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Panasonic Dentacare EW1270 Oral Irrigator Water Jet

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2013 19:05
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      Effective water flosser

      My dentist recommended I use what he described as a water pick as an alternative to traditional flossing.
      I had no idea what a water pick was, so I had a look on Amazon and after looking at the reviews I decided to go with this Panasonic model.

      The Product
      It is about the size of an electric toothbrush . The bottom part contains a small water tank and the top a white thin plastic nozzle where the water comes out which you attach to the main body of the water pick.
      The water tank slides over the main body when not in use.
      It came boxed with batteries and is really simple and easy to put together. There are full instructions, but you simply insert batteries and attach the water nozzle to the motor.
      This is described as an ultra compact water flosser but I don't think it is that compact. Never having used one before though I don't have a comparison point.
      It comes with a 2 year guarantee.

      To use
      First extend the water pick so the water tank is fully visible and fill with warm ( not hot ) water.
      Place the nozzle inside your mouth and switch on. Run the jet over your teeth and gums , between the gaps and the front and back of your teeth. Try to keep the unit upright when using it as the water will stop pumping through.
      Switch off before removing from your mouth
      Pump out any remaining water left in the unit.

      My Experience
      This takes a little getting used to so here are my tips.
      1. Make sure the water is warm and brace yourself as the first jet always feels cold.
      2. Prepare to get wet and have cloths ready to mop up and clean the floor and mirror as I always manage to spray water everywhere
      3. Bend over the sink and keep your mouth slightly open but not too wide ( see 2) as you will spray water everywhere
      4. Always switch it on when it is in your mouth and switch off before removing. It sounds easy and sensible but I sometimes forget ( see 2)
      5. Make sure the nozzle is pointing at your teeth and gums ( see 2)

      Basically what this does is spray water out but I think the term jet is slightly misleading as it does not come out with real force ( thankfully) . We are not talking power hose more a garden hose, they quote 1600 pulses a minute. It is powerful enough for me as it does is really good job of getting all the bits of food and debris out of your teeth and you can actually see bits fall in the sink as you are doing this.
      I do this twice a day , usually after brushing my teeth and it leaves my teeth and gums feeling really clean. I find it much easier and quicker than traditional flossing albeit it is messier
      I find that I refill the tank a couple of times which takes a matter of seconds to do.

      What Do I Think
      I haven't used other models but I do find this a little unwieldy to use and it feels quite awkward at first as it is about ( inches long when extenbded. Plus it feels heavy with the water. I am used to it now ,but I still manage to spray water everywhere. I find it sprays when you move it across your teeth and so I try to keep my mouth closed when I do that but that makes me gag.
      I am very sensitive to hot and cold so I always find the first contact cold even though the water is warm and that makes me jump, but it is fine after that initial contact. The instructions say this may make your gums bleed, but I haven't had any issues. I would ask your dentist before using this though,
      I have been using mine for about 6 weeks now and haven't changed the batteries , but I do have a supply ready. A small issue is that it doesn't seem to have a warning that the batteries need replacing, but I guess that will be fairly obvious.
      I chose this model as there were quite a few comments about problems with rechargeable models not recharging and so far I am happy with my choice.
      It is quite noisy in operation, something I notice more if I do this late might or very early morning as does my husband.
      You can buy replacement heads, so I guess more than one person could use this.

      Would I Recommend
      Yes as it does the job and is much better than flossing in my opinion.
      As a novice in this field I dare say there are bigger and better versions which no doubt will be more expensive.
      I am very happy with my purchase and find it very effective. I have a bridge and want to keep it as long as I can, so this makes cleaning around that area more straightforward.

      The big drawback is that it is messy and no matter how hard I try I manage to wet my face hair and the surrounding area, so make this a job you do before getting dressed. That being said it is only water!
      Hopefully this will help keep my teeth and gums cleaner and healthier and less prone to infection.
      I am a bit obsessive about flossing as I have just had an infection that was VERY PAINFUL so I am using twice a day and probably doing it for longer than is necessary - so I would estimate I have done about 3 months flossing in 6 weeks and the batteries haven't needed changing.

      I bought mine from Amazon for around £45


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