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Oral-B Professional Care 5000 Rechargeable

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    13 Reviews
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      16.02.2011 00:03
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Cleans teeth well and easy to use too

      I purchased my Braun Oral-B Professional Care rechargeable toothbrush about three years ago. I hadn't owned an electric toothbrush previously, having made do with my good, old-fashioned manual brush, but on the recommendation of various friends and family I thought I'd give one a go.


      The brush itself looks quite slimline and lightweight, not what I had expected from an electric toothbrush. The toothbrush head is obviously removable and replaceable, and my toothbrush also came with a spare head. This head is a 'flexisoft head' which means that it is not harsh on your teeth (or more importantly, gums).

      There is also a 3D cleaning action which is supposed to 'give superior performance for healthy teeth and gums'. Braun claim that the cleaning action includes 20,000 in-and-out pulsations that loosen plaque and 7,600 side-to-side oscillations that sweep plaque away. Perhaps the most impressive claim of all, and what sold this brush to me, is that it is clinically proven to remove 95% of plaque from hard-to-reach areas.

      There is also a pressure sensor to stop you brushing too hard on your teeth. The brush also has a timer that reminds you every 30 seconds so you can move onto the next section of your teeth, and then after 2 minutes (the recommended cleaning time).

      The charger that comes with the brush has a two pin plug (like most shavers) as it is a bathroom product, so I had to purchase an adapter plug separately as I don't have one of these sockets in my house.


      After an initial charge - the toothbrush has a light indicating when charged - the toothbrush was good to go. Once toothpaste was applied, I switched the brush on (and promptly noted that next time I would place the brush in my mouth before switching on as it can be quite messy!). It wasn't as noisy as I had expected, nor was the brush moving as violently as I had anticipated. The oscillations actually felt minimal and it was more of a pulsation feeling. I found the timer feature particularly helpful when brushing as I'm not a very good judge of time.

      The brush is meant to last for 7 days between charging (assuming two uses of two minutes each a day). This was pretty accurate at first but, as time goes on, my brush is lasting less well between charges. This is to be expected as, as with all batteries, the charge is held less well with time. Three years on, my brush usually requires charging twice a week, which still isn't bad going in my opinion.

      A feature of the brush heads that I like is that the middle bristles are blue in colour and this acts as an indicator as to when you need to change the brush head - when the colour has been lost from this section, you need to replace.


      The toothbrush is currently priced at around £18 online, although after a quick search I found various different variations on this model at varying prices, so it is a little confusing! The replacement toothbrush heads can be purchased for £8 for a pack of four, and an adapter plug (if required) should be able to be picked up for £1-2. So, it's a bit of an initial outlay of cash, but brush heads usually need replacing once every 2-3 months so a pack should last you a while.


      The brush definitely makes my teeth feel a lot cleaner than when I have brushed manually. It gives them that smooth feel when you run your tongue along them (like in the adverts!). It also leaves me confident that my breath is fresh, and that it will remain so for a good while. The brush is really easy to operate and gentle on my teeth and gums, whereas when manual brushing I find it difficult to know exactly how much pressure I should apply.

      On visual inspection, my teeth seem to have much less plaque on them since using this brush, so I would say that the oscillation techniques are working! I also find I am more likely to brush for the required time with this brush as it is so easy (whereas manual brushing can make my arm ache) and the timer gives a great indicator of when you should stop brushing.

      The one problem that I have with this brush is storage. It doesn't slot nicely into a toothbrush holder like a regular brush would, it needs to stand on a shelf somewhere and it hasn't the sturdiest of bases so is easily knocked over. The toothbrush can get quite mucky around the bottom of the brush head, where it meets the brush, with dried toothpaste, so you have to remember to rinse and clean well after use.

      I have found the brush very reliable and have not had any problems with it - though it does come with a two year manufacturer's guarantee if required. It seems pretty middle of the range price wise for an electric toothbrush, and offers good value for money. When I get round to replacing my brush (inevitably the battery will fade further over time), I will definitely be buying braun again.


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      11.11.2010 23:09
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Clean outweighs cost.

      About eight years ago I was introduced to the world of the electric toothbrush. A friend of mine couldn't recommend them enough and so I decided to buy one. I was a bit silly and didn't do any research, I just went to Boots and picked the first one in my price range. I also bought a range of heads. The heads come with different coloured bands which can go round them and this enables more than one person to share the same toothbrush and just use a different head. It makes something which can seem like it has a costly outlay, a lot more affordable.

      I bought the oral B professional care 5000 rechargeable. The toothbrush itself is round and tall. It is mainly hard plastic but has soft plastic on the front for the button area. The toothbrush is made to fit snuggly in the hand and is very easy to hold and grip and manoeuvre in the way you need to.

      On top of the toothbrush there is a small squat metal pole which you put the toothbrush head onto.It is easy to get on and off yet it will not fall off or slip off whilst you are using it. There is a light on the front which warns you when the battery is about to run out (red) and green when it is fully charged and raring to go. There is one soft plastic button on the front which is easy to press on and off, even with wet slippery hands. It is simply to press 'on' and 'off' there isn't anymore to the brush than that, and I know a lot of the newer fancier toothbrushes have more options, but I have always been happy with what this does. The toothbrush does pulse after two minutes, as that is it's recommended length of use, it is then up to you if you carry on brushing or stop.

