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Remington R8150

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2 Reviews

Brand: Remington / Type: Men's Razor

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2012 13:43
      Very helpful



      Still a high quality shaver and recommended

      @ About, Build Quality & Cleaning @

      This shaver will set you back around £70 and for that money you do get quite a lot in terms of quality. The shaver is very easy to use with a detachable rear charger and a docking stand to keep it fully charged when you're not shaving. It claims to be waterproof and in my experience it has withstood regular water intrusion quite well. Dropping it in the bath is not a good idea but shaving your face when its soaking wet, or briefly running the compartment under the tap to clean it is ok, and wont damage it.

      To clean it is very simple. The clip at the back can be pressed in so the lid springs up and you can get to the small compartment inside. Its quite large and for me it holds about 3 weeks worth f hair build up in there. One safety feature i thought was lacking was that the rotating knobs inside the hair compartment can still spin when the lid is open so if you are cleaning and you accidentally turn it on, it will star up. They are not painful though, and just feel weird to put your fingers on. The blades themselves are tucked away and wont work.

      @ Shaving, Battery, Comfort @

      Shaving for the first time with this felt different from my previous shavers and it takes some time to get used to.if like me you have only ever used static low budget shavers or hand shavers then the flex head will take a while to get used to. It does not move about as much as id like it to because getting under my chin can be a chore when I'm trying to get the little patch if hair at the front (i have a fat chin) so this can be difficult but the little stick out razor on the back is useful for getting to the places this thing cant reach, and to me that is more like what I'm used to, a razor that wont flex and you control where it goes without slipping around. For comfort i would award 4 stars (of 5).

      Removing hair is spot on, you don't have to go back over and over the same spot on your face if you slowly work your way around it, occasionally it will need a second going over but if you are careful that will rarely happen. Just twist and move the shaver about over the hair patch and it will soon go.

      Battery life is 60 minutes and the large display on the front will show you in minutes how much is left. Perfect. When you dock it a charging icon is shown and you can charge it up again in about half the charging time. It really depends on how well your battery is trained and mine normally gets quick short charges but still holds a very good amount of power and remains very accurate.

      @ Overall @

      This is a great shaver but i wish the head would move up and down a bit more, i cant get under my chin fat in one swoop, i have to keep going back over it. Apart from that, recommended!


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      03.02.2012 12:16
      Very helpful



      Shaves more off your wallet than off your face

      I, like many other men, have to shave every day, or more or less every day anyway, and finding the right shaver is a bit of a task in itself.
      I have gone through phases of wet shaving with several different type of disposable razors, some giving a close shave whilst some others giving my life a close shave as they ripped chunks out of my throat and face, (it felt like that anyway). I have also been through several phase of using battery/mains shavers with some good results and some results that shouldn't be mentioned on here.
      Well it is the latter of the phases that I am going to talk about today, mainly as I was given a new shaver for Christmas and, after giving it a good test run, I have finally come to the conclusion that I have enough experience with it to write this review.

      Anyway, the shaver I was given as a present was from a very well known company called Remington with the full name of the shaver itself being the Remington R8150.

      The shape of it is very good indeed and fits well in my hand without me having the feeling that I have to grip it to hard or it may fall into the sink. This shape, combined with the rubber nobly feel at the top really does make it one of the most comfortable electric shavers I have used in a long time.
      Then, to add to its style, there's a lovely slice of stainless steel which surrounds the bottom section, making the on/off switch and little LCD display stand out without with out that sort of 'in your face' attitude.
      The LCD display clearly shows you roughly how long you have left on the charge it has, showing it in minutes in a two digit format, so you know when it need recharging.
      It also has a charge indicator letting you know when it needs charging and when it is actually fully charged.
      The on/off button lies above the little LCD display and is quite light to use, just a gentle push will get the shaver shaving or switch it off after you've finished the job.

