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Disney Battery Powered Toothbrush

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2012 23:51
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      good electric toothbrush with minnie mouse on it!

      Between last year and this year, both my brother and sister had awful toothaches and it has made me vowed not to be the next one on the list! As a result I am trying to take care of my teeth a bit more and in turn I am hoping my daughter will follow suit, so to get her to enjoy brushing her teeth I thought a fun toothbrush would do the trick! I am forever in the Disney store buying her treats from time to time, and a few weeks ago, as it was on sale for £5 (reduced from £7) I got her this minnie mouse electric toothbrush. She had the exact same one but a princess/barbie/something girly brush before but when it was no longer useable we replaced it with this minnie mouse model.

      It comes packaged against cardboard but with clear covering, like the usual toothbrushes you would buy. The toothbrush itself is essentially quite big, with a really round base, then extends up into a skinny neck and a rather small brush head. This does allow it to be quite easy for my 3 year old to hold, and it is not too bulky, but it is obvious the batteries are inserted in the base, hence why it is so big in that area lol. The colour design is a vibrant pink but with dark blue and fuschia stripes and a picture of minnie mouse's on the front holding a suitcase and a picture of the Eiffel Tower in the back suggesting she is travelling to Paris lol. It's a really cute and girly design despite the blue on it, and it drew my attention on the rack instore immediately.

      The toothbrush itself, although electric is really basic and simple to use. There are 2 buttons which pretty much represent on and off. These are vertical in the middle of the toothbrush and there is a line which is the "on" button and a circle which is the "off" button. Pretty straightforward to use and my 3 year old can operate this without no help needed. She occasionally has to press the on button a bit more vigorously to get it to switch on as it can be temperamental and she's a bit gentle with it, but I can't fault it on this aspect.

      The toothbrush head is actually separated into 2 parts: 1 circular brush head, which when the toothbrush is turned on, this spins around really fast and acts as the electric moving head. The second section of the brush head remains stationary and does not vibrate at all. The bristles of the brush are all flat, and normally with toothbrushes they tend to curve so as to be able to reach around the shape of the tooth and brush more effectively so I was actually a bit disappointed that this brush does not have this feature.

      My daughter loves using this brush, and the best feature of it is that it has a 2 minute timer. So once you press the on button, the brush begins to vibrate and does so for exactly 2 minutes (yes we were sad enough to test it!). So this gives a good time frame so my daughter knows how long to keep brushing her teeth for and ensures she actually does them properly! I do think this brush is reasonably good at brushing her teeth, and whilst I don't even own one for myself, ideally I think electric toothbrushes are better than manual ones. We have been to the dentist and there have been no complaints so this brush must be doing something good!

      There are a few downsides to this brush. First of all it buzzes really loud. When I first brought it home for my daughter and she was using it in the bathroom, my partner thought she was playing with a vibrator in there! (As if! I mean, I only recently bought one and it was so rubbish I actually think this toothbrush would do a better job lol). The noise doesn't bother me in the slightest but I do hope it's supposed to be that loud and not a fault! Secondly, I have no idea what batteries this takes nor how to replace them. There is a teeny tiny screw at the bottom, which I am sure if unscrewed would open the base to allow a new battery to be inserted but it seems so fiddly it's hardly worth the bother. At £5 a pop when the battery ran out on the old model, we just threw it away and got this new one. I also don't know if my daughter chews her brush when I am not looking but after about 3/4 months the bristles looked tacky and frayed anyway so that was another reason we got rid. I guess £5 for an electric brush that lasts 3/4 months isn't too bad in any case, as apparently my friend told me we should change our toothbrushes every 4 weeks!

      Overall, this is a cute little toothbrush, and girly girls will really love it. The timer is ideal at monitoring little ones brush their teeth for the required amount of time, and minnie mouse is cute to look at. It is still currently on offer from Disney store for a fiver and at this price I can't complain so I'd definitely recommend it :) Just bear in mind it won't last ages, and unless you can be bothered to go to a watch battery replacement guy to put new batteries in this, its easier to just throw it away once it stops working and buy something else!


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