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Philips RQ1150 Senso 2D Touch

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Brand: Philips / Type: Men's Shaver

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    3 Reviews
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      20.03.2013 21:34
      Very helpful



      A fantastic shaver,great for sensitive skin

      I bought this fab shaver for my husband a few months ago from boots.Prior to this one he has gone through a whole series of shavers.And has tried,tested and rejected all of them.His skin is really sensitive and hard to shave,whereas he himself is very picky and hard to please.So I knew I would have to settle for nothing but the best for him when I walked in that boots store to purchase a shaver for him.Thankfully I was recommended this fantastic shaver by a staff member there and both me and hubby fell in love with it.Here's why

      Firstly the shaver is wet and dry.So it is perfect for some one who has sensitive skin
      since it enables the user to shave with shaving gel or foam.My husband is really happy with this because this helps him to reduce the friction and there is absolutely no tugging and pulling at all.Hence he gets a smooth shave and a even smoother skin!So instead of looking all pink and itchy after his shave,this shaver makes his skin smooth and irritation free.He also uses it in the shower and loves it.

      Secondly the 2D flexible head is a fantastic feature.The head of the shaver pivots and can be moved around.Also the three rotary disks are flexible as well and can be moved in and out.This promises very detailed shaving as the shaver hugs the contours of the face and moves very smoothly.Due to the floating heads even the tricky areas like the jawline and neck are easy to shave.

      Thirdly the charging time of this shaver one hurs to get 45 minutes of shaving ,which is enough for atleast 12 to 15 shaves.This is fantastic for someone who travels alot like my hubby.Also there is a quick charge function.If he has forgotton to charge his shaver he just needs to put it on the charger for just a minute and gives him enough charge for one shave.A good thing about this shaver is that it charges really quickly and holds the charger aswell.It comes with a charging stand that hugs the shaver perfectly.

      Fourthly the shaver is very convenient to use.It has a blue no slip grip on top.Also there is a display that tells you how much charge you have in your shaver.The shaver comes withthe travel pouch.

      Fifthly the shaver is fully washable since it is totally water proof you don't have to worry about getting it wet,you can just wash it under the tap.The heads are easy to open and clean.

      The only disadvantage my husband finds in this shaver is it's trimmer.This shaver like others has a trimmer that can be used to tidy up any bits and bob left after shaving, or do your sideburns etc but the trimmer on this is not a pop up trimmer attached to the shaver.Instead it comes separately.When you want to use it you need to pull off the whole shaving head from the top of the shaver and replace it with the trimming head.Although the trimmer itself is great to use but my husband finds it a bit incovenient.According to him it would have been better if it was a pop up one and you could use it staright after shaving.Also he worries about losing the trimmer head as there is no space on the charging stand for it.


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      30.12.2012 19:32
      Very helpful



      Close shave, good for irritable skin

      I Bought this shaver for Christmas for my partner who insists on a very close shave. He previously had a shaver that involved pouring conditioning cream into it and this was so costly as the cream was costing more than the shaver itself in the end. He wanted a wet/dry shaver which was easy to use and gave him a close, easy and comfortable shave. I chose the Philips Senso Touch 2D because it seemed to fit the bill.

      It has lived up to my partners expectations and so far he is very happy with it. The shaver has 3 pivoting heads which also tilt in and out, perfect for following the contours of the face. It is ideal for someone with sensitive skin as my partner does have this type of skin. It offers smooth, low-friction skin glide which minimises skin irritation. Fully sealed it can be used for a dry or wet shave. It has dual precision cutting slots and holes to catch the shortest of hairs.

      The product is cordless and requires 1 hour of charging time, with up to 50 minutes shaving time from 1 charge, providing about 12-15 shaves per charge. It comes with a precision trimmer for sideburns and a goaty. There is also a travel pouch and a charging stand.

      The shaver comes with a 2 year world wide guarantee and is recommended by Colin. I bought it in Boots at hafl the recommended price. The cost to me was £74.99, well worth it because he loves it! This review is also available on doyoo under flashjules123


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      07.12.2012 21:30
      Very helpful



      it'll make you smoother than James Bond... well, maybe not.

