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Dream Blaster Gun

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  • its boring by yourself
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    1 Review
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      15.08.2001 01:36
      Very helpful
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      • "its boring by yourself"

      When I go to the arcades the first machines I go to are either the racing ones or the light gun games, because these machines offer you an experience that can't be felt anywhere else. As the light gun games offer you the feeling of killing something, now I know as does any sane human being its not right to kill another living creature, but if theirs an axe wielding, two headed zombie coming straight at you you have no other choice but to blow its head into tiny pieces. So with your gun grasped in the palms of your two hands and the silly stance everyone stands, you can't not have fun even if you do stick seven quid into the machine and only make to the second level. So when offered that great gaming experience in the comfort of my own home I couldn't wait. The design of the gun is not actually that bad at all it looks like a space blaster, and is white and orange in color and has a slot above the handle for a rumble pack (I think the Mad Catz sell one of them as well), to give you an all-round killing sensation. To hold the gun is not comfortable, but also not uncomfortable, so it really depends on how your hands are feeling and it also has quite a long lead to connect it to your Dreamcast, so depending how your feeling you can give yourself a bigger challenge to play from a far or play nice and easy up close. The problem is actually the games, and your surroundings. To get the full effect of this gun you really need a 55inc TV (they do exist), some surround sound, complete darkness, another mate who also needs a gun (or else they will keep complaining that it is unfair that you have the gun) and more than one game that utilizes the gun. So far I have only seen two in the U.K market (House of the Dead, The and Confidential Mission) which really is not enough to be spending twenty five pound on a gun, plus both of these games have limited replay value so your gun will usually just sit there gathering dust. If you don’t
      have at least a couple of these things you will find that your money was wasted and you won’t use your gun very much. But if in someway you do manage to get all of these conditions right you might as well get a gun and enjoy the little life your Dreamcast has left.


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