      The toothbrush comes with a battery recharger, which is a bit like a docking station. It is a white plastic stand with a small round lump which goes in a hole at the bottom of the toothbrush. This secures it to stand up by itself, but also charges the brush.

      At first it is strange, getting used to the toothbrush. You have to practise and find your way which will take about a week of using it day and night. Once you are used to it you will forget you ever didn't know. One piece of advice I do have though is to not turn it on until the toothbrush is in your mouth and practically against your tooth. Otherwise you will spray wet toothpaste everywhere!

      The huge advantage to this toothbrush is how amazing your teeth feel afterwards. I have never ever been able to get my teeth this clean with a manual brush, and I just do not think it is possible.

      The level of cleanliness far outweighs the initial cost outlay and the ongoing toothbrush cost.

      I bought this toothbrush a couple of years ago now and paid around £50 for it, although you can get it much cheaper now. I would personally still pay full price for it, so it is definitely a bargain at this lower price. You will never look back after investing in this, your teeth and your dentist will thank you for it.


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      18.01.2010 13:18
      Very helpful



      See review

      For years I had heard people rave about electric toothbrushes being ten times better than normal, but in my opinion I just thought why pay some much for a toothbrush when you can buy disposable ones for so much cheaper and they do they same job as long as you put the effort in and brushed your teeth properly. Boy have I been disillusioned long enough, I gave in and in the January sales I began looking for a reasonably priced Electric toothbrush to test.

      ~~~~The Product~~~~

      The Oral B Professional Care 5000, electric toothbrush is very similar in design and colour to many Oral B electric toothbrushes; it is white with a blue rubber grip where the power button is located. At the bottom of the toothbrush is a single light that flashes green when you charge it up. This light will begin to flash red and beep when you are running out of power. Indicating you need to charge it up using the charging stand that came with the toothbrush.

      The toothbrush comes with two separate brush heads, that should easily last you 6 months each and then you should replace the head like you would with a normal toothbrush. The brush heads are only small but they are very good on your teeth.

      When you turn the toothbrush on it will rotate for 30 seconds and then vibrate/ pulse indicating that 30seconds has lapsed. It will continue to do this every 30 seconds still the toothbrush has been on 2 minutes after 2 minutes the toothbrush will vibrate / pulse longer indicating that 2 minutes are over.

      2 minutes is the recommend length of time brushing you teeth, having 30 seconds on each section of your teeth. For me this feature was great as I could monitor how long I was spending on each section in my mouth and I was properly for the first time in a long time brushing my time for the required amount of time. 2 Minutes sounds like a long time but it isn't and your teeth feel a lot cleaner and fresher.

      When using this product I find that I don't have to press to hard or brush too vigorously as the rotating brush finds all the right angles, you are able to easily brush behind you teeth and the brush head is not rough on you teeth. A fully charged toothbrush will last you approx 2 weeks when you are brushing for 2 minutes. The only problem I have with this toothbrush is that it does not come with an adapter to plug it into a standard plug sockets. Neither does it say anywhere on the box that an adapter is required. I presume that some people will know this but unfortunately I wasn't fully aware and was lucky that we brought one just in case as they are quite cheap to purchase.

      ~~~~How much~~~~

      My first port of call to locate the above described toothbrush was the Boots half price sale just after Christmas here I first saw the Oral B Professional care 5000. It was reduced from approx £45 to about £22, unfortunately because I am so indecisive I left it a few days to think about this offer, when I went to purchase it from boots the offer had ended and it had gone back up to full price. Now I was kicking myself because I won't buy £45 for a toothbrush but I was willing to pay £22 to try it out.

      Along comes Tesco the hero, while we were doing our normal shop we noticed that they had so electric toothbrushes on offer and what do you there is was half price. It was meant to be, straight away it was dropped it to the trolley. I wasn't missing the same offer twice.

      Electric toothbrushes come in a range of prices from £10 all the way up to £150 or more. Each toothbrush has its own advantages and disadvantages which leads to the expensive prices however, if you have never tried am Electric toothbrush before I would advise that you get one in the sale at a reasonable price so that it is good quality for you to use and see if you like them. At £22 I think my first electric toothbrush was very reasonable priced.

      ~~~~Overall experience~~~~~

      I am totally converted, since I have been using my electric toothbrush for nearly a month I have noticed the improvement in the cleanliness and feel of my teeth, not only straight after brushing but during the day as well.

      I am confident that the toothbrush is doing its job ten times better than an ordinary toothbrush as I can feel it and can also see that my teeth are become noticeably whiter. When I purchased the toothbrush I was not convinced I would feel any difference. This is totally untrue the results are great and you are left feeling satisfied that you teeth are properly clean all over, even in the hard to reach places. I believe that the Oral B Professional Care 5000 is a good price for your first electric toothbrush but only when it is on offer. I don't think I would have purchased it at full price even though I know how good it is I would still wait till it is in the sale. Now Lets just hope the dentist's opinion about my new cleaner teeth is just the same.


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        24.11.2009 13:45
        Very helpful



        overall well priced and good teeth cleaner

        I have never been bothered about purchasing and electric toothbrush, I always though that they could never clean your teeth quite as well as you could do yourself. But I was extremely surprised how well it works.

