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Colgate C600 Pro Clinical

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2013 10:43



      Love it!

      After some very painful and expensive visits to my dentist, he recommended that I get an electric toothbrush to help keep my teeth clean. As I suffer from sensitive teeth I was a little worried about having something vibrating in my mouth incase it caused me any pain, but as my dentist recommended it I thought I's better give it a go.

      After spending a while browsing my Argos book I decided to go for the Colgate brush with the main reasons being that they are a well known brand - and it was less than £100.

      The toothbrush came all boxed with with the instruction manual and a european plug. Exactly what I was hoping for due to the two pin shaving plug in my bathroom. I put the toothbrush on charge for the recommended 16 hours (overnight) and the next day I gave it a go..

      After clipping the brush head onto the main body I began to test the different settings and actions. This brush has three different modes.. up and down, side to side and has a slow speed side to side mode which was great for me with my sensitive teeth.

      I have no issues at all with this brush, it has really helped me keep my teeth clean, causes me no pain at all and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new toothbrush.


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      06.12.2012 16:03
      Very helpful
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      all in all I would recommend this product gentle on gums cleaner teeth with little effort

      I'm a bzz agent and was recently chosen to take part in a campaign for Colgate , Basically I signed up , what I got was the option to test this product for free , I waited for the bzz kit to arrive ...A week later My husband answered the door and I received my Colgate pro clinical C600 , I excitedly ripped the box open and shared my first impressions of this electric toothbrush with him .

      I had a few small niggling negatives to get out of the way before I start to use it .

      Firstly opening up the packaging and seeing that the charging unit cable has a european plug on it ! not a great start ( luckily I have an adaptor )so I was able to put it on charge straight away I don't know about anyone else but my home doesn't have a two pin shaving plug in the bathroom , maybe this is something Colgate will be able to improve on .

      The charging time required for the C600 is to my mind a little excessive 16 hours twice a week ! I don't even charge my smartphone that often or for that amount of time ...

      As a good bzz agent it is important for me to list the negatives as well as the positives .

      There was enough of a charge in the toothbrush for me to see exactly how the different actions work . Clipping the brush head into the top of the unit was simple just push and click , on the handle there is a button with three modes which showed that not only does this brush go up and down , it goes from side to side and has a special low speed side to side action which is gentle on the gums , using the mode button I was able to see that it is possible to switch from one mode to another whilst brushing .

      the little carry case that comes with the unit is a brilliant extra , electric toothbrushes aren't exactly the easiest of items to pack into luggage or an overnight bag , with this case as long as you make sure the toothbrush is fully charged you won't have any bulky charging units to carry as well .

      Down to the Brushing ....

      After giving the toothbrush its full 16 hour charge ( yes that's right 16 hours !! Still can't believe it ) I used it for the first time the following morning .

      For me I was expecting it to be pretty much the same as any other electric toothbrush , its simple to switch on , just the press of a button .

      The difference is you are able to control the speed of the brush when cleaning the sensitive areas of the mouth , most electric brushes continue at a high speed which can cause gums to bleed ..but this nifty little number slows the action down , while still delivering a hygienic clean to the bottom of teeth around the gum line . Not a spot of blood in sight . After a good three minute brush my teeth felt as clean as they do after a visit to the hygienist .

      Using this brush will no doubt make a difference to my oral health , after just one use I could feel the difference compared to using a manual brush .

      Another small negative point to make , this is extremely streamlined for an electric toothbrush the handle isn't much wider than a traditional manual brush which could have some disadvantages too .

      I suffer from dexterity and mobility issues in my hands making my grip poor at best , this toothbrush is so slim I had problems gripping and holding it comfortably . If you have grip problems this could be a problem ,

      Value for money ...

      As I stated at the beginning of my review I received this product free to trial however it is available to buy at Boots and Tesco as well as on the Colgate website usually retailing between £95 - £ 98 .... for a limited time if you buy via the Colgate site you can get a 30% discount if you use the code ' BZZAGENT2012 '

      Despite my little niggles this is definitely a product that I would recommend .


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