      It has a built in rechargeable battery which takes about 90 minutes to fully charge and then gives you about an hour of standard shaving time.
      There's also a quick charge option which will give you about an hour of shaving time.
      The stand that comes with this shaver is a cracking little addition and a bit of a boost for Remingtons image. It allows the shaver to be stood upright whilst having the charging cable plugged into the bottom end. With out the stand the shaver would be lay on its side, although this is not a big problem as it still charges just as well but the stand makes it look neater as it charges.

      It weighs almost next to nothing and I can easily hold it for a full shave without any signs of writers cramp or carpul tunnel kicking in, which really does help out when you have a shaving device near your throat.

      As for the most important things required on a shaver like this, the actual cutting head, well, there are three separate floating cutting heads which all move independently from each other and, with the head pivoting up and down, it manages to get around the contours of my face, neck and chin pretty effortlessly.
      The blades themselves are coated with something called Titanium which is supposed make them considerably harder than steel blades, which give a longer lasting and much smoother shave
      There is also a pop up trimmer for those trickier bits of hair, such as side burns and maybe beards and moustaches too. This is situated on what I call the top of the shaver, or more on the opposite side to the on/off switch. You simply flick a little button forwards and the trimmer pops up and you're ready to trim. Then simply push down the trimmer to close it.

      Is it hard to clean?
      No, in fact it's almost as easy to clean as a disposable razor, almost.
      Cleaning the heads is a simple matter of 'popping' the top open, which consists of pushing the little button on the bottom of the cutting heads, just above the grip above the on switch. The heads will flop open and allow you to either clean the hairs out with the brush or maybe a quick blow or two. But for a proper clean you can take off the head entirely and give it a bit of a swill under a running tap.
      And to help clean it comes supplied with a lovely little bristle brush to get into the nooks and crannies of the heads.

      For me...

      I like this shaver and have used it several time, finding it so simple to use and, with the shape and comfortable grip. It has quite a fantastic grip, underneath the shaving heads, which really makes sure that, even with wet hands, it's almost impossible to drop.
      I can't fault its design on looks, but there are a couple of glitches, or negative side to it for me.
      The first one being that I seem to have to make sure that it never goes below about 15 minutes of charge remaining as if it does, 9 out of 10 times, power the motor would seem to make a bit of a different noise, obviously beginning to struggle in its job of keeping the three shaving heads rotating, and I felt my face being tugged at rather than caressed.

      The other negative I found was that it didn't give that close shave that it promised, even on a full charge.
      Don't get me wrong, it does a good job shaving the facial hair, (maybe even other hair too but as I have not tried it there I can't comment... but feel free), but the majority of the time after I have used it I can still feel quite a bit of stubble, almost as if I haven't shaved for say half a day or so. It may not be visible on my face from a distance but I can feel it and so can the wife, which can make me feel a little self conscious at time.
      So for a shaver to claim it gives a close shave it's not exactly telling the whole truth.

      Apparently, so they boast, the way the head pivots this way and that way, together with the three independent titanium coated blade which get closer to your skin than ever, this shaver is supposed to give you the best shave ever.
      Sadly though I still prefer to have a wet shave every now and then to get that real close smooth feel as this shaver doesn't do that most of the time.

      How much does it cost then..?

      As I said I was given this as a present so I had to do a quick online check to get the price of this shaver and I was amazed at the vast difference in prices from the shops that sold them. For example a shop that sounds like it should sell Indian hot dishes sells this for £149.99, whilst another well known store that sounds like an Italian dress designer is selling it at half that price at the moment, £64.99. Which is the price a certain online only store is giving it at too, you know the one, it has the same name as a bubbling brook in South America.
      So looking at the full price of this shaver you're talking about £150 which for me is way over the top for what you get and the results if gives you.
      But if you can get it for the lower price band then I'd have to say that it may be worth seriously thinking about.


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    • Product Details

      Tame your 'tache with this powerful shaver. Packed with features for a fast close and very comfortable shave its three titanium coated heads offer a dual track cutting action / For ultimate precision a pop-up styling trimmer lets you tidy up longer hairs. There's an LCD to show remaining charge an electronic on/off switch and an automatic voltage selector for worldwide use / You'll get up to three weeks cordless shaving with an impressive 90 minutes charge and its recharging time is just 5 minutes s

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