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Microsoft Xbox 360 Faceplate Special Edition "Halo"

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2 Reviews

Microsoft Xbox 360 Faceplate Special Edition "Halo" - Game console faceplate

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2008 22:53
      Very helpful



      Love it.

      If you love halo and want to customize your Xbox 360, this is for you.

      The Xbox360 halo faceplate features a cool techno blue background and an amazing picture of the master chief. To get in on your Xbox 360 console all you have to do is pull off your existing faceplate which should come off easily and then press on your very nice shiny new halo faceplate.

      This modification is purely cosmetic and will not affect your Xbox360 in any way, yes that means if and when void your warranty. It looks really nice on my machine and let anyone know that I'm a fan of halo.

      customize your Xbox 360 console with the really stylish excellent design of this halo faceplate and it will look much better than the default white.

      You can get this faceplate for around 10 to 20 pounds which is a little expensive but as it makes your console look fantastic you cannot go wrong with it.


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      13.07.2008 13:15
      Very helpful



      Cool faceplates to add uniqueness to your console

      On the front of the xbox is a special section which can be removed and leave it with just the disc drive, the power button and then all the rest which you don't want to see.
      You can now thanks to some great designs replace the boring old white faceplate with a cool new one such as this very nice Halo 3 one. of course this will not effect you xbox 360 at all. It is merely to make it look that bit more unique and you can show it off to your friends when they come round and play.
      If you are a Halo 3 fan then i would suggest buying this as it shows you are a true Halo gamer and it is one of this really well designed items that is really nice to own.
      You can also download matching themes from the xbox live marketplace to make the theme on your dashboard match up with your console - how coll is that!

      TH only problem i would have with these faceplates is that they are rather difficult to remove and change. When you take them off it takes a lot of effort and you fell like you are about to break the xbox, but it's fine really and they are quite simple to put on.
      They also fit really nicely and look and feel absolutely great - they don't scratch or peel and like a lot of things from Microsoft are of very high quality.

      Other designs include:
      Forza Motorsport 2
      Viva PInata
      Special Edition Virgin one (which came free with a game from Virgin)


      *High-quality materials resist scratching, peeling, and fading.
      *Switch your faceplates whenever you like and keep an eye out for new designs coming to an Xbox 360 retailer near you.
      *Download matching dashboard themes from Xbox LIVE Marketplace with enclosed tokens.

      Price: Around £10 - £15 (Amazon.co.uk)

      These are great to give to someone as a gift and are a unique addition to your xbox 360 and gaming experience.

      Thanks for reading!


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    • Product Details

      Show the world how seriously you take your favorite game by personalizing your Xbox 360 console with a new Halo special edition faceplate.

      Each Special Edition Faceplate comes with a token to download a matching theme for your Xbox 360 dashboard from Xbox Live Marketplace.