        I purchased one as my partner had always had one a sore by it, and whilst in the process of moving home we lost the charge station, so we decided to get one for me which would solve the problem of no charger,

        I found The Oral-B Professional care - 5000 really simple to put together, also with the changeable ahead there is little colour coded bands to put which allows you to share the toothbrush and simply change the heads, it avoid mix up's

        It also tells you when the battery is about to run out by bleeping and flashing a red light on the base of the brush. This for me solves a problem as I never look at the light. And also the charge lasts for up to 2 weeks! Its amazing

        The price of the actual tooth brush I believe is very reasonable; I got mine from Superdrug when there was an offer on for £28.99.

        I have been using this for over 6 months now and can really tell the difference on my teeth! I would recommend to anyone and for those who use to think like me give it try you never know you might like it!


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        18.10.2009 12:30
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Keep Those Pearly Whites White and the Dentist At Bay.

        Why I bought it.

        Just used this toothbrush for the first time this morning. Wow it is very very good. I have been using a Colgate battery operated one until now and there is a large, nae huge difference. I remembered a review on the Gadget Show a while ago about electric toothbrushes and oral-b came out by far the best so now Sainburys has a special 50% discount on a large range of oral-b products I have decided to buy.

        What you get.

        You get the toothbrush, charging unit and two brush heads in the packaging along with an instruction manual with registration document which gives you an extra years warranty if you want it. If you do decide to register you do so on-line and it only takes a few minutes of you time, very easy indeed but you do need the code that is provided on a registration document so don't lose it.

        Initial set-up and charging.

        It is very easy to put the heads on and you can colour code them with a removable plastic ring so you don't mix them up with somebody else's who shares the toothbrush body. The charging unit connects to a shaver type socket and it needs a good charge for around 12 hours. The manual says you cannot overcharge it so don't worry about that but you should discharge it completely every six months. While it is charging the unit's led blinks green and changes to solid green once it is fully charged. The unit's led will turn red when it needs a recharge.

        Using the product.

        It is very easy to use, you just hold it gently onto each tooth and rub it up and down including your gum for a few seconds. The toothbrush stutters every 30 seconds when it is time to move onto another quadrant of your mouth. You can switch the toothbrush off up to 30 seconds if you need to and it will still remember how far you got through your cleaning cycle. If you press too hard against your teeth then the pulsation will cease and the sound changes. Cleaning is also very easy, you switch on the toothbrush and rinse it under the tap, then switch off and pull off the head and again. The handle can then be rinsed and dried. Don't worry about water getting in and damaging the handle as it is waterproof. The charging unit can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but it is not waterproof so take care.

        The result.

        I feel as if I have been to the hygienist and my teeth are visibly different I like red wine and drink a lot of tea (did I get the order correct). The manual says you may experience some bleeding for the first few days but I have not had that. I am very pleased and it is so much better than my previous toothbrush and it was a bargain at Sainburys.

        The result after 1 week of use.

        After using now for over 1 week I still think this toothbrush makes a remarkable job of cleaning teeth. After the initial 4 days I did not think there was any further improvement in the whiteness of my teeth however this could be because I am not using a whitening toothpaste. Having been on holiday this week I might have expected my teeth to become a bit more coloured as I have drunk more red wine, coffee, tea and fruit juice than I normally would have.

        My 8 year old son has started using it as well and he is managing fine, I think the timer feature helps him (and me as well) to concentrate on how long he is cleaning each part of his mouth. The manual says that younger children can use it but I really would not recommend it as the handle is quite big.

        Having read a few reviews on whitening toothpastes I am going to try one out and see if a I can get my teeth a bit whiter.

        The cost of the toothbrush was £23.99 from Sainsburys with a 50% discount so well worth the money.

        Thanks for reading.


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          29.05.2009 13:44
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A great brush, cleans very well.

          This is my first electric toothbrush, always had one of the manual thrust around your mouth ones. First impression was that it was a gimic for the lazy amongst us. However, I have now been using it for over 12 months and I will always have an electric one going forward.

          The toothbrush comes with the recharging base, one brush head and the toothbrush body. The first noticebable thing was that it did not include the adapter required to plug into the mains. One of the two pronged adapters commonly used for electric razors is required. Good job for me I used an electric razor and therefore had one to hand.

          Plug the recharging base unit in, the toothbrush sits on a pronge and begins to charge indicated by the flashing light on the front of the brush. Once fully charged the light stays constant. From a full charge the brush can last up to 12 days, however this obviously depends on how long you brush your teeth for. Over zealous brushers will see this time reduced. From a full discharge, the toothbrush takes approximately 24 hours to fully recharge, this seems a little long to me, seeing as razors etc can fully charge in a fraction of that time.

          The brush body itself is a nice comfortable design and feels snug in the palm of your hand. To switch the brush on, press the button on the front once, the brush head begins to rotate. The brush head is compact and fits extremely well in the mouth. The speed of the brush head is just about right and you feel like you have thoroughly brushed your teeth after you have finished. To switch the brush off, press the same button and the brush stops.

          The brush has an anti-slip grip down the sides of the body, however unfortunately this is not very affective once the hands get wet. You soon find the brush slipping through the palm of your hand until your fingers are at the base of the brush head. More annoyingly is the fact your hands seem to slip over the on/off button and you soon find yourself accidently switching the toothbrush off which upsets the timer if you have been counting.

