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Argos Value Range Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Brand: Argos

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2013 12:23



      Item started off with a strong cleaning function,this did not last and laterly became very weak.

      I bought this product around September 2012.I thought i was getting a good bargain because the price of the named electric toothbrushes is so high and this one was under £10.00.I liked the fact it was rechargeable and came with a spare head and to start with it was great,the brush head turned very quickly and left my mouth and teeth feeling and looking squeaky clean.The brush got into all the hard to reach areas and was a joy to use.About three months after buying i noticed the bristles on the brush head looked worn and were not giving my teeth a thorough clean,so i changed to the spare brush and this seemed to help for a little while,then i became aware that the brush was not spinning as quick as before and the revving of the motor seemed sluggish and this has remained an ongoing problem.I can not speak for how long the named electric toothbrushes last but i am disappointed in this one and even for the small amount i paid for it i would have expected it to go on longer than a few months.As the saying goes you get what you pay for.


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      25.02.2012 01:50
      Very helpful



      A bargain buy that does a good job of keeping teeth clean.

      I had been struggling recently with getting my youngest son to brush his teeth adequately as he has co-ordination difficulties, I often had to re-brush his teeth for him as he only seemed to manage the sideways action of brushing which did not result in a full clean right to the gums and this often left his teeth only half brushed, at 9 years old I did not want to deflate his confidence as according to him I was "treating him like a baby by brushing his teeth for him!" The teeth brushing routine always took double time and always ended in an argument about him being "too old for me to help him!" I decided to buy him a rotating battery powered toothbrush to try and allow him the independence he craved whilst also ensuring his teeth were brushed adequately day and night.

      However whilst shopping in Argos I was stood in the queue waiting for my turn to be served and browsing the products on the shelves next to the service desks when I spotted this Argos Value Range Rechargeable Toothbrush, the packaging was pretty plain and basic much like the rest of the Argos value range products, it was selling at £7.99 which I thought was cheap enough as electric toothbrushes can be very expensive, it had to be worth a try so I took a box with me to the desk and purchased one.


      Once home I opened the box and immediately set it on charge ready to be used that evening as it states it needs an 8 to 12 hour charge, the unit looked of reasonable quality considering the price tag, it is mainly white in colour and made of toughened plastic and it has some blue features, the toothbrush comes with a shaving pin plug attached so it was lucky we had a shaving socket in our bathroom, those who don't though would have to buy an adaptor before being able to charge and use the toothbrush.

      It was easy and simple to set up even without reading then re-reading the very short instruction leaflet that is included with the product, you simply plug it in the socket and place the toothbrush in the docking station, the indicator light glows red and turns to green when fully charged, there are two rubbery soft on/off buttons that are blue and situated above the indicator light, the unit comes with two brush heads that have their own nifty little hygienic compartment behind the toothbrush and when the lid is lifted the brush heads rise up and out of the compartment, a feature I really like on this product and certainly did not expect for such a cheap product.

      The heads click into place easy, fast and feel secure with no wobble at all and the toothbrush measures 6 inches tall with the brush head attached, the heads are quite small and round, they rotate quite fast and vibrate when switched on and although the vibration sounds a tad noisy I would not describe it as being very powerful, its definitely more buzz than brawn! The bristles are quite soft compared to most adult toothbrushes, good for the gums and not too soft as in flimsy either; overall the unit looks a decent compact value product.


      * Replacement Head
      * Recharge Indicator Light
      * On/Off Modes
      * Fully Rechargeable
      * 8 Hour Full Charge
      * 2-PIN Plug
      * 90 Min usage (Based on 2 minutes use twice a day)
      * Built in NiMH Battery
      * Round Rotating Brush Head


      The toothbrush does what is expected of an electric toothbrush, my son loved using this to clean his teeth with and he said his teeth felt cleaner than what they did when using a manual, which figures as the fast rotation of the circular head also vibrates as you brush which meant so even with the only side to side action of brushing that my son had become accustomed to he was still getting a thorough clean, its an ideal size for a small mouth and is not too abrasive, we were both impressed by how well the brush cleaned with little effort other than the usual back and forth up and down actions, the toothbrush has a loud buzz when brushing but my son seemed to like this where I would find it a bit annoying.

      We found the toothbrush needed charging around once a week for a full twelve hours to get the best out of it, you can tell when the brush needs a charge as it starts to slow down and the loud buzz turns into an annoying low drone.

      ==MY THOUGHTS==

      In my opinion this toothbrush is more suited to children over the age of 6 as a great first introduction to electric tooth brushing, it would also be ideal for those who do not like hard or abrasive brushing or someone who has sensitive gums as the bristles are soft without compromising the quality of the clean, for under £10 this is a great purchase and has helped make teeth brushing times faster, more effective and less stress so therefore worth every penny, I have been informed that when the time comes you can buy replacement heads by using heads designed for other brands but they are a lot more expensive so it would be cheaper to just buy another whole set and I cannot complain at this price really.

      It does what a toothbrush should, it is a good design that works very well and is very easy to use,i am very pleased and happy with this product and my son gives it the thumbs up too, so anything that encourages good effective teeth brushing with no hassles gets my vote and my recommendation.

      I rate the Argos Value Rechargeable Toothbrush a very good 4 out of 5


      Thank You for Reading J

      My Reviews appear Exclusively on Dooyoo and Ciao ONLY



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      Argos Value Range Rechargeable Toothbrush

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