      Shaving? Not the type that you do with a piece of wood to make it smooth, but the type that men do to get rid of the stubble on their faces or women may do to neaten up their 'sensitive' areas... (and before you raise your eyebrows I mean arm pits... honest)
      Anyway. Shaving can be a delicate thing, no matter where you have to shave, be it the face, neck, chin, arm pits or even you bottom, there's always a risk of things such as cuts, nicks, rashes or even burns, which on some parts of the body can be very painful.
      So finding the right shaver to give you the least painful shaving experience is well worth taking some time over, maybe even trying a few shavers before settling for the one that leaves you smiling instead of wincing.

      One particular shaver that I used to use, one of many to be honest, but one of the better ones, was in fact made by a well known electronics company called Philips, with the device I am talking about being the Philips RQ 1150 senso touch, (which should not be confused with those of a similar name).

      * So what does this shaver offer then..?
      Well. It offers exactly what a shaver is designed to offer. It offers a close shave whether you're near a mains socket or whether you're in the middle of the jungle, as long as the battery is charged of course. As you've guessed by that last comment this shaver is battery operated with the built in battery being fully rechargeable.

      * And what features does this shaver have to offer..?
      It has several features, such as what is called the GyroFlex 2D system which helps the blades guide gracefully around the contours of the face and neck.
      It also has something called super lift & cut technology, which basically means that the blades are designed in such a way as to lift the hairs from the skin, including the shorter ones, then the next blade cuts the hair so that it leaves you with smoother feeling skin.
      Then there's the waterproof 'aquatic' system which means that this shaver can be used wet or dry without fear of breakages or short circuits. It can even be used with gels and creams as you would with a disposable razor.
      It has a quick charge feature just in case you are desperate for a quick shave when you're mates phone you up and told you he's coming round in ten minutes for a night out at the local as there's a stripper on.
      Then there's the fact that it has a floating head, but that doesn't mean that it floats on nothing. It means that the heads all seem to bounce about independently of each other so that they are all able to get around the contours more smoothly.

      * What does it look like then..?
      It is made of a blue moulded plastic which feels quite sturdy and very comfortable in the hand.
      So what does it look like then..?
      To be honest it looks like something that you may have seen on Stargate SG1, but it's not, honest, it's a shaver so don't be trying to shoot someone with it, and don't expect it to blast a hole in the Stargate manifesto compulsive radiation trapster either.
      The main body, which includes the handle, is designed in such a way as to contain all the working parts whilst keeping all those little pieces of electronics safely away from the water that can be splashed all over this.
      On the front of the body, looking at it a certain way, there are the controls and the display, if you can call it that of course. Then there's the on/off switch which is above the displays???
      The displays show such things as battery power level, whether you have it plugged in to the mains and whether the lock is on.

      * How long before I can have a shave then..?
      If you've got a totally drained battery then you will have to charge this up for at least twenty minutes, which will give you what is called in the shaver world as a quickie... (shave that is, not what you're thinking ladies, so let's behave now)
      But for a full charge, which will give you a good forty minutes of shaving grace, you'll have to leave it on charge for about an hour.
      To actually charge this you simply have it resting in the cradle that come with it, making sure that you have the mains lead plugged into the cradle of course. Then the shaver will charge up, telling you by means of little lights just how much charge is in the battery.
      What I mean here is that when it is plugged in and charging the battery symbol flashes. When it is fully charged the same light stays on constantly.
      During this full charge process when the plug and the battery symbols light you now know that you can get a quick shave out of the power that the battery has gained.
      But when the plug symbol flashes on its own then it is letting you know that the battery is running out of power, hence the plug symbol telling you to plug it in.