          The toothbrush has a built in timer, which is very useful, especially for kids to know they are brushing their teeth for the correct duration. The brush stutters / pulses every minute to let you know how long you have been brushing. The clever part is it pulses twice for 2 mins, thrice for 3 mins etc.

          The heads come with coloured collars, so if you have more than one brush in the bathroom, you can simply identify which brush is yours by the colour of the collar.

          Overall this is a fantastic toothbrush, cleans teeth very well and is comfortable in the mouth. Mine is over twelve months old and is still going strong. As long as the body / battery lasts you can change brush heads when required. So far there are no signs that my battery is failing.

          My only criticisim is the anti-slip grip is not affective enough once the hands get wet.


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            04.05.2009 11:57
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Great electric toothbrush

            I was always a bit sceptical about electric tooth brushes, always thinking they were just for lazy people however having take the plunge in the January sales and picked up this Braun Oral B Professional Care 5000 tooth brush I have come to appreciate the benefits of an electric toothbrush.

            I opted for the precision head one as I have a small mouth and quite small teeth so I wanted something where I had control over the accuracy of the brush head. It certainly has some powerful oscillations and my teeth are not only clean but very smooth when I run my tongue over them. One of the things I like about this toothbrush is the fact that it has a two minute timer so you know how long you have been brushing for.

            It is easy to clean as the head can be removed by a simple twist action from the main body of the brush and then it can be rinsed under warm water, it is best to clean the two parts seperately. The bristles have colour markings so you can see when it startss to get worn and needs replacing, I get between two to three months use out of a brush head, I'm close to changing for the third time soon.

            The charge is petty good, when fully charged you get about two weeks use based on two brushes a day, it does takea rather long 16 hours to fully charge from flat however you can leave it on the charger all the time without risk to the battery however you are meant to run it down every so often for a full charge, I tend not to leave it on the charger all the time but let it run down and then charge fully over night.

            I love this brush, it is easy to use and maintain and it really does a good job cleaning my teeth especially with the small precision head.


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              30.04.2009 09:08
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A very lieable electric toothbrush

              Altogether now....."If you wanna get Braun give him a hint..." Anyone else old enough to remember that advert?

              Anyway, enough of the 80's telly trivia and on to the review:
              We've all got them (well, nearly all). What am I talking about? Yep, teeth! But those happy little guys who live in our mouth don't remain happy for long if we don't look after them. They need lots of loving care and attention. As the title suggests, you want to keep your teeth for the rest of your life, if possible, and this is where a good toothbrush comes in.

              Up until a couple of years ago, I had never used an electric toothbrush as I had always thought I was doing a good enough job with a manual one. However, it was a trip to the dentist that converted me into an electric toothbrush user. The dentist made a point of telling me that my mouth was quite small which made it quite difficult for a medium manual toothbrush to reach the edges of the back molars. She suggested I either use a children's toothbrush or invest in a good electric one. Now what was I to do? I had seen some nice little Whinnie the Pooh ones which looked quite cute. Or should I just act my age and buy an adult one? It was a tough decision. When I mentioned to my husband what the dentist had said, he was no help whatsoever, commenting that I may have a small mouth but plenty comes out of it. At that point, I didn't bother 'giving him a hint' and decided outright that I would spend HIS money on an electric toothbrush. The decision was made!

              *****SO WHICH ONE DID I BUY?*****
              I already new that Braun was a good make, having bought a few Braun products in the past. The Braun PC 5000 D is a very good model and has always been reliable for me. The toothbrush was not overpriced and it basically provided everything I needed in a toothbrush.

              *****AND WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?*****
              This is quite a stylish looking toothbrush (if a toothbrush can possibly look stylish!) but, at the same time, is very straight forward to use.
              First of all, you need to look at the toothbrush holder. The holder has two purposes. Firstly, and quite importantly, it is responsible for charging the toothbrush battery. The flex which descends from the back of the holder comprises a two pin plug, as do all bathroom appliances. Attached to the holder is a little case in which you can keep your toothbrush heads. The holder is made of white plastic and is extremely easy to keep clean.
              The toothbrush itself stands on a pin at the front of the holder. This is also made of white plastic but has a blue rubber grip on either side which makes it easy to hold whilst cleaning your teeth. You will also find the 'on' switch situated at the front of the toothbrush, and this is made of blue rubber, just like the side grips.

              All in all, this is a very neat electric toothbrush.

              *****THE IMPORTANT BIT - HOW DOES IT WORK?*****
              Well, all I can say is: It's not rocket science. It's only a toothbrush! However, when you think of how you would normally use a manual toothbrush, it's obviously just a case of brushing up and down, forwards and backwards etc. Well you can still do that with an electric toothbrush, but with the Braun PC 5000 D, it does a little bit more. The selling point of this particular model is that it rotates, oscillates and pulsates. Flash eh? Basically, the brush rapidly turns round, twists and vibrates which means your teeth 'get hit' from all angles.

              So there I was, happily brushing away one morning, when suddenly the toothbrush 'cut out' a couple of times and then carried on regardless. Haha - this was obviously the timer kicking in. The little guy doesn't believe in working you too hard, so assumes you have done a pretty good job after two minutes of brushing and gives you a gentle reminder that your teeth should be sparkly clean so you can now stop brushing.

