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Colgate C600 Pro Clinical

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    3 Reviews
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      19.05.2013 10:43



      Love it!

      After some very painful and expensive visits to my dentist, he recommended that I get an electric toothbrush to help keep my teeth clean. As I suffer from sensitive teeth I was a little worried about having something vibrating in my mouth incase it caused me any pain, but as my dentist recommended it I thought I's better give it a go.

      After spending a while browsing my Argos book I decided to go for the Colgate brush with the main reasons being that they are a well known brand - and it was less than £100.

      The toothbrush came all boxed with with the instruction manual and a european plug. Exactly what I was hoping for due to the two pin shaving plug in my bathroom. I put the toothbrush on charge for the recommended 16 hours (overnight) and the next day I gave it a go..

      After clipping the brush head onto the main body I began to test the different settings and actions. This brush has three different modes.. up and down, side to side and has a slow speed side to side mode which was great for me with my sensitive teeth.

      I have no issues at all with this brush, it has really helped me keep my teeth clean, causes me no pain at all and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new toothbrush.


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      29.12.2012 16:14
      Very helpful



      A highly effective electric toothbrush but with one technical flaw

      As a Bzz Agent I am frequently sent emails inviting me to participate in one of their challenges and in return I am expecting to provide feedback to Bzz and to talk to others about my experiences. I have taken part in a fair few challenges since joining Bzz with the most exciting being the newly launched Colgate ProClinical C600 electric toothbrush, which is powered by Omron. I duly accepted the invitation and eagerly awaited the product's arrival some week later and couldn't wait to get started. At that time, my experience with electric toothbrushes was somewhat limited and whilst my first husband and I owned one of the latest super duper versions, he took custody of it during our divorce, so for the past seven years I have been using a manual brush.

      What was in the box?

      The sturdy and well made plastic electric toothbrush was extremely well packaged in its bright red sturdy cardboard box and inside I discovered the charger with twin refill posts, one triple clean brush head, which offers spiral bristles that are claimed to assist in removing surface stains, inner bristles to remove plaque and tapered outer brushes for cleaning along the gum line together with a handle and a large plastic travel case. I must admit that I was a little surprised that only one brush head was contained within the box, as I had expected to receive at least two, so rather than grab the only head to use for myself, being the kind wife that I am, I visited Tesco to pick up a twin pack so that my husband could also join in the Bzz Challenge.

      According to the Bzz blurb that accompanied the toothbrush, this is the only toothbrush in the UK with smart sensors that will automatically adjust both the speed and direction of the brush strokes, which subsequently provides an improved clean of both the teeth and gums. Accompanying the toothbrush is a small six page instruction manual, which offers a combination of uncomplicated text and illustrations on how to set up the toothbrush.

      Using the toothbrush

      The toothbrush operates by way of a type C plug with a voltage of 220 - 240, but unfortunately, my husband and I do not have a shaving socket in our bathroom, so it was a case of plugging the charger into a shaving socket adaptor in a corner of one of our spare rooms. However, I would point out that the shaving socket adaptor is not included in the box. I was rather impatient when I first received the brush as I wanted to use it straight away and despite the unit being partially charged, I decided to await the allotted time of charging for 16 hours prior to use, which according to the accompanying information, will offer best results. It is recommended that the unit be charged for 16 hours twice a week and following my experience, I would agree with this timescale with two of us using the product. During the charging time a small red light will be displayed, so it's easy to ascertain when the brush is fully charged. The brush head is easily placed onto the handle by matching the grooves until it gently clicks into place.

      As I have been familiar with using manual toothbrushes for so long, my initial impressions of the appearance of the brush head were that it was very small and as a result, I came to the conclusion that it would not be effective enough at cleaning my teeth. The brush is operated by gently pressing down on the on/off switch, but don't do as I did and that was to turn it on before placing the brush head inside my mouth. As a result, I ended up with blobs of sticky white toothbrush spraying around the bathroom! The brush buzzes quite loudly when operation and its sound wouldn't be out of place at the rear of an Ann Summer's store! The brush offers a choice of three modes, which are operated from one small button with each offering a different light so that you are aware of which mode you have selected. The choices of modes are optimum, which is when the brush will pivot from side to side and up and down using the middle speed with the sensitive mode offering a lower speed whilst the brush moves widely from side to side. The final deep clean mode is my preferred choice, particularly as it reaches behind and between the teeth on a high speed and in an up and down motion.

      The initial difficulty was getting use to not applying any pressure when cleaning my teeth, as I'm one of those people that would feel the unnecessary need to press hard and as a result, I frequently pull back the gums and expose the most sensitive part of my teeth. My dentist has told me off about this no end of times, particularly as it causes me discomfort and pain. After a little practice I become use to simply holding the lightweight brush against my teeth and allowed it to do all the work as opposed to me doing anything. I like the fact that the built in time alerts every sixty seconds, which is when I need to move the brush to a different section of my mouth.

