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Oral-B Trizone 5000 Toothbrush

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2014 18:06
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      Electric toothbrush with 6 modes for an all round clean

      The Braun Oral-B Trizone 5000 Six Mode toothbrush to me has a few novelty features which really didn't need to be included however having tried a variety of different electric toothbrushes it is one I buy replacement heads for.

      My toothbrush is the Limited Edition in a sleek black and silver design (quite manly) with blue charging light and red pressure sensor. If several family members are using the same handle the brush heads can be distinguished by the coloured ring supplied with the heads. It comes with a travel charger and includes an attachment which slips onto the charger to hold any extra brush heads in a covered compartment but as this takes 4 heads it can make the kit bulky so not something I use. There's also a wireless SmartGuide which can be wall-mounted (more on that a bit later). There are three heads provided - 2 x TriZone brush heads and a PowerTip for hard to reach areas. These have the indicator bristles so you have a good idea of when they need replacing. One thing I find this toothbrush is missing is a travel case. I was hoping it would fit in one of my old cases but the handle is a little longer and much bulkier than the previous Oral-B / Philips ones I've had.

      Compared to the Professional Care 600 (also by Oral-B) I prefer that the TriZone 5000 has a much larger head. I was a bit worried that to begin with the head would be far too big and by manually moving the brush tip (which moves separately to the rest of the brush) felt it would probably push on my gums too much but this isn't the case and I think some of the features of the toothbrush help against this. The pressure sensor has been a big plus for me and when initially using the toothbrush found it would light up quite often but after continued use this doesn't happen as often. Although I do have a mirror in front of me the vibration will change too (to Sensitive mode) if pressing too hard as you can't always see the red light while brushing as it's on the back of the handle.

      The six modes of the toothbrush are Daily Clean (2 mins), Deep Clean (3 mins), Sensitive, Whitening, Massage (for gums) and tongue cleaning. The Daily and Deep Clean modes have a constant vibration whereas the others come in more of a wave. The main problem is that unless you're using the wireless SmartGuide you can't be sure which mode the toothbrush is on until you've got used to the various vibrations and go through each one until you find the one you want. A good point however is that if you do need to switch the brush off it will remember the time and not start from the beginning when switched back on again.

      I can see why the SmartGuide is a good idea - it tells you when your two minutes is up (however so does the toothbrush by various vibrations for each quarter), it will give you an unhappy face if you're pressing too hard (however you know that by the red light), it fills in each quadrant so you know to move onto the next area and it will tell you with the various icons which mode the toothbrush is on (but you learn these after a while). This has meant that the SmartGuide quickly became redundant for me and I don't actually know where mine is now. I'm quite glad it's not required as that's saved having to buy replacement batteries for it. There are various counters on the SmartGuide for 2 minutes and professional and count up/count down for 30 to 45 second quadrants but again with the toothbrush itself indicating these out they are a bit of a novelty to have. The toothbrush is suitable for kids age 3-14 so this feature is more something for them.

      The tongue cleaner is a good idea but I wouldn't want to use the same brush head as I'm using for my teeth. My previous electric toothbrush was the Philips Sonicare with a UV light to kill bacteria so I'm slightly missing that feature with this toothbrush. It says you can use it with or without toothpaste but my tongue can get quite tingly depending on which toothpaste I'm using. It also follows the 30 second quadrant where it's only recommended to brush the tongue for 20 seconds and they suggest using a sensitive brush head but this has to be bought separately.

      One of the things I don't like with Oral-B toothbrushes is the length of time they take to charge. This one takes about 24 hours to fully charge where I'm not happy to leave it charging overnight. It's not just for safety but considering it only lasts about 10 days fully charged means it regularly needs charged which all adds up on the electricity bill. This is better than the Professional Care 600 though (which only lasted 7 days) but the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum lasts 3 weeks with the same charge. However there's really no comparison with a manual brush - the TriZone leaves my mouth feeling far cleaner.

      The Trizone 5000 Six Mode is currently available for £99.99 with 4 replacement heads about £12. One of the good things about this handle is it will work with older Oral-B heads including FlossAction, Sensitive, Precision Clean, 3D White, PowerTip as well as the TriZone brush heads so you're not restricted if you find the TriZone head is too big. There are some negatives to this one but I'd still give it 4 stars.


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    • Product Details

      Boasting a triple zone cleaning action the Oral-B TZ500 Toothbrush will remove 100% more plaque than a manual brush. With 8 800 rotations and 40 000 pulsations per minute it boasts a separate SmartGuide which tells you where to brush for how long and also alerts you when you're brushing too hard. Featuring an ergonomic handle for comfortable use the rechargeable brush also boasts an in-built professional timer Indicator® Bristles to let you know when it's time to replace the head and five customised brushing modes. - L.M. Features: Oral-B TZ500 Toothbrush Removes 100% more plaque than a manual brush 8 800 rotations and 40 000 pulsations per minute Wireless SmartGuide 2 minute timer with 30 second intervals Triple zone cleaning technology 5 cleaning modes: daily clean sensitive whitening massage and deep clean Ergonomic handle Rechargeable Charge level display Pressure sensor Indicator® Bristles Long-lasting battery Contains: 1 x rechargeable handle 1 x Oral-B TriZone brush head 1 x portable SmartPlug charger 1 x travel case 1 x charging station with brush head storage

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