              The only downside to this, from my point of view, is when you are brushing your teeth before visiting the dentist for your regular check-up. You know how it is, you brush and brush until you can brush no more just to make sure your teeth are as clean as possible - and the timer goes off telling you that you can stop. But do not fear - all you need do is switch the toothbrush on again and carry on to your heart's content. Normally though, the two minute time period is sufficient to give your teeth a good clean.

              *****HOW ABOUT THE BRUSH ITSELF?*****
              The toothbrush comes complete with one brush head. This fits neatly and easily on the top of the toothbrush by just clicking it in place. Again, made of white plastic to match the toothbrush and holder, this is quite cleverly designed. For anyone who has never used an electric toothbrush before, the brush head, unlike a manual toothbrush, is fairly small and circular, hence the ease of use for anyone without a big mouth (I prefer to think of it in that way!) The bristles of the brush are green in the centre of the circle, and blue and white around the outside. Now there is a reason for this. The blue section begins to fade once the brush head needs to be replaced. I am still undecided on how accurate this is. Is it Braun providing good dental hygiene advice and suggesting we need to change our brush heads every two or there months, or is it a sales gimmick to make money on the replacements heads? (I will explain more about the replacement heads shortly). The particular brush head I am using at the moment has been on the go for about three months and has just started to fade, so according to Braun, I need to go shopping!

              Spare brush heads can be purchased from most supermarkets or chemists and are available in packs of two or four. Each replacement pack comes with 5 coloured rings which fit around the outside edge of the brush head, enabling each family member to identify their own particular toothbrush. I paid in the region of £7.00 for a pack of two replacement heads from Tesco. However, a search on e-bay or Amazon may offer a better price.

              *****BATTERY LIFE*****
              To be honest with you, this could be better. The electric toothbrush in my house gets used four times a day - twice by me and twice by my husband. I would not consider this an exorbitant amount of use, but it generally needs charging approximately every five days. I usually plug it in at night time, and it is all nicely fully charged by morning and ready to use again.

              *****SO WHAT DO I LIKE ABOUT IT*****
              I had never been overly keen on trying an electric toothbrush but, once I had bought this, I could never go back to a manual one. With the brush head being quite small, it certainly reaches right to the back of the mouth and you can access all those little places you couldn't with a manual one.
              I also like the fact that you don't really have to do much to clean your teeth. The days of brushing up and down have gone as, with this toothbrush, you just rest it against your teeth and the brush does all the work. I like that!

              *****AND ANYTHING WHICH I DON'T LIKE?*****
              I have no complaints about the toothbrush itself, but some people may find the replacement heads a little expensive.

              *****AND FINALLY, WOULD I RECOMMEND IT?*****
              Yes I would. This is an extremely good toothbrush, which does not require fancy bells and whistles to make it tooth-worthy!

              Thanks for reading.

              (also on Ciao: matthewsmum)


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                22.05.2008 20:16
                Very helpful



                A big improvement on using a manual brush

                I have had an electric toothbrush for over five years and would find the experience of brushing my teeth without it to be totally horrifying.It is one of those everyday items that you never give a second thought about untill it breaks or you are left having to brush your teeth with one of those pesky manual brushes which i feel leaves me with the feeling that my teeth are just not clean enough(and scared to smile in fear of turning people to stone or paralysing them with the dreaded death breath).
                Over the years i have tried several different brands and both battery and rechargeable models and have found from experience that i prefer the braun range of electric toothbrushes.I will give an overview of my experience and a breakdown of the features to help assist you in making an informed decision.As with all things in life everyone has their own view and opinion and if everyone liked the same things what a dull place the world would be,so even though its my brand of choice a step into the electric toothbrush market is a step up from the ineffective manual variety.

                The product-
                The Braun Oral B 5000 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that has both an oscillating and pulsating action,a timer mechanism and rechargeable base for recharging from a suitable Two pin shaver point sited in the majority of bathrooms throughout the land.You will also get one brush head included so you can get up and running from initial purchase.

                What do you get in the Box?
                Well as we detailed above you get the toothbrush itself which is a nice clinical white with a grey area which is where the on/off switch is sited.The unit is sealed making the unit totally waterproof(and safe to use in the bathroom envoronment).On the top is a metal part and this is where you put the included toothbrush head which just clicks in place(You are supplied with one head but you can easily buy spare or extra heads from major retailers).You also recieve a charging base which you sit the hand unit onto for charging,it should be noted that the plug is a two pin variety like that found on electric shavers so if you dont have a shaver socket you will need to buy an adapter to allow you to charge from a normal plug socket(outside of the bathroom for safety reasons)

                Initial setup
                On taking the product out of the box you will need to slot the head onto the hand unit and place it on the charging base to begin the charging process which should take about 16 hours to complete fully(you can however use the unit after an hour or two if needed but it is advisable to allow it to get a full charge before first use).The unit has a green LED near the base of the handset that will light up to show you the unit is powered and charging.Then when charging is complete you are ready to go.

                A bit of Tech info
                You will see above that i mentioned both oscillating and pulsating,you will find that some of the entry level models are cheaper in price because they only oscillate and NOT pulsate meaning they may not perform as well at cleaning as the next model up.

