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A co-ed premium sleep away camp nestled in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York staffing around 250 employees.

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2012 18:55



      The camp has not changed in all the years it has existed.

      The question is should you entrust your child to Camp Lokanda? The answer is it depends. If you value beauty than Lakanda is the place to send your child. The Lake is splendid for sure. The cabins are painted and beautiful on the outside. Definitely the camp is set in a beautiful and peaceful place.

      Unfortunately, that is the only nice memory I have of Camp Lokanda. I suffered through every summer of about 12 of them. I was not quite six when I started my camper career and it was at Lokanda. Frankly, any parent who sends a child away for 8 long weeks when the child is six should be tarred and feathered. The child is way too young! Now I am a teacher with a Master's Degree and I can tell you that any camp who takes a child so young for such a long period of time, is out for one thing - Money!

      How well I remember the bunks. During the day, they were hot, and at night, especially in August, they were freezing. In addition, there were often mice and bats in the bunks which used to scare the daylights out of me and the counselors. I remember the counselors