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Philishave Cool Skin HQ7762 Shaver

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Brand: Philishave / Type: Men's Shaver

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    2 Reviews
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      17.10.2008 11:52
      Very helpful



      No beating about the bush with this

      As most men know there are three types of shaving.

      1) The wet shave, where you wet the face with warm water to soften the bristles, apply a liberal amount of shaving cream or gel, and shave away with your latest many bladed razor.

      2) The dry shave, where some hardy skinned men just run a razor over the daily growth without cream/gel, most use an electric razor.

      3) The rip your face to bits shave, where you blissfully begin beautyfying yourself only to discover that while sitting in her scented oiled luxuriously foamy bubble bath, some woman has took it upon herself to hack away the forest in her armpits, then scrape away the tree stump stubble on her legs, and maybe even mowed the lawn so to speak, with your highly precision sharpened, multi bladed razor, thereby thoroughly blunting it, causing you to shred your skin and stalk around the house for an hour with umpteen bits of toilet paper stuck to your face.

      Personally I've always been a wet shave man myself, as every time I've used an electric razor I've suffered from the dreaded razor burn and shaving rash. This could partly be due to the fact I only ever tried the cheaper battery ones, most of which were presents.

      When I first saw the coolskin shavers advertised I thought I'll give one of them ago, as they're waterproof and can be used under the shower and also dispense a moisturising cream or gel while shaving. Initially the high price, around £90-£100 put me off buying one as it was an expensive way to find out if they worked as promised. However,one day while surfing the net I came across one selling for £47 in a Kays catalogue sale, a quick search of a few voucher code sites found me a £15 off and free delivery code so I bougt this one for £34. RESULT.

      In the past most shavers have been a boring black colour, not this baby, it's a very attractive green and blue, it's a nice shape for holding, and whilst simplicity itself to shave with, it won't fit in an armpit.

      There's quite a few features to this model.
      Cordless and waterproof, you can shave in the bath or shower.

      It claims to have innovative new glide rings which evenly spread the gel/lotion for maximum effect therefore reducing friction.

      A 3D contour following system, so the shaver can closely follow the facial contours for a smoother shave with fewer strokes.

      A super lift and cut, which enables it to lift hair up from the skin, so that it shaves hairs 15 micrometers shorter on average, so again, fewer strokes are needed which also helps reduce skin irritation.

      A living light display, this is basically a set of LED lights on the front which tells you things such as battery charging, full/low battery, when to use the gel/lotion (though I ignore this and just apply as needed) a light to tell you when the heads need replacing and a reminder to clean the shaver light which comes on immediately after use. There's also a demo mode which runs you through this. Instructions are in the booklet supplied.

      Quick clean, rinse it under the tap, press a little button on the front and the head springs open, a quick rinse and brush and it's done.

      Unique lotion dispenser, you just pop a cartridge in the back, there's a pump button which you start pressing and hey presto, smooooooooth shave.

      The shaver comes with a cleaning brush, a strap you can attach for hanging in the shower, 2 each of the gel and cream cartridges, travel pouch, shaving head protector cap, a cartridge holder you can stick to the wall, and finally and most importantly, a charger.

      The claimed charge times for this shaver are 8 hours for a full charge, giving you up to 55 minutes shaving time. I've found you get a while longer than that, the warning light comes on arround the 55 minute mark.

      It's not the best charging system in the world. The shaver has a couple of contact points on the front which you have to position against 2 matching ones in the charger which you can only do by putting it in at an angle.

      Each cartridge requires the use of an adapter to allow the cream to be dispensed and you only get one suppled, so don't throw a used cartridge away with it still in or you're stuck. Though as these are only available at boots or online I've tried putting shaving balm on my face first then shaving and it does the job just as well.

      Does it work??? The answer is yes. The first time I used it I had minor burn/rash, not enough to put me off trying it again, and I've had no problems since. It gives you a nice close comfortable shave so If you suffer from shaver burn this the shaver for you.