      However, a problem that both my husband and I frequently encounter is that the on/off switch, which is located in the area where the handle needs to be held when using, is very sensitive. As a result, we find that we accidently knock it when using and switch the unit off. This is an issue that Colgate needs to reconsider, as the sensitivity of the switch either needs to be reduced or the switch needs to be relocated to a more convenient area on the handle. On a positive note I like the fact that the modes can be easily changed whilst I am in the middle of cleaning my teeth, which is an extremely handy and time-consuming feature, as there's no need to remove the brush from the mouth each time you wish to change the cleaning mode. After two minutes the brush will stop completely; after which it should be rinsed and wiped over with a dry cloth to prevent any water getting clogged into the mechanics.

      When I first began using the toothbrush I found that the gentle vibrations would tickle my gums and whilst the sensation wasn't unpleasant, it felt a little strange. However, after only a few days the sensation vanished and I got the knack of using the brush properly and felt that it offered a far superior clean to that of my manual toothbrush. I have always been extremely fussy and careful with oral hygiene and at the age of 45 years I am proud to admit that I have only two fillings. However, as previously stated, my biggest problem was exposing sensitive areas of my teeth due to over brushing and fortunately, I have been able to overcome this issue, particularly as very little pressure is required when using the brush.

      As a consequence, sensitive teeth are now a thing of the past and I don't have to squirm when eating something cold. I find the toothbrush extremely effective at cleaning my teeth, as it enables me to easily access hard to reach areas and unlike a manual brush where I apply too much pressure, the head doesn't wear down too quickly. The toothbrush enables my teeth to feel as if I've just undergone a scale and polish with the hygienist and I wish I had taken the plunge years ago and replaced the one that my ex-husband pinched! It is recommended that the brush head been replaced every three months whereas I was replacing my manual brushes on a monthly basis.

      Colgate are so confident that consumers will like the toothbrush as they are offering a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed challenge where a refund is offered if you are not happy. Furthermore, the Colgate ProClinical C600 is provided with a 2 year warranty.

      Price and availability

      Whilst the Colgate website is selling this electric toothbrush for £97.49, at the time of writing it can be purchased from Boots for £49.99. I was horrified to discover the cost of the brush heads, which are available in packs of two or four with the four pack costing £18.99, but after looking on a few websites I discovered this to be average for most electric toothbrushes.

      If the handle didn't offer such a sensitive on/off button I would have awarded the brush a five star rating, but for that reason I have had to remove a star and I feel it should be provided with two brush heads as opposed to one.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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        06.12.2012 16:03
        Very helpful
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        all in all I would recommend this product gentle on gums cleaner teeth with little effort

        I'm a bzz agent and was recently chosen to take part in a campaign for Colgate , Basically I signed up , what I got was the option to test this product for free , I waited for the bzz kit to arrive ...A week later My husband answered the door and I received my Colgate pro clinical C600 , I excitedly ripped the box open and shared my first impressions of this electric toothbrush with him .

        I had a few small niggling negatives to get out of the way before I start to use it .

        Firstly opening up the packaging and seeing that the charging unit cable has a european plug on it ! not a great start ( luckily I have an adaptor )so I was able to put it on charge straight away I don't know about anyone else but my home doesn't have a two pin shaving plug in the bathroom , maybe this is something Colgate will be able to improve on .

        The charging time required for the C600 is to my mind a little excessive 16 hours twice a week ! I don't even charge my smartphone that often or for that amount of time ...

        As a good bzz agent it is important for me to list the negatives as well as the positives .

        There was enough of a charge in the toothbrush for me to see exactly how the different actions work . Clipping the brush head into the top of the unit was simple just push and click , on the handle there is a button with three modes which showed that not only does this brush go up and down , it goes from side to side and has a special low speed side to side action which is gentle on the gums , using the mode button I was able to see that it is possible to switch from one mode to another whilst brushing .

        the little carry case that comes with the unit is a brilliant extra , electric toothbrushes aren't exactly the easiest of items to pack into luggage or an overnight bag , with this case as long as you make sure the toothbrush is fully charged you won't have any bulky charging units to carry as well .

        Down to the Brushing ....

        After giving the toothbrush its full 16 hour charge ( yes that's right 16 hours !! Still can't believe it ) I used it for the first time the following morning .

        For me I was expecting it to be pretty much the same as any other electric toothbrush , its simple to switch on , just the press of a button .

        The difference is you are able to control the speed of the brush when cleaning the sensitive areas of the mouth , most electric brushes continue at a high speed which can cause gums to bleed ..but this nifty little number slows the action down , while still delivering a hygienic clean to the bottom of teeth around the gum line . Not a spot of blood in sight . After a good three minute brush my teeth felt as clean as they do after a visit to the hygienist .

        Using this brush will no doubt make a difference to my oral health , after just one use I could feel the difference compared to using a manual brush .

        Another small negative point to make , this is extremely streamlined for an electric toothbrush the handle isn't much wider than a traditional manual brush which could have some disadvantages too .

        I suffer from dexterity and mobility issues in my hands making my grip poor at best , this toothbrush is so slim I had problems gripping and holding it comfortably . If you have grip problems this could be a problem ,

        Value for money ...

        As I stated at the beginning of my review I received this product free to trial however it is available to buy at Boots and Tesco as well as on the Colgate website usually retailing between £95 - £ 98 .... for a limited time if you buy via the Colgate site you can get a 30% discount if you use the code ' BZZAGENT2012 '

        Despite my little niggles this is definitely a product that I would recommend .


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