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Philips PT920/19 PowerTouch Pro Shaver

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Brand: Philips / Type: Men's Razor

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2012 22:54
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      You shouldn't have to pay a small fortune for a close shave.... so why do some ask for it?

      I like to have a clean shaven face most of the time, especially during my working week, although at weekends if I'm not working I have been known to miss a shave or two and end up with a bit of a rough face, which doesn't make my wife too happy.
      So getting a close shave without that horrid facial burn, and worst still, rash, is a bit of an art in itself.

      I do prefer to wet shave as often as I can but when I'm out and about I find that getting a wet shave is near on impossible so I have to find an electric/battery shaver which gives a good shave whilst keeping my face heat free and rashless. But finding a good electric/battery shaver takes not only time but money as well.

      Anyway. I have used several rechargeable shavers in my time, some good, some bad and some even worse than that, but recently I have been using a particular shaver that was given to me as a present and I'm quite impressed with the finished product that this one gives, although the cost of it is, shall we say, a little eye watering.

      This shaver is in fact made by a very well known company called Philips, (rings a bell doesn't it..?), with the full name being the Philips PT 920CC, (PT standing for Power Touch).

      Firstly, let me give you a brief idea of what this one looks like, just so you have an idea if you see it in the shop window.

      It looks like most other electric/battery shavers, having a curved body leading up to the head itself, with a grip on the underside that makes holding it, even with wet hands, very comfortable indeed. Then there's the on/off switch which is neatly camouflaged in the contour looking grip itself.
      The main body is black with a few silver streaks cutting through the sides and head surround, with the Philips name embedded on the bottom of it.

      It has three circular blades which are set in a triangular fashion, with each blade flexing from side to side and also from centre to edges, giving a closer shave as it finds every hair in every contour of your face, even the really fiddly contours in the chin and under the nose area.
      The technical bit is that each of the blades themselves are made up of three sections of rotating blades which, one section, rotates in such a way so as to raise the hair from the face, or neck, whilst another one of the blade cuts through the hair, thus giving a closer shave without that 'tugging' feel that some shavers give.
      The on/off switch is on the underside of the unit, just above the small display and the shape makes this one quite easy and very comfortable to hold.
      The display on this shaver isn't over powered with lots of useless information, with simple, yet important information such as battery levels and charge indicator.

      As usual with a shaver these days there is a very useful trimmer for such things as side burns, which pops out of the top section with the slide of a button.

      Then there's the stand, or to give it it's proper name, the charging unit as that is what it is, which is the same colour as the shaver making the two things look as one.

      And that's what it looks like, making it very similar, if not identical, to many other triple headed shavers on the market.

      My opinion...

      This is a great shaver indeed and has helped keep my face and neck as smooth as silk for quite some time now.
      It's a good size and, due to the shape and weight, feels very comfortable in my hand, and when I have wet hands the 'notches' on the grip itself make it easy to keep hold of as I shave away.

      The three circular 'blades' make the actual shaving process pretty smooth and, due to the fact that it can take off the majority of hairs in one sweep, there's very minimal friction on my skin, leaving me feeling less irritated after a shave, which most men, and some women, know exactly what I mean by the horrid friction burns that you get if you have to shave the same place over and over again.

      I like the way that you charge up the battery; instead of unwinding the charger lead you simply have to slot this into the charger/stand which allows this to then sit on top of a table or shelf, without the fear of it falling over.
      A full charge takes about an hour to get, which then gives about 50 minutes of shaving time, although I don't know anyone that takes an hour to shave. Although there is a 'quick charge' which takes a few minutes and will possibly give you enough charge for a quick shave.

      I found that the majority of the hairs that you trim are stored inside the head itself, (not your head but the shavers head), instead of falling onto the floor of where ever you are shaving. These hairs are then cleaned away by either a quick brush over with the little brush supplied or, to give it a proper clean, run it under a tap to get all those little hairs out of it.

      In all, I've used Philips power touch before and found some, if not most of them to be as good as a wet shave, and this one is no exception at all.

      I mustn't forget to mention that apart from the shaver itself you also get a stand which doubles as a charging unit, a two pin 'male' power cable, (so you will have to supply your own three pin plug to use in a normal plug socket). You also get a cleaning brush and a plastic cap to cover the three blades, plus a rather 'nifty' little carry case to store it all in.
      The 'cloth' case is big enough for the shaver itself but the stand will have to be put somewhere else as it won't fit in, but that's not too big a problem really.

      So how much are they asking for this Philips power touch..?
      This is where it gets a bit... well, steep, if not vertical, as the selling price for this one is in the region of £140, which, as I said, is almost vertical. Luckily though this price is only the RRP and most places are selling it for a fraction of that, around the £60.00 region or even less, which is a it more like it.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not tight wad, so to speak, I'm not the type of person who switches the gas off when I'm turning the bacon over. So I don't mind spending money if I think something is worth it, but to charge £130 for a shaver, even if it gives a close shave as this one does, is way too much money indeed.

      Would I recommend this one..?
      Well, this depends on how much it's being sold for at the time. If it's going for less than £70 then it's worth the money but anything over that and I'd recommend having a good think about it, maybe searching around a bit more, even at other shavers.
      Or, if like me, and you get it as a gift, then smile as it's well worth using then.

      © Blissman70 2012


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