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Oral-B Triumph 4000

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      14.02.2013 00:34
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      You wouldn't think a toothbrush with an engine would be safe... but they are, and it works well too

      We all know that going to the dentist can be a frightening experience, and that's just the bill before any works done at all. If you're like me, when you go to the dentist and the bloke with the white cloth over his mouth is staring into your gaping mouth, your mind is wondering how much this is all going to cost and just what car this bloke, with the piece of metal poking at your teeth, probing for any defects so he can add more to the final bill, is driving these days.

      So, when it comes to taking care of my teeth I tend to do the best I can so that I don't have to face Dick 'perfect teeth' Turpin and his dentist chair. (I just wonder if he actually has got perfect teeth as I've never ever seen him without his mouth guard on...? It makes you wonder. I mean, would it be a good advertisement for a dentist if his mouth looked like it was full of burnt stalagmite and stalactites? I think not).

      Anyway, to help me keep my teeth as fresh as the day I bought them I tend to use something that is more than a tooth brush, it is in fact a toothbrush with an engine, and it is the engine inside it that makes brushing my teeth a lot less hassles that using a normal toothbrush.
      The toothbrush with an engine is actually an electric toothbrush that comes from a well known company that has a great reputation when it comes to teeth cleaning. That company being Tate and Lyles... no, that not them, they do sugar, the dentists best friend... this company I mean is called Braun, with this toothbrush with an engine being the Braun Oral-B Triumph 4000. (I had a triumph Acclaim car once, many years ago, and it looked nothing like this Triumph, although the power was probably about the same).

      * What does this Triumph look like then..?
      It was box shaped really, a bit boring to look at, with massive wing black wing mirrors sticking out of the silver metal body work. On the roof I had the sunroof, although this didn't open fully as something had wedged inside the rubber sliding part and I could not get it out, but it opened enough to let the heat out, sadly though it did not shut tight enough to keep the rain out in really bad weather....

      Hang on, wrong Triumph, it's the toothbrush you want to know about isn't it... right, back on track

      This Triumph toothbrush came in a nice little package, which contained more than just the brush. It also contained three heads, all different types and all having slightly different looking brush sections, which made for a complete dental procedure that would get your teeth looking as clean and fresh as they can ever be.
      There's also a charging cradle which allows the body of the toothbrush to sit on together with

      The toothbrush itself looks pretty simple and easy to understand, resembling a rather chunky toothbrush, although really, to me, it looks like something I'd be using to get a stubborn bolt into the wall. But it's not, it's actually a toothbrush.
      It has a chunky body where the battery and motor are housed, all well protected from the elements by being water tight, although I wouldn't drop it into the bath.
      As we look at the front there is the display which lies near the bottom. This display shows the few settings that you need, such as the battery levels and the mode you're in. (mode, not Mood, as this toothbrush can't tell what sort of mood you're in. just imagine that? A toothbrush that could tell what mood you're in? now there's a good idea, maybe using your saliva to detect you moods... I may have to work on that one)
      Anyway, modes not moods, show up on the display, although when I say display it's nothing special, it more a few symbols which light up when they are either selected, be those the feather logo for sensitive setting, the diamond for polishing or the two brushes for deep clean and daily clean. Which ever setting you chose the little logo will light up the brightest, although the others do shine slightly but that's due to the fact that there's a light behind them. But you'll easily know which one if lit up the most. Then there's the battery level which shows how much power there is left.

      Above this 'display' there is a button which has a downward facing arrow head on it. This is the mode selection button and, when pressed, selects the mode for your brush, Hence the mode selection button title, clever or what?.
      Right, so, above this arrow head, there is the on/off button which... yes, you've guessed it, triggers the nuclear war heads that are buried deep under ground on the out Welsh borders... no, it's not really so don't be rushing off to get one so that you can destroy Wales, they're not that bad really, the Welsh.
      The on /off button switches the toothbrush on and off.
      Then, higher than the on/off button, but on the other side of the unit, there is a lovely useful little light than glow red when things are happening, such as you're pressing to hard on your gums or that the timer has hit the 2 or 3 minute target.

      And that's it for the 'controls'.

      The only things left are the top section which, when naked, (the toothbrush not you), there is a piece of metal that looks quite dangerous as it is, but this is what slots into the brush heads and controls the brush strokes themselves, (Brushstrokes..? Wasn't that a TV program from the 80's or 90's..?)
      And finally we have the charger port which is right on the bottom of the unit and is designed so that you can sit this toothbrush upright in order for it to charge without it rolling about like a fat man in a chocolate filled swimming pool.

      * What about the three brush heads that come in this package are..?
      These heads are all for different tooth brushing regimes to make teeth cleaning a little easier. You get...

      1) Precision head. This one is dark blue and light blue bristles around the outside, surrounding white bristles in the centre.
      I use this one on a daily basis as it is designed to remove more plaque than a standard toothbrush and even the sensitive head that is designed for Oral B units.

