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Proformula Adult Battery Brush

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Brand: Proformula

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2014 07:08
      Very helpful



      An affordable electric toothbrush

      I have never really taken that much care of my teeth. Up until around six months ago I would only brush them once a day (in the mornings) and use mouthwash, and I saw tooth-brushing and oral hygiene as a bit of a chore - chewing gum was my savior! That's until one day I noticed that my gums were bleeding and I knew that it was time to start taking better care of my teeth and gums.

      I have always used manual toothbrushes but thought that an electric toothbrush would be a bit of an novelty and funner to use so I decided to buy one. I didn't want to spend very much so I bought the cheapest that I could fine which was this one from Tesco. This cost me just £6 which is a quarter of the price of most other electric toothbrushes, some are really expensive but to be honest I don't know why someone would pay a lot of money for one when this cheap one is really good quality and leaves my teeth feeling sparkling clean.

      The toothbrush came packaged very basically, it just came in a plastic case type packaging which was easy to remove. The electric toothbrush came with one brush head on it which was already attached but you can buy brush heads for this toothbrush separately as well which I did so that I had spares. A pack of 2 brush head replacements cost me £2.99 which again is excellent value for money.

      The brush heads are easy to replace, in six months I've changed the head once which is very easy to do - just twist it to the right and it will loosen and can be pulled off, the brush heads are quite long with the bristly part at the top. The bristly part has got very firm bristles, they felt a little bit harsh against my teeth and gums at first but after a bit of use they do become less firm and as long as I keep the bristles clean by washing them after use they don't become matted or anything like that.

      I had to replace the brush head after around 4 months because it was starting to look slightly tatty as the ends of the bristles had sort of lost shape so the bristles looked bulked out and weren't leaving my teeth feeling quite as clean as they once were. The base of the brush is quite thick so it's easy to hold and control, there is a compartment at the bottom of it where the batteries go and to remove this you need to press the pink rubber button area above it then pull the plastic compartment part.

      There is a sticker still on mine which I haven't got round to removing which says to remove the plastic strip from inside the base cap before using the toothbrush which I did straight away. The toothbrush takes two Excel alkaline batteries and after six months of use (twice a day) I have so far only needed to replace them once. Without the batteries in, the toothbrush feels very light and flimsy but the batteries give it some weight and make it feel sturdier.

      There are two buttons above the button near the bottom of the toothbrush. The one that is nearer the top of the brush is the on button and the one below it is the off button. The toothbrush is easy to operate and it leaves my teeth feeling very clean. It is quite a strong electric toothbrush and it actually makes my jaw feel like it's vibrating, but it's thorough and cleans any plaque etc off my teeth.

      It feels lovely having such clean teeth and as soon as I eat something sugary I can feel them getting dirty again as they're so clean after using this. The toothbrush is loud, but bareable. It's just a vibrating kind of noise. I use the toothbrush for 1-2 minutes each time I brush my teeth and have felt a big improvement in how clean my teeth feel and there has not been any blood when I brush my teeth for several months now that I am cleaning them so thoroughly.

      All in all I recommend this toothbrush as it is easy to use, reliable, leaves my teeth and mouth feeling lovely and clean and it is also a complete and utter bargain.


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