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Philips TT2020 Rechargeable Shaver

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2 Reviews

Brand: Philips / Type: Men's Shaver

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2009 22:31
      Very helpful



      Buy cheap and throw away, is often cheaper than new blades

      I have had many shavers of the rechargeable/mains variety. Brands from Remington, Braun and Philips, with the latter always performing the best. Normally, more expensive models of other types of product are often better and with Philips shavers you do get fancier features. Things like LED displays are nice, but I have a very wise word of advice here.

      Every shaver, whatever brand, will go blunt. So when you are planning a purchase, look at the cost of the shaver itself and also the cost of the blade replacements. When I had a top of the range Philips (I forget the model number) it went blunt after five months. The blades were over £45 so it seemed silly to buy them, when I could get a discounted model for about that price, all new and shiny with a new battery.

      My next (educated) purchase was one of these, a slightly cheaper model. It shaves just as good and when it goes blunt I will throw it away. The TT2020 has nice foils (the part that goes over the blade), so it gives a really comfortable shave too. When new the shave is really close. Three months on it is a bit less effective, but still more than acceptable. Whilst I recommend this actual model for battery life and performance, I would still say to look around. You might find an alternative model for £10 or £20 cheaper which does just as good a job.


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      13.03.2006 14:05
      Very helpful



      See Review

      Back in December 2005 I decided, well my wife decided that I should get my first ever electric shaver! I started looking through lots of sites and of course read a lot of reviews on all different shavers that where available and within the budget that I wanted to spend. After reading a few reviews I decided that I would definitely be buying a Philips of some sort but not sure what model. I had a budget of £50.00 and I wanted that to include delivery of the product.

      **Why Philips? **

      Now my reason that I chose Philips over all the others is that they seem to offer decent features for the price you pay. The overall look of there shavers seem to be somewhat different to what others offer to and of course they are affordable too. In addition to these reasons Philips tend to offer a 2 year warranty with there products so I thought what have I too lose.

      Wee bit of history on Philips now~ Philips is one of the biggest electronics companies worldwide and employ 159,000 people in over 60 different countries. Company sales reach an all high of 30.395 million in 2005. So with these facts I was under the impression that I was buying from a steady and reliable company.

      **What model? **

      I decided on the Philips TT2020 Body groom my main reason for choosing this particular is the design of this model is sleek and small, it’s compact and the price is well within my range too. This model does all what I want and very much more if required. Final reason for choosing this model is that it was produced my Philips and of course it’s a Philips that I wanted.

      **Price and Availability**

      I bought mines from Amazon for the price of £29.99 which included there free standard delivery. Doing a simple google search today brings up the following prices and delivery

      EBay - £25.00 BIN and £6.00 Delivery = £31.00

      Empire Direct £27.99 and £2.99 Delivery = 30.98

      Amazon £34.95 and Free delivery = £34.95

      I can only assume that when I bough this I got it on special offer, makes it even better


      When you get your item delivered or get it from your local store you will see that it is supplied in a sturdy plastic cover. Now I found it so difficult to open I had to use scissors to cut through the actual material. I was not too happy with this as I like to keep all the packaging for all my new items that I buy, you know just in case. So needless to say the packaging went straight in the recycling bin. Once you eventually get through the main packaging you will be greeted with a well packed cardboard egg like box which hold all the bits and pieces with it.

      In the box you will get the following items~


      Protecting gap~ Plastic and used to protect the shaver when not in use.

      Trimming comb ~ Never used this yet, but it reminds me of what the barbers use on there clippers. You know all the different sizes for cutting hair? Well you are supplied with one.

      Hanging Cord ~ handy wee thing this is especially if you plan to hang the shaver in the bathroom. I attached this wee cord to the designated area at the bottom of the shave and bob your uncle you now have a cord for hanging.

      Charging base ~ Mains charged, so you need to charge the shaver up when you have used it or when it dies on you. A cradle design which you sit the actual shaver in to charge. You need to ensure that the charging base is connected to the mains power supply.

      Cleaning Brush ~ unfortunately this wee baby is not self cleaning well what do you expect for £30. I know it’s a ladies job to clean but sorry guys you will need to use the brush that is supplied with it to clean it after every use. Failing to clean it after each and every use will just clog up the head.

      **The shaver will need to be charged for 8hrs before the first use, this is expected to last 50mins. **

      **Controls, Look & Noise**

      Not a lot to say here there is one button and that is you’re on and off button which is operated with a simple press button.

      The look is very sleek in comparison to many of the other models available on today’s market. Mostly black in colour with silver sides and a cool blue shaver head. The look is certainly something that impresses me still.

      Noise well just like many battery operated things there will be a noise from it when it is switched on. This razor is not all that noises or at least I don’t think so. When you switch it on it makes a similar noise to any vibrating razors or toys

      **First use**

      I was so nervous at using the shaver for the first time in case it cut me or it was sore. How wrong was I? The shaver is very easy to use and as long as it has been fully charged I cant see many people having any problems with it. as this is a Body grooming shaver and not a facial shaver it is fully water proof so you can use it in the shower or in the bath too. Not that I need to tell any man how to shave but all you need to do is put the shaver against the skin and move the appliance against the direction of the hair growth. The overall of design of the foil head shaver means that there is less likely you will become irritated when using this appliance.

      Depending on what you’re using this razor for will depend on the results you get. It can be used as a trimmer or as a conventional shaver. Well yeah a shaver for below the neckline. So basically you can’t shave facial or head hair.

      Wet or Dry~ you chose what ever suits you; I can personally say that both will give you very similar results.

      Was I happy~ I was pretty impressed with the first trim that I done? Ladies sit down it was my chest that I had trimmed first and I can honestly say that the result where better than using a normal wet razor. There was not discomfort when using it for the first time and it taken less than have the time to do which is an added bonus.

      I have since been using the razor on a regular basis and I can honestly say that I would never go back to a wet razor, well for the regions that this razor covers.

      You can use this razor on your under arms, chest, legs, basically any where below your neckline and of course you can use it on the more sensitive parts too. No more back sack and crack waxing for any man out there.

      ** Overall**

      I would have no problems at all in recommending this model to any man out there, well women if you want a nice smooth man then this is certainly the one you want to buy. I have used many times and I can say that the shave is clean and the feeling is always sooo much better too. I would say it’s possibly the best £30 I have spent in a long time. This is a mans razor and should be used by MEN only! Women get you own. I wanted to go in to a little more details about the actual quality of shave in other areas but I felt it was inappropriate for me to do this on a review site. Ill just end with saying women will love it.

      More Information Here


      Thanks for reading

      ©Marcellep Dooyoo 2006

      Just so people know Dooyoo have the wrong picture against this item. please see picture here.



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    • Product Details

      Rechargeable & Mains. Charge level indicator LED. Charge indicator LED. Worldwide Auto Voltage 100-240V AC. Smart Touch Contour Following System. Speed-XL shaving heads. Personal Comfort Control. Unique Reflex Action Action System. Individual floating heads. Precise Cutting System. Super Lift & Cut. Washable. Charge time (in hours): 1.

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