      2) The floss head has blue, yellow, green and white bristles around the edge, with a few gaps, with the bristles surrounding a diamond section of six green clumps of bristles
      I use this one quite often, especially if I have more time to clean my teeth after using the precision head. This floss head seems to get even deeper in between the teeth were some food stuff and plaque tried to hang onto.

      3)The polish head has a three blue coloured selection of bristles going around the outside all surrounding a yellow soft rubber section.
      This one I use almost as often as I use the floss head. This one is designed to give the teeth a more polished look and feel, as if you have just been to the dentist and had a full clean out.

      There are other heads that can be bought separately, at an additional price of course, which give a varied range of teeth brushing experience. These heads are...

      * The sensitive head has dark blue bristles surrounding a brush looking lighter blue wad of bristles
      * TriZone head, which is more a normal shaped head with blue and white bristles in rows.
      * Pulsonic head, which again looks like a normal toothbrush with two shades of blue bristles surrounding an oval clump of white bristles.
      * Dual clean head which looks like two brushes stuck into one head. There is a circular bristle brush white blue and white bristles surrounding a green clump, which is all above a 'square' set of bristles which are the same colours. The oval set of bristles rotate whilst the lower 'square' bristles vibrate from side to side.

      But as I said, you do have buy these as they don't come with this product. Although if you did buy these then you know you can't store them in with this set as there is no room in the tray.

      The heads are all designed to fit onto the end of the main body in such a way so that they vibrate, pulsate and shake in the exact way they are supposed to.
      To change the heads you simply pull them off the end of the main body, revealing the metal 'shaker', then push on the head that you want to use next. There's no tools needed and absolutely no effort involved.

      * What settings does it have..?
      The actual unit has four different brushing modes which can be selected by pressing the on/off button, then pressing the mode button until you find the setting you want.

      1) Daily Clean... which says exactly what it does. It gives a thorough clean for every day use, leaving the mouth fresh and clean all day long. This has a 2 minute timer setting with the light on the rear and the change in tone letting you know that the time is up, although the brush still motors on if you want to brush more.
      2) Sensitive... for giving a thorough yet gentle clean across gums to ease any pains.
      3) Deep Clean... for a more thorough clean which can get a little rough on the gums, but nothing excessive, so don't worry about ripping your teeth from where they are supposed to be. This is were the 3 minute timer is implemented, with the light and motor change kicking in after three minutes.
      4) Polish or whitening... for, well, for polishing your teeth without using Mr Sheen and a duster. (NOTE: this mode is best used in combination with the Polish brush head)

      * Does it actually work..?
      Yes it certainly does. It manages to clean away the plaque and bits from your teeth with very little effort indeed. Sometimes, especially at the end of the day, when I swill my mouth out after using this brush I can see things in the sink that would give me nightmares if I didn't know where it came from.

      The heads rotate at 8800 times per minutes and pulsate at 40,000 times per minute... apparently, according to the leaflet. I have tried counting the rotations and pulsations but I end up feeling very dizzy and my eyes begin to hurt.
      The triple action pressure mode stops you from applying too much pressure on your gums, causing any unnecessary damage and blood loss. This system detects the exact pressure needed and changes 'torque' so to speak, when you press to hard, thus making brushing of your teeth less painful.
      There's also the visual and an audio warning to let you know that your creating too much pressure, these are in the form of a light on the little display, or, if you miss that, with your hand covering the display, or you're too drunk to notice, then a little change in the vibration sound as you brush away. The brush automatically stops the pulsating action, switching to sensitive mode, so that no excess pressure occurs.

      * And what about getting the power then..?
      This is done by charging the internal battery which is a matter of simply placing the unit upright onto the cradle, slotting the bottom port of the unit onto the little notch on the cradle. Then the battery will charge up, as long as you have flicked the switch on the plug socket in the wall.
      A quick charge, well, forty minutes, if that's considered quick, will give you 2 minute brushing time. However a full charge may take up to 12 hours, but this will give you a good weeks brushing time if you spend say 2 minutes, twice a day working on your dentures, between charges.
      If you don't want to go through the hassles of letting the battery run down then you can keep the charger plugged in and the toothbrush on charge at all times, except when your brushing your teeth of course as this could be a little awkward. But once the battery is charge fully it takes no more charge and will not become over charged so there's no need to worry about damaging the battery itself.

      The mains plug is a two pronged plug, which is designed for safety as bathroom fittings have 'that' type of plug socket in them, so you will have to buy a 3 pronged plug in order to use this in a normal socket... so there's another £1.50 you may need to find then.

      * What about cleaning..?
      The heads are all cleaned in the same way that you would clean a normal toothbrush. You just run them under a running tap during and after your teeth brushing moment of joy. Then, if you want to, which I do every day or so, you take the head off, turn it upside down, and run the water through the bottom end of the head in order to clean it from the inside.
      Simple as really.