      * Then there's the trimmer...
      This shaver, as with most shavers, has a trimmer which is helpful for those sideburns and designer moustaches.
      The only thing about this trimmer is that it takes more than the flick of a button to pop out the trimmer blades. In fact, to get the trimmer blades in motion on this shaver you have to actually take off the triple blade head and shove in the trimmer head so that you can use it...
      Sounds silly, and it is a bit, but it's easier done than said... (I think I said that the right way round, done than said, yes).
      What I mean by that is that all you have to do is gently pull the triple head upwards, without twisting it at all, and the head pops out of the hole that is gripping it into place. Then you simply slot the trimmer into the hole, still without any twisting, and away you go.
      Then it's the opposite way around in order to out the triple blade head back onto the shaver.
      As I said, it's easier done that said.

      So is it easy to keep clean..?
      Of course it is, like many other shavers of its type.
      To keep this one clean you can either run the head under a running tap, which can clean away a lot of the stubble, but it can also leave a few clumps of wet stubble in the gaps.
      But I find the best way to clean the heads is to take off the cover, which is a matter of pressing the clips on the side of the cover, revealing the triple heads. Then, with the brush that comes with this shaver, give the dry hairs a quick brush out, maybe blowing any loose bits out with your mouth. Then, if you really want to, you can run it under the water tap to clean it out properly.

      As I said, it's easy to clean and, if brushed out every day, the heads and blades should last quite some time.

      * And what do I think..?
      Well, thanks for asking as I have a few things to say about this shaver, which are mainly positive to be honest, but I have a few niggles to get off my chest, (and I don't mean the hairs either...)

      The triple rotating head system is a delight to use and gives such a smooth shave that I sometimes feel as if I've used a top of the range razor with all the gadgets attached to it. The triple heads bounce up and down like a gerbil on a trampoline which add to its ability to caress your face like an Italian gigolo.
      Some of these types of head can be a little dangerous for me, with them sometimes managing to snag more of my skin than I ever thought I actually had. But this one is different. It's more, well, enjoyable to be honest, feeling smoother across the skin, managing to lift the hairs without taking my delicate skin with it.

      The indication lights are simple to understand so that it is very difficult to let the battery run completely dry, unless you're like me and a bit forgetful.

      It doesn't take an age to charge the battery up fully and as it offers a quick charge function there's no real hassles about fretting about not having enough power to get a shave in the mornings, or evenings, or when ever you decide to shave. The quick charge does give a fair few minutes of shaving power but as the power drains away it can slow the heads down a bit and can make shaving more of a hassle than a pleasure, although who ever thinks shaving is a pleasure seriously needs some therapy.

      It is designed pretty nicely too, albeit a little on the standard side with it's looks. It has a non slip grip handle, (that's easy for me to say...!!), making it easy to keep hold of even with wet, soapy hands.
      And there's the clever sounding 'Travel lock', which is posh wording for a locking action that stops the shavers being accidentally turned on when it's in a bag or somewhere like that. This locking system is a simple matter of pressing and holding the on/off button for a few second until the light comes on for locking and goes off for unlocking.
      And as for the cradle, which doubles up as a charging stand, this seems to have been cleverly designed and really does look the part, having two arms which almost surround the shaver, seeming to hug it in a comfortable way indeed whilst it sits on top of the charging area.

      * So how much would one expect to pay for this blue face smoother..?
      This shaver sells on the open market for about £80.00, which may sound a little on the pricey side for a shaver but as it can give a nice clean finish to your face without scratching away the few layers of skin that hold you face together, then it could be money well spent.

      * So would I recommend this shaver then..?
      Well, this may just make a rather fine Christmas present for the one you love, as long as they don't mind being told that they have 'hair' issues. I mean, some women take offence when I tell them that they have a dashing moustache... I don't know why as some of them are better than mine when I try and grow one.
      It may be a bit on the costly side but as it's the festive period coming up, then the customary sales following straight after, there's bound to be a bargain in there somewhere.
      So if you can get it cheaper then go for it. A close shave is a close shave either way.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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  • Product Details

    Philips RQ11/50 SensoTouch Triple Pack Rotary Cutting Head

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