                Oscillating-This is the movement of the toothbrush head in a circular mannner backwards and forwards(it should be noted the head does not spin round fully but works in a circular motion)this feature is found on all models.
                Pulsating.This is the vibration of the stem of the toothbush head that allows the bristle to get deeper between the teeth to help remove plaque in hard to reach areas giving better overall cleaning performance(this feature is not on some of the entry level models but is well worth the extra price i think)

                On first use it will feel strange as the unit is a bit larger than a manual brush but you will quickly adjust.I found that on the first few uses i had slight bleeding from my gums on checking with my dentist i was told this was normal and should stop after a week or so(please note dont appy to much pressure when brushing as this can cause damage to your gums and cause bleeding).Even after the first use i found my teeth felt much cleaner and after a week or so they even looked cleaner with some of the stains i had from excessive coffee gone.This particular model has a built in timer which is excellent at making sure you brush you teeth for long enough,The timer works by quickly stopping the starting the motor twice to let you know you have reached the timed limit(you can brush beyond the timer limit if you feel the need too).
                The heads

                As with most modern devices you will need to periodically replace the toothbrush heads as they wear out and become less effective at cleaning your teeth.I find that replacing your heads about every six months to be sufficent.You can buy replacement heads in 2,4,8 pack varietys which start at about £7 for the 2 packs and you can purchase them at most supermarkets and chemists(i prefer to use Boots they have then on offer all time)You can have more than one person sharing the same handunit but they will each need there own toothbrush head for hygiene reasons you can identify each persons toothbrush head by small different coloured rings which slot on the bottom of the heads ie Mine is red and my daughters yellow.The heads are made by Oral B (Braun own them)who are dental experts in both the electric and manual toothbrush market so you can trust the quality of the product
                The price-

                These units are always on offer and you can get cheaper models with less features but you should expect to pay at least £25 for this model,so shop around for the best deals.

                Overall a fantastic product that performs to a high standard is easy to use,reliable and something i couldn't live without.If i was to give it a mark out of ten then this product would get a definate 10.If you don't yet have one then take the plunge and get a Braun,Thankyou for reading and i hope you found my review helpful and informative.
                Online information can be found at -


                This review is listed on ciao under the user name phensh


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                  29.01.2008 23:22
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  This is an effective toothbrush without paying a ridiculous price.

                  A while ago, I had to have my first filling in my back right tooth on my lower jaw. It wasn't pleasant, and just the thought of having this artificial mix in my tooth was quite scary, despite so many people having fillings even by young teen ages. I decided that it was time to get a really good toothbrush that did the job well - an electric one. I browsed several shops, and one that kept catching my eye was this Braun Oral B rechargeable toothbrush. It looked good to me with a price tag of just £32.99, so I went ahead with it in the end and purchased it, because it is a very effective toothbrush that does a good job.

                  It looks pretty sleek and modern. It comes with a charger and this is on a big base. Mine came with an extra head for the toothbrush for when mine got destroyed, which was handy. The heads are circular and when they are new, they are precise and fit into the smallest gaps to do a professional job on your teeth. The toothbrush and charger is all white apart from parts on the toothbrush that are a light shade of blue. Two buttons are on the front - one to switch it on, the other to switch it off. The toothbrush has a very useful 2 minute timer on it, which after 2 minutes will slow down and pulse on and off a few times to notify you that the 2 minutes is up. This is because the recommended time for brushing your teeth is two minutes to give them a good clean. For extra information, it is also recommended by dentists that you brush your teeth two times a day, once in the morning and more importantly once in the evening, or your teeth will literally rot overnight. They are both as important as each other really, but over night your teeth can decay if you haven't brushed them. Some dentists even say that 3 brushes a day is satisfactory as plaque can build up after all meals. Your teeth are the most important part of your body in a sense. They provide the ability to chew and eat. Perhaps more worrying are the price tags for operations such as fitting crowns on teeth due to decay. That's why dentists earn a lot of money. It is very important that you take good care of your teeth, and I assure you that this is very possible with this toothbrush if you clean them well.

                  The best way to use this toothbrush is to slowly glide over each tooth all over one at a time. This way, you ensure that all your teeth are cleaned thoroughly. Always make sure that you clean your gums as well, by directing the toothbrush towards the gums whilst cleaning the bottom of the teeth. Don't press too hard with the toothbrush as it will ruin the head very quickly, and they aren't the cheapest things to buy. The average toothbrush head for this model should really last you around 3 months, which is good going, or even longer. Once you have brushed your teeth, gargle in your mouth for 10 seconds and rinse your mouth. It is best to use mouth wash AFTER brushing your teeth to retain fresh breath and give your teeth that finishing shine as I like to call it (not literally).

                  The power goes on for a while, but I tend to charge mine every night to keep it fully charged up, which gives it more energy when you are cleaning your teeth, so that you get a better clean. It is easy to charge - you simply plug in the charger, stick the toothbrush on the holder and let it charge. It doesn't take long, but doing it over night ensures a full charge. That's not really the best thing to do though, because it wastes electricity.

                  For around £32.99, I would say this is a high quality and well-worth it toothbrush that does a brilliant job and keeps your teeth pearly white with healthy gums! Obviously, don't forget to use toothpaste when brushing, and try and find a good one of them too. I would recommend any of the Colgate toothpastes.

                  Thanks for reading,

                  - Recon -


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                    08.09.2006 12:10


                    • Reliability


                    Despite expert opinion on electric toothbrushes, this one rules. It more than does the job required and my teeth look and feel better as a result.


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                    29.04.2006 01:12
                    Very helpful


                    • Reliability


                    Simple, effective, dentist clean without a dentist!