      I think that the actual body itself is water tight but I have never cleaned it in a bowl of water just in case I'm wrong. To clean this I just give it a wipe over with a damp cloth, or even a surface wipe for more stubborn toothpaste mush, and this brings the body back to its lovely looking self again.

      One thing I will say is that you should NEVER, immerse the charger unit in water as this will lead to damage and possible death

      * My opinion...
      I have used Oral B product before and have been quite impressed with the results that they have all given, especially when used with a good quality toothpaste, so when it came to buying this one I jumped at the chance. And I'm glad I did as this one is as good as any other.
      This brush really has everything that a good brush needs without going over the top with lots of flashing lights and bits that pop out of somewhere that it really shouldn't pop out of.
      And, to make brushing less hassle but more effective, it has what they call '3D technology' which really means that it vibrates, pulsates and shakes, giving your teeth a brush from more than one direction, three in fact, sort of, which is a lot more than you get with a normal tooth brushing method.

      It is shaped very well indeed, being chunky enough to be able to hold firmly even with moist hands, whilst being slim enough so as not to be to bulky to manoeuvre. It weighs very little indeed and is a breeze to actually use, so when it comes to holding it for the right minutes needed to keep a good set of teeth in your mouth then there's no trouble at all.
      The power button is in the ideal place, being in easy reach of my thumb, so that I can switch it on and off with one hand. The indicator light is also in the right place so that you can see it clearly when your busy brushing away and the timer section comes to its limit.
      I do have to admit that at first the light did startle me a few times, even though I was expecting it, but it wasn't frightening enough for me to scream out. Well, not that load anyway, although it was more a girly screech according to my wife.
      But now I'm used to the light and there's no more 'manly' songs of muscleness....

      When first turning the unit on it starts in 'daily clean mode', then, when you press the mode button, depending on how many times you press it, depends on which mode you select.
      Then, to get back to the normal 'daily clean' mode you simply press and hold the mode button.
      The display shows which mode you're in so there should be no hassles in that region.

      The entire thing vibrates pretty gently in my hand, which is nice and doesn't leave me with pins and needles as some vibrating tools can do...Easy ladies, I'm not talking about those tools, I mean more like sanders or drills, so keep yourselves calm...

      There are many different brush heads which are all designed for different teeth pampering regimes and, if the heads I have used are anything to go by, they should do exactly what it says they do.
      I know of someone who uses the sensitive head and another person who actually has the dual clean head and they both feel very happy with the heads they use, which is nice.
      I always use the precision head on a twice daily routine, if not more, adding the other heads into my teeth cleaning regime when I have the time and patience to do so. But what ever happens I do tend to use all heads quite often so none have ever gone to waste.

      Initially I found the timer that this offers quite an interesting thing indeed. It made me realise that when I'm brushing my teeth time just seems to be irrelevant, sort of, as the two minutes on the timer seemed to take an eternity to get there, with the three minute timer making me feel like I was never going to get out of the bathroom.
      I always though that I spend an age in the bathroom working on my teeth but when I timed it I realised that timing in the bathroom really is a strange thing altogether.
      The two selection timer, a 2 minute for a daily brush, and a three minute for that deep clean brush, are a good idea, in principle, and do make you realise just how much time you may actually spend brushing your pearly whites. And it is a way to get the younger people to make the tedious task of tooth brushing a little more like a game

      The cradle, or charging unit, (call it what ever you want to call it, just don't call it on a Tuesday after 7pm as it won't be home), looks quite lovely really, but things aren't always as clear cut as they seem.
      On closer inspection the cradle is in fact a bog standard charging unit, a small white thing that the brushes base sits on. But they have slotted this standard base into a tray, making it look something special indeed.
      The tray itself is not too bad, having a few sections for four heads, then covers with a hinged lid, protecting them from the elements.

      One thing that did slightly annoy me was the fact that it came with the two prong mains cable, so be warned that you do have to get a special 'shaving' adaptor plug in order to charge this from a normal plug socket.

      * So, what does it cost to get your teeth looking brighter Richard Hammond's dentures without going through the hassles of having them whitened..?
      To keep you teeth clean and fresh it is going to cost you about £80 or so for this particular brush.
      This may sound a little on the pricey side but when you weigh up the pros and cons you'll soon realise that £80 is not that bad really as this brush, together with the heads you get with it and the charging cradle, should last you a fair few years indeed. Plus, they are going to keep your teeth nice, clean, plaque free and, at the end of the day, that will keep the Dentist bills down, which we all know can cost a small fortune when it comes to it. So £80 is a small amount at the end of the day.

      * Would I recommend this to you..?
      Yes. Without a doubt.
      It is by far a much better option than your normal toothbrush as this gets the job done a lot better and with a lot less hassle.
      It has a few little 'gadget' built in that help you produce the perfect brushing techniques so that the usual bother of keeping your teeth in their right place is a lot less of a chore

      © Blissman70 2013


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      Oral-B Triumph 4000 Toothbrush / Short name: Oral-B 4000

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