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Empire Movie Club

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2 Reviews

Empire Movie Club is an online movie rental service where DVDs can be ordered online and delivered via the post

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2011 20:19



      could do better.

      my experience of the empire movie club is not the same as panda eyes.erm firstly i had a three week free trial with a free dvd i selected kickass.which i haven't received as of yet.took out the trial on 14/03/11, it is now the 05/04/11.half way through the trial my two disc unlimited became one at a time which put me out of sync with ending the free trial. they say it's three weeks but it's not really because if you want to end the three week trial you have to give them seven days notice and make sure they are in receipt of any outstanding titles.so it's only three weeks free if you intend to carry on with membership. if you don't end your free trial in time they will debit your bank the first months subscription which is fair enough.not enough upto date releases and not a good enough selection of titles in my opinion the discs are generally in good condition not to many finger marks which really get's on my wick about online disc rental. when i started i was getting two times two a week, so roughly 16 a month and they were bluray's so good value. but better value is to be had elsewhere i think. the real pain is the customer service which suck's in my opinion you call the indian call centre and things get lost in translation,and they suggest you use the email option and things get lost in translation.if you have to phone up customer service on anything you are a paying customer of then as far as i'm concerned then the company does not deserve your custom..just my opinion maybe your experience will be different, you don't know til you give them a go.


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      17.03.2011 14:27
      Very helpful
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      A good online movie rental service - but I have used better.

      Firstly, I was not aware of an 'Empire Movie Club' online, I was aware of Empire and I have read a few of their magazines before, and consider it to be quite a recognisable brand when it comes to film jargon. Especially as I was advised to read this and visit their website regularly when studying Film Studies at college.

      I received an email from them to join their online rental movie service for free for three weeks, and as part of the promotion I would receive a DVD free of my choice to keep (from a set list). Once I had my first disc sent out and then returned, they would then send me my free DVD to keep. I chose my free DVD to be 'Hot Tub Time Machine'. There was around 10 to choose from, I cannot get the set list up any more but from what I remember others included Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2.

      Usually the website only offer a two week free trial and don't offer any free DVD's that you can keep, so I thought this was quite a good deal, while not as good as others I have experienced from LoveFilm and Blockbuster, it was still good compared to their usual two week free trial.

      Before joining, I made sure that I can cancel after my free trial easily, as some companies make you ring them up and then try to persuade you to stay with other deals which can be very hard to say no to! However, Empire Movie Club allows you to cancel online, at any time of the day and very easily by just answering a few questions and you just select the answer most appropriate to you. (LoveFilm only allow you to cancel online after 10pm.)

      I had to enter my card details on registering, but payment is only taken after your free trial is up, and so if you cancel just before it ends you will not be charged a thing.

      After registering, I could then browse the website straight away and select DVD's to add to my rental list. In order to receive my free DVD I had to add at least 20 titles to my list. I could not think of 20! I ended up adding random ones I was not bothered about seeing to my list to make it up to 20, but then putting them at medium priority. (There are three priorities to choose from: top, high and medium). If there is a long wait for any of the DVD's then they have a timer symbol next to the title name to let you know this.

      My package for the free trial was two discs unlimited, meaning I could rent two discs out at one time, and do this as many times as I liked. This package usually costs £13.25 a month.

      Other packages available are:

      2 disc limited - 1 disc out at a time and a max of 2 rentals a month for £4.95
      3 disc limited - 1 disc out at a time and a max of 3 rentals a month for £5.95
      4 disc limited - 2 discs out at a time and a max of 4 rentals a month for £8.16

      1 disc unlimited - 1 disc out at a time and unlimited rentals per month for £9.95
      2 disc unlimited - 2 discs out at a time and unlimited rentals per month for £13.25
      3 disc unlimited - 3 discs out at a time and unlimited rentals per month for £16.23

      These prices seem ok at first, but after browsing the movie selection I soon changed my mind. I know it is a movie club and so they will specialise in movies, but to compete with the likes of Lovefilm they need to offer more such as TV programmes. They do have some, but not a lot as I have done a few searches and they have not had what I wanted. Therefore, I would rather pay an extra pound a month for a wider selection of titles from Lovefilm or Blockbuster, who also allow you to rent out games.

      The layout of the website is not that great either. They have a menu along the top with sub-categories to search for films by their genre, or even top rented movies of 2010. It took me a while to search for films that would interest me as you cannot refine your search by year of the release etc, which I would have liked to do.

      I have received my first two discs very quickly as they send them out via first class, and you then send them back for free, also via first class. You know when and which title they have sent out as they notify you by email, so you do not need to keep logging on to the website to check.

      In my opinion, this movie rental service needs to have a bigger variety of discs to choose from and more sub-categories to refine your movie search by in order to compete with the other big online rental services. I will be cancelling my subscription after my free trial and if I do want to join an online movie rental service again. it won't be this one. From my experience I have used better services than this.

      If you do only want movies to rent and are not interested in TV programmes or games, then Empire Movie Club may be suitable for you.


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