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        19.08.2008 21:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A better shaving experience, and means you actually spend less time shaving!

        Before purchasing this shaver, I owned a fairly basic rechargeable shaver for a couple of years, which had only cost me £20. Although this did the job reasonably well, I decided it may be worthwhile splashing out for something that gets used every day. Browsing through the Argos catalogue, this shaver caught my eye for a couple of reasons. Firstly, that it could be used when wet, making both shaving and cleaning the shaver a much easier experience. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly it was offered at half price! The retail price at the time was £120!! But this was reduced to just £60 with the offer applied. I have now owned this shaver for around three years and have no seen this price matched anywhere!

        What's in the box?
        Within the attractive holographic box, you get a charging stand for the shaver, a trimming attachment, four shaving gel cartridges, a small brush for cleaning the shaving heads, a small white and blue case with 'Cool Skin' printed on the front, and of course, the shaver itself. The accessories are all of a decent quality, although I imagine the case would get quite dirty if I had used it regularly.

        The Shaver.
        The shaver is constructed mainly from translucent plastic (a combination of blue and green, which looked a bit strange to start with, but you get used to it after a while!), and white coloured rubber grips at the base and surrounding the 'on' button. It all feels well put together, with no rough edges and fits very comfortably in your hand when in use. I have dropped the shaver a number of times and it hasn't sustained any noticeable damage. On the front of the shaver, there is a metal on/off button, and a number of small LED status lights. These usefully tell you when the shaver needs charging, whether it needs a quick or full clean after use, and if the shaving heads need replacing. At the back, the shaver has a compartment which takes Nivea for Men shaving gel capsules. These can be dispersed during shaving by pressing the large yellow button above the compartment.

        It really is a very simple product to use. Just turn on and go! With the three head design you can shave in any direction, and the 'floating shaving heads' follow the contours of your face. I now come onto the two big selling points of this shaver. Firstly, it is fully shower proof, so it can be used in the shower, or when your face is wet, effectively giving a replication of a traditional wet shave. I found this resulted in much less skin irritation during shaving, and as an added bonus, the quick clean involves simply running the shaver under a warm tap for 30 seconds! The other key feature here is of course the Nivea for Men capsules. These come in two forms, dispensing either a cooling shaving gel, or a moisturiser whilst you shave. This results in making shaving a much more pleasant experience! I found these capsules actually last for quite a long time; although this is obviously dependant on how liberal you are in using them. Philips suggests the shaver can be used for 55 minutes for the need for recharge, and takes approximately 8 hours for a full recharge. I'd say these figures were about right, and generally find the shaver lasts a couple of weeks or so before recharging, although it does slow down as the battery becomes low.

        Not necessarily disadvantages, but a couple of points here that I think are worth mentioning.
        You still have to be careful whilst shaving, particularly around your neck, as it can cut the skin slightly if you press to hard.
        The cartridges are quite difficult to find on the high street. I bought mine off Amazon, at the moment they cost £3-4 for a pack of 5. You can get them cheaper if you buy larger packs, and there is also a form that came with the shaver where you can send off for the cartridges direct at £4.25, buy one get one free. I thought this sounded expensive originally but the cartridges last a long time, and you don't have to use them every time you shave.
        Although it provides a closer shave to many other dry electric shavers, it still doesn't quite match the closeness of a traditional wet shave.

        These are the only points worth considering, and overall I have been extremely happy with the product. Although the initial price wasn't cheap, it has been well worthwhile and it still works just as well as it did three years ago.

        It is currently priced at £80 on Amazon, although there are now new versions available in a similar price range.


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      • Product Details

        Philishave Coolskin is a shaving system combining the advantages of both wet and dry shaving. The shaver features a special compartment for cartridges containing Nivea for Men moisturising shaving lotion or fresh gel, which can be applied to the skin while shaving. The lotion prepares the skin and ensures that the shaver glides easily over the face, giving a deeper, more comfortable shave; and leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh and revitalized.

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