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Remington Micro Screen Dual Action Mains/Rechargeable Shaver

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Brand: Remington

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2001 03:08
      Very helpful



      "It's not easy being a man.", grumbles my BoyFriend, "You don't fully appreciate all we have to go through. We have our cycles as well, you know, and whats worse it's every bloody day ..." Yawn! Oh, hear we go again. The poor little love goes on and on, "... and all you women have to bother about is enlarging breasts and menstruation when you reach puberty. Whereas us men, well, we have all sorts of things to worry about, and ... and we have to start shaving ... and that's every day mark you, every bloody day not just ...". I don't know why he has to keep using the word bloody, it's so distasteful! This monotonous rant - which he thinks is amusing due to a recent humour bypass - spews out of his mouth every time he's running late in the mornings and still has to shave. "I have to do this every bloody day", he stresses once again as he hogs the bathroom mirror and pulls peculiar faces, while rubbing his chin. "And what's more this razor is useless, absolutely useless. Did you hear me? Useless!" I'm relieved when he's gone but I try to understand that it's just his hormones - a man thing. Fortunately I can have ten minutes peace and reflection before I have to make my way to my own grindstone. Then it dawns on me, "Of course, that's it! He's trying to tell me he wants a new electric razor for his birthday. Right!" But which one? There are dozens of razors: Philishave, Hitachi, Braun, Remington and even Boots own. How does a girl choose? Does he need regular or super? I asked a couple of guys for advice at my office but just got typical smart bloke answers. They don't really like discussing such things. So I decided all by myself. I bought a Remington MicroScreen 3 TCT Mains / Rechargeable Shaver RS8943. A fancy title that made a £99 hole in my bank account. Oh well, anything to smoo
      th his PST or Pre Shave Tension. I must admit I do like a nice smooth chin, most of the time, on a man. Not that I'm a pogonophobic or anything. I don't have a fear of beards or stubble, just the things that you may find lodged in them. Now, as you're all bursting to know, I'll tell you all about the MicroScreen3 (MS3). And girls, pay attention, because we really should try to understand our men and their problems - how otherwise can we appreciate the difficulties some of them go through with PST. I mean, how would you feel if you woke up every morning with bristles demanding attention? Exactly! It's pretty obvious that the closer the blade or cutting thingy gets to the face the closer the cut. Now this is where the MS3 foil is a winner. It's 'ultra thin' - so nice and neat and hardly shows. The foil is the bit over the cutting blade that goes next to the skin when shaving. I'll give you a quote: 'The unique MicroScreen foil technology with ultra thin foils and round holes maximise shaving closeness and comfort'. You can't say fairer than that. So it gets close to the skin, agreed? But there's much more. It's got three floating foils! That's right three, each with its own cutter. They are powered by a high performance motor with 8500 rpm. This means they wobble independently so that they can match the contours of any unsusual shapes on the shaving area. This is especially wonderful, seemingly, for areas like the neck and chin. Cutting with power! No doubt, this has already taken your breath away but there's more, so stay seated. Deep breaths will help curtail too much excitement. There is also a triple position trimmer. Just dwell on that thought for a moment ... I'm all of a tremble myself. In it's top position, of the three, the trimmer is level with the foils so your man can have four things attacking those bristles a
      ll at the same time. When in this position it makes sure any longer hairs aren't missed. This all adds up to, 'A superior shave even on the toughest neck hairs'. If you get your man one of these you won't find a hair on him that shouldn't be there - and it'll run up and down your legs quite nicely as well, even if he won't! The trimmer can also be used for sideburns(boards), short hair and, erm, longer hair. The MS3 (not to be confused with inferior MS2 technology which is twenty pounds cheaper) can be used straight from the mains by plugging into an appropriate shaver socket. Or, if you don't like this idea, interior batteries can be charged up (this takes one hour) and there is then about forty minutes of cordless shaving. This saves having an extra long cable should you wish your man to carry out any activities, in other rooms, while shaving. I suppose this would be OK for holidays and the such as well. So what does it all look like? It's a beauty. The MS3 is slightly curved so that it fits snuggly into the hand and is a five and a half incher - quite big enough. It's in a nice dull silver colour with rubbery black bits for holding it comfortably. There is a switch to toggle on or off and another switch to raise the trimmer to any of the three heights. There are also two pretty lights, one red and the other green. The red is a low battery indicator and illuminates when there is only five minutes cordless shaving left. The green shows if fully charged. There's also a plastic bit that fits over the foils, like a transparent helmet, for protection when not in use. When not required the razor can be stored snuggly and safely in its own 'Deluxe Travel Pouch' which is provided. It's sort of a black leatherette soft box with a zip - luxurious or what! Now girls. In confidence, does your man keep his nice and clean? Or is it a mess sometimes dropping unwanted
      bits on the sink and goodness knows where else? Well, the good thing about the MS3 is that it's washable. Pop it under the tap and all those nasty bits can be flushed away leaving it sparkly and clean and ready for use the next time. There's also a dinky little brush should the cutters need a bit of tickle. Cleanliness is so important with these matters, don't you think? One of the things that made me choose this particular model was that it has a money back guarantee. If your man doesn't like it within thirty days, back it can go for a full refund - they may possibly keep the man that goes with it as well, but I can't promise this. There's also a two year guarantee, which sounds reasonable, and gives a nice secure feeling. BF's birthday was last weekend and he liked it - the MS3 that is! He reckons he shaves faster and gets a very close, comfortable shave - just as the box said he would. I've given his chin and face a test run. I'm pleased to report that this resulted in no red marks, scratches or irritation on my body. He's my little smoothy and the MS3 is pretty good for the bikini line, but don't tell him that! PST is thankfully a thing of the past. I find BF is friendlier, less tense and generally much nicer at 'that time' of the morning. I just thank heaven I discovered MS3. ;-> Kay Fact File: Remington MicroScreen 3 Model No. RS8943 Price: Around £99 Mains & Rechargeable 3 minute quick charge or 1 hour full charge 40 minutes cordless shaving High performance motor at 8500 rpm 3 'Super-flexing' foils 3 position trimmer Washable for easy cleaning Thirty day money back guarantee 2 year guarantee "Kay, why are you washing my new razor? ... You've what ... Oh, w-wow, that's nice and smooth!" It's only the hairs on a gooseberry that prevents it from being
      a grape.


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      Features include 112 precision cutting edges, 15¦ angled shaving head, 1 hour full charge for up to 40 minutes shaving time, 3 minutes quick charge for one shave, charging/full charge indicator. Also includes an easyView pop up trimmer, a convenient soft-

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