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Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2012 17:02
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      Ever since getting my first ever electric toothbrush, all be it at the age of 22, a couple of years ago I have never looked back. The only one downside with going electric is the simple fact that it is not cheap to keep on replacing worn out heads. That is why I realised some time ago that it is much cheaper, just as it is with razors, to actually buy a new toothbrush instead of a new head. Simple and cost effective! Therefore the latest toothbrush I have tried out is this Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary!

      Coming from Oral you know this is going to be a brand you can trust and there is no way they will let you down. They are the market leaders in this field and there is a reason for that....quality! The Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary matches up to every one of the companies high standards and ensures you get a bang for your buck!

      Costing around about £20-£30 depending where you shop this is about middle of the range for a toothbrush and heads for the Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary fall into the same idea. Its not cheap but then again you get what you pay for. If you want a cheap brush with little effect and no lifespan then go elsewhere but if you want quality for a brand name.

      The first thing you will notice about the Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary is how it feels in the hand. Its a nice comfortable weight but above all else it feels solid and feels steady. It feels like you can give your mouth a good scrub with it and it won't fall apart on you! Thats one good sign! The same goes for the head here which is tough and durable with good firm, but also giving, brushes and a good all round feel in the mouth. I brush quite hard and long and these have lasted me a long time giving testament to the fact that this is one awesome brush.

      The Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary also comes with three settings. Massage is a nice slow feel and I guess ideal for people with sensitive teeth, low gives a tender brush and high gives a nice feel. Overall if you include the fact this has a 2 minute timer you can basically set a brush to suit you. I tend to go high and for the full 2 minutes which gives my mouth a clean feel.

      Charge wise the Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary also performs well and for your basic overnight charge you will get great usage and it doesnt wear down fast. Sensible use including one major charge a week will sort you out here!

      All in all the Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary is fantastic value and has provided me with a high level of oral comfort and has given my mouth a good service. I would therefore strongly recommend the Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary to anyone in the market for a dependale brush


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      Oral Fresh Pro10 Rechargeable Rotary Electric Toothbrush

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