Cut HQ6920 Exclusive. At a cost price of £27-00 which is far cheaper than the Remington King of Shaves I had recently bought, the HQ6920 Exclusive seems to be a very limited edition appliance to Tesco, hence the name.

      The trade off to this shaver is the fact that it is cheap to buy. Well, if you can call £27-00 cheap for a Philips shaver, it is indeed not bad for what you're getting. However, it is heavier in the hand due possibly to the battery installed in this appliance and although it has a lovely sporty edged colour to it, being blue and white, it feels good to grip in the hand and only suffers from a detachable blade carrier top that comes off completely when unlocked from the main unit for cleaning.

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec.

      * Model: Philips HQ6920 Exclusive Rechargeable Mens Shaver.
      * 8-hour charge for 10 days usage (claimed.)
      * Super Lift & Cut blades.
      * Compact size with 3 blades and reflex contour system.
      * Equipped with charger cord, shaver cover, plug & cleaning brush.
      * Price £27-00 Tesco/product code 215-9826.

      General Design, Quality & Maintenance.

      Pretty similar to what I was actually looking for with the Remington model, i.e. the promise of a modern, sporty white shaver with black accents (and instead got all black with silver accents) is pretty closely matched by what Philips offer here. For all intents and purposes, the HQ6920 is pretty similar to the PT720 I had last year, but had to get rid of it as the blades gave me rough skin and seemed to give me bad stubble. I'm not into wasting money, and donated the shaver to a nearby residential home complete with fresh, clean replacement blades.

      The HQ6920 has quite a substantial feel about it though. The back of the body is coloured in white whilst the front has a shiny blue gloss paint with a black push up/down button for activation. At this price I wasn't expecting very much and I was instantly disappointed to find that there is no pop-up trimmer included on this model, evident by the large expanse of plastic that covers the entire rear of the Philips shaver where on higher priced models you'd expect to find Philips pop up trimmer. Mind you the PT720 didn't have a pop-up trimmer either and it now costs £50 from Philips with a quicker charging battery as the only difference to the HQ6920.

      Cleaning the shaver is a reminiscing experience if you have had a Philips shaver before. A push button just below the main rotary blade carrier releases the unit from the top of the shaver. It's a pity here that it lacks the hinge that my Remington had. Despite this, the internal seated area where the shaver runners are located is easy to clean, either by blowing the collected hair out or using the cleaning brush supplied. The blades and carrier though are not washable, so its dry clean all the way. I do find the carrier lock to be far easier to unlock if I need to clean the individual blades and the mechanism, although thin plastic is well marked and easy to locate the instruction for removing and putting back together.

      Still, if you are looking for a back to basics approach with a good level of build quality thrown in, you won't go far wrong with the HQ6920 Exclusive, unless you really can't live without a pop-up trimmer for side hair/burns and beard maintenance.

      General Performance & Downsides.

      Like a lot of cordless products these days (including cordless vacuums), there's a little bit of power to let you get a feel for the appliance in your hand. Similar then to the Remington which had a little power to begin with, the Philips HQ6920 is saddled with an older battery that requires 8 hours of charging for ten days usage, based on its total run time of up to half an hour. I switched the shaver on the moment I took it out of the box, as I couldn't stand the noise of the Remington and was delighted to find a stark contrast of a lack of noise. To make sure that the shaver wasn't running on half power, I duly plugged the shaver in and left it to charge for the suggested ten hours. A green light on the base of the shaver shines when the charge plug is plugged into the shaver, but it lacks a battery low indicator; harking back to the days of other Philips shavers where you just had to find out if it had power by using it!

      One could easily say then that the battery charge and run time isn't worth considering alone - but for the price here at Tesco - the HQ6920 doesn't embarrass itself when it comes to shaving - an aspect I wish I could say about my more expensive and other purchase. However, like all Philips shavers past and present, the HQ6920 comes with the "short" stretchy coiled charger cable that has to be pulled out to retain a decent shape when the shaver needs charging and like them all, this UK bound shaver comes with a 2 pin plug only, requiring an additional 3 prong socket adapter you have to buy yourself. Also there is no carry pouch supplied or anywhere to put the cleaning brush. An acrylic snap on head protector is supplied though.

      Once activated, there's a very welcomed hush of the motor, a quiet buzz and a reassuring level of quality absent from that other certain brand that I've now gone past the stage of comparing the Philips with! The shaver is also very comfortable to hold, hang onto and easy to grip with three louvers built into the front of the design where my hand naturally moulds to. Whether the louvers are intentional is unclear - but they seem to work really well - compared to the ribbed design on other shavers.

      The performance is also relatively excellent too. Although this shaver and my PT720 had similar "lift and cut" blades, it feels somehow very different on this model, which has the same mould-to-the-face Reflex carrier head, where each rotary blade moves on a spring to push into the facial skin, thus promising a far closer shaving experience. With three rotary blades on offer here, the HQ6920 gives me a very comfortable shaving experience - the actual metal perforations are softer feeling on my face too - and stubble is taken off with one to two sweeps cleanly and efficiently. After which I'm left with baby soft skin and no razor burn - just the way an electric shaver should leave me - and like most on the market the instant aspect of electric dry shaving means you'll never sustain a cut in usage.

      Lastly, although this shaver claims to last ten days, I've now owned this shaver a bit longer and it has still to lose power. Mind you, I shave every day and as such it is no wonder the Philips HQ6920 is efficient to keep its power. If you leave shaving for a couple of days though, I'd hazard that it would probably require more charging to keep it powerful and to sustain its effective cutting performance.

      Final Thoughts.

      Despite the lack of a trimmer and non-washable blades, for the cost price, the Philips HQ6920 Exclusive makes a lot of sense as a stocking filler shaver for a loved one or a good friend and, for myself it gives me a good shave experience at a not-so-expensive price. Proof that despite a recession, although mainstream Philips shavers are generally now more expensive, there's still a good budget model in the HQ6920 that won't leave you feeling rough - the way a cordless electric shaver should do. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2012.



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    • Product Details

      The Exclusive HQ6920 shaver from Philips gives a close and comfortable shave for an affordable price. The Reflex Action system is combined with the Super Lift and Cut technology, guaranteeing a close and comfortable shave. The three shaving heads adjust to every curve of your face and neck.

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