                    Being someone who is petrified of dentists I will do almost anything to avoid going - or to make the trip as painless as possible. So, last time I was frogmarched there I decided to ask the dentist what I could do to make future visits a less scary prospect for myself. The simple answer get a good electric toothbrush! The recommended product was the Oral B (Braun) 5000 professional care brush. (Braun manufacturers Oral B)

                    I have a slightly smaller jaw than average for my age and gender so brushing at the back has always been an issue, and I have paid for it with fillings ;o( It's not that I don't brush my teeth I do, I see the hygienist but… you never get that "Dentist scale and polish feeling" at home until now.

                    I have been converted by the Oral B PC 5000, never have my teeth felt sooooo clean! It is so good that I have recommended it to anyone who cares to listen! (I think they are getting bored of it now…)

                    Ok so down to the brush…

                    It is a very simple yet ergonomically suitable design. The 2 pin plug flex runs from the back of the charging unit and can be plugged into a shaver socket. The lead is long enough that the brush can sit on the sink and the plug comfortably reaches the light/shaver socket above. The brush then fits onto a finger shaped socket at the front of the unit for storage or charging.

                    I normally charge my unit once a week overnight - you can tell when it is running low on charge as the brush doesn't rotate quite as fast. The charge will last for over 10 days I just prefer to keep mine topped up. When the unit is being charged a little orange light appears which is handy in case you forget you have plugged it in!

                    ***Brush heads***
                    The brush heads again are a clever design with bristles that indicate when it is time to change them. The coloured bristles begin to fade when their time is up - simply click off the old head and replace with a new one. The brush heads also have coloured bands around their base, so if the main unit is being used by more than one family member you can have colour coded heads.

                    There is a new brush head that has recently been released that in conjunction with a special whitening toothpaste allows you to whiten and polish your teeth. I got the brush head free with my last replacement set but not the polish… which is a tad expensive.

                    ***Using the brush***
                    Again simplicity!

                    Before you fist use the brush an overnight charge is recommended. After this you just need top-ups (as above.) Remove the brush from the holder, add a pea sized lump of toothpaste rinse under the tap and you are off.

                    I would recommend having the brush against your teeth before turning on, otherwise with the revolution speed the toothpaste has a habit of going flying.

                    As I was instructed by my dentist/hygienist I brush one tooth at a time, pointing the brush slightly towards the gums. This type of electric toothbrush is not meant to be used in the same way as a manual one - if you do you won't get the best performance.

                    The brush has an inbuilt pressure sensor which reduces the in-out pulsation if you push the brush too firmly against your teeth/gums. After 2 minutes of brushing the brush head will turn very slowly to let you know your 2 minutes are up and you should have finished brushing by now… sometimes I have and sometimes I haven't!

                    Don't be surprised if the first few times you use this brush your gums bleed… they will… they are not used to being brushed. This will reduce over time and is helping to reduce and prevent gingivitis (gum disease.)

                    Once brushing is complete rinse the brush, with it turned on and then off and return to the stand. Voila! Brushing complete…

                    I can't recommend this brush highly enough…
                    My teeth feel cleaner and are whiter than before - I am confident with my smile and talking to people up close. My gums no longer bleed when brushing and my dentist has told me that the improvement is amazing… almost to the point of reducing my dental insurance premium (if it weren't for the fillings!)…. And all from a toothbrush!

                    Unique 3D pulsating (20,000 per minute) and oscillating (7,600 per minute) brushing action
                    Built-in Pressure Sensor
                    Stop'n'Go Timer
                    Rechargeable - via shaver 2 pin socket
                    A fully charged handle lasts 12 days between charges
                    Anti-slip grip
                    Water-resistant handle
                    Flexi-soft bristles - bristles soften and bend on contact with water
                    Bristles fade halfway when its time to replace
                    Includes one brush head

                    Guarantee: 2 years. 1 year option to return to Braun if not satisfied

                    ***Manufacturer's claims***
                    Clinically Proven Benefits:
                    Removes significantly more plaque than a manual toothbrush
                    Gently removes stains and plaque build up to naturally whiten teeth
                    Improves health of gums by reversing gum disease
                    Helps prevent gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss
                    Gentle for teeth and gums


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                      28.10.2005 20:23
                      Very helpful


                      • Reliability


                      a recommendable elecric toothbrush

                      I have my second electric toothbrush now, an Oral-B one just like the first. I can’t tell you how long an electric toothbrush lives, one day mine fell to the floor and landed on the metal pin onto which the brushhead must be stuck. I couldn’t see any damage but the brushhead wouldn’t fit properly on it any more and thus the toothbrush’s end had come.

                      ***Why an electric toothbrush at all?***

                      I have a confession to make: for me the toy factor is important, I like this gadget. I’m old-fashioned and don’t have gadgets in my household calling/cutting/boiling/grinding when a button is pressed so I concentrate my childish feelings on my toothbrush. I don’t think, though, that people using electric toothbrushes have healthier teeth per se, they must use them properly. Someone using a manual toothbrush regularly and conscientiously may have better results in the end (if brushing isn’t followed by flossing even an electric toothbrush doesn’t help much according to my dentist). I find it interesting that the performance of the toothbrush in question here is compared with the one of a manual toothbrush, “Green . . . bristles bend slightly when they interact with water to provide a brushing action that’s as gentle as *’as a soft manual toothbrush’*. Ha!

