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Waterpik WP100 Ultra Water Flosser

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2010 14:17
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      This is another item I have received from the Amazon vine programme. In a way it is a good thing as I would not have bought it after seeing the major problem with it when it arrived. The problem was not made clear on the Amazon vine write up but it is stated on the main section of the site. However, more about this later.

      Now I have to say no matter how important it is flossing drives me mad. I hate it almost as much as I hate Brussel sprouts. To add to the problems I'm not a big fan of those interdental brushes either. When this turned up in vine it looked like a possible answer to my problem. This would do it with water so no fiddly floss or tiny brushes to deal with.

      Now as I have said there is a major problem with this item and a couple of more minor ones which you need to read before you even think about buying this but to be fair to the item I will cover the good points first.

      The Good points:

      The waterpik is a fairly small and neat unit and the water tank is a good size holding about 600 ml of water which is enough for one use. The item comes with a selection of different tips to use. The standard one for general water flossing is the one people will use the most often but there is a toothbrush head and a tongue cleaner also included. For those with braces you will be happy to know there is a tip specifically designed to clean these.

      Setting up is simple just fill the tank with water fix the correct head into the handle and you're ready to go, well almost. Switch it on and water shoots out of the tip. Well that is supposed to happen - ah you didn't put the tip in your mouth first, you thought the 'pause button' was a start button. Well next time I must 'RTFM' (Read The Flipping Manuel'). More carefully. Ok so water mopped up, try again. Tip in mouth and switch on.

      Now the water does pulse fairly quickly to wash debris etc out from between your teeth which it does do quite well. The power of the water can be adjusted through 10 settings. I have found that 7 is good for me but others may find this a little too strong. This does work but you need to be over a sink with your mouth slightly open to allow the water out. Not the prettiest sight to see when you're half asleep in the morning. I tend to do about half of one set of teeth (top or bottom), hold the pause button down, and then spit all the water out in one go and then carry on.

      You can add 'additives' e.g. mouthwash to the water in the tank if you want to but you should wash the waterpik out after using it this way by allowing some water to go through the machine.. The tips are easy to fit and change and you can buy replacement tips from the waterpik website so each person can have their own set of tips.

      I do think this has cleared debris from between my teeth but I can't see how just water will remove plaque etc. Well there is a 'plaque seeking' head so this is used in the morning with the regular head in the evening.

      The Problems

      First the smaller ones:

      1) The tips have a life of about 3-6 months before you need to replace them, or should I say are advised to replace them. They can get a bit worn out just like a toothbrush can.

      2) The storage bit on the tank lid only has spaces for 4 tips, the machine comes with 6 different types of tip. Whilst they do all fit in the lid they are not as neatly held as they could be.

      3) The tip eject button is too easily depressed whilst you are using the waterpik this, unless you are quick with the pause button, waters you and the surrounding area.

      4) The tank does not have a very good valve seal and so you can not leave water in it as it will leak out of the machine. Although the manual does inform you this will happen and you are to empty the tank after each use.

      5) It has a pause button not a start button on the handle, get this wrong and water goes everywhere.

      Now for the big problem.

      This is the reason I have only give it two stars.

      Big drum roll and fanfare.....

      It can not be used in a bathroom in the UK.

      A water flosser you can't use in the bathroom? No I am not insane or thick as two short planks.

      This item is fitted with a standard 3-pin plug. No bathroom in the UK has a 3-pin socket in their bathroom as it contravenes all electrical safety regulations. The item also can not be fitted into an adapter and then put into a shaver socket either. Although the voltage may be right the shaver socket is a lower current and so the pump won't work on it. Extension cables are also not advised for this to use in the bathroom as the cable the appliance comes with is rather short so the extension will be very near the sink.

      I have contacted Waterpik about this and they started by telling me that they are aware it is inconvenient for UK customers and then after pressing for information on where they expected us to use it I was told we should use it in a utility room or the kitchen..

      Well I have been using it in the spare bedroom with a bowl for the used water to go into, mainly because I don't have a utility room and I really don't think the kitchen is the place for cleaning my teeth.

      It just appears to me that it is rather potty of a well respected company to come up with a bathroom appliance and then sell it in a country where it can't be used in a bathroom.

      This is the reason I have been quite harsh on the 'ease of use' bit


      Whilst this appliance does work to a good extent I feel that the fact it can not be used in a bathroom makes it a bit redundant and an item which could have come from the ministry of bad design. For this it might rank with some as highly as the waterproof tea bag or the one piece jig-saw puzzle.

      I have a shorter review of this product on the Amazon website under my real name M.J. Collins - although my user name there is the same as here.


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