                      ***Why an Oral-B toothbrush?***

                      The advertising slogan in Germany is ‘Recommended by Dentists’, not a lie like so many other advertising slogans, my dentist did recommend it indeed. Oral-B is still sold under the name Braun (a German firm founded in 1921 and famous world-wide for its excellent industrial design) although the Gillette company acquired a majority holding of the firm in 1967. It was in 1963 that Braun developed the first electric toothbrush and in 1991 Braun launched the world’s first electric toothbrush with a round cup-shaped brush head and innovative oscillating movement. This innovation has become the most successful electric toothbrush worldwide and one of the core product categories in the Gillette portfolio and the leader in the 4.5-billion $ toothbrush category. Wow!

                      There you have it, I’m in good company.

                      On their website Oral-B claim that over 60 clinical studies prove the superior performance of their oscillating-rotating technology, I can only believe them, who could prove them wrong? Maybe their competitors, but not a simple user like me. I am impressed by what they tell me, can you imagine a three-dimensional brushing performance, the combination of two distinct brushing motions, pulsations and oscillations? I knew you couldn’t, neither can I. 20 000 in-and-out pulsating movements per minute reach deep to loosen the plaque, while 7600 side-to-side movements per minute whisk it away. My tongue tells me that it works, the surface of my teeth feels smooth.

                      The text on the package tells the consumer in five languages that the toothbrush inside also improves gum health and naturally whitens teeth. At the beginning the gums not used to an electric toothbrush may bleed a bit, this stops after some days meaning that the gums have hardened, which is a good thing, of course. An extra service: the colour of the bristles fades reminding the consumer to replace the brushhead. I love the sentence: ‘A new brushhead removes more plaque than one three months old’. Who’d have thought that?!

                      ***Oral-B Professional Care 5000***

                      The shop-assistant offered me this model when I told her that I had to replace my old one. She said that Oral-B Professional Care 5000 was slightly more expensive but also more advanced technology- wise, my old toothbrush was only two-dimensional (bah!) and didn’t have a timer. I decided to splash out in order to be tops in the field of tooth brushing and bought it.

                      The white body of the toothbrush with two blue stripes on neither side lies well in my hand, the on/off switch can be found easily even without looking and in the dark as it is embedded in a blue rubber strip, due to the rubber there’s also no danger of the toothbrush slipping out of my hand when wet. White and blue – the colours with which we associate hygiene and health.

                      The brushing itself was OK (three-dimensional, woohoo!) but I noticed something odd, sometimes the toothbrush would stutter a bit and then stop and sometimes it went smoothly. Back I went to the department store where I had bought it, the toothbrush has a guarantee of two years. After only five days I had it back, a super service if you ask me. I wonder if the Braun/Gillette people are as efficient in, say, Bahrain, Gouadeloupe or Lithuania to mention only three of the 85 countries where they have Guarantee and Service Centres? This is not a racist remark, I’m just curious, of course they have to be efficient in the product’s country of origin, I can’t applaud them for that.

                      Had the damage been repaired? Well, no, I experienced the same occasional stuttering and stopping. Back to the shop; just when the shop-assistant, an elderly woman, was writing down my complaint, a young male shop-assistant passed by, heard me and cried, “But that’s the timer! You’ve got a toothbrush with a timer!” Indeed I had, I had all forgotten about it and never thought about what it would be like, how it would remind me of the two minutes dentists seem appropriate for a thorough cleaning. The female shop-assistant mumbled, “I wouldn’t know, I’m usually with towels” and gave me back my toothbrush which had been serviced for nothing. I wasn’t embarrassed, I found the situation hilarious!

                      So my toothbrush is as well and sound as can be, it cleans my teeth perfectly. It serves me well at home and could also go on short trips with me as the fully charged handle lasts seven days between charges. When at home I always leave it on its stand, i.e., I don’t let it become empty and then recharge.

                      And yet: I can’t get used to the darned timer. Of course, this stuttering and stopping indicates to everybody that the two minutes are over, even the deaf and the blind can notice it, however, I’d prefer the timer to be additional, the blind could get an extra thingy that would bleep, the deaf could get an lighting signal, the seeing and hearing part of the population could just learn to brush their teeth for two minutes by doing it for a week or two watching the clock. Just my thoughts. Five stars nevertheless, I can’t subtract one for my personal problems. :-)

                      Btw, the leaflet accompanying the toothbrush gives instructions for use in ten languages and is marvellous reading matter for anyone interested in comparative linguistics, offers really useful information and is also funny. Example: ‘The toothbrush can be used with any leading brand of toothpaste’. I read it all through for this review (I should have done so at once, the stuttering timer is explained in detail).

                      ***Where to buy?***

                      Tesco and Boots offer Oral-B Professional Care 5000 online for 29.99 GBP (8 brushheads for replacement cost 24.99 GBP). I also paid 29.99, Euro, though, which means 20.73 GBP. Quite a difference! Why not take back from your next holidays in Germany a sensible souvenir instead of silly beer steins or a cuckoo clock?


                      ***NO COMMENTS, NO FUN!***

                      British dooyoo is becoming more and more like the German site where one doesn't leave comments (. . . not any more, it was different in the beginning); the result is that there's no community life to speak of, the site is seemingly dead. Do you want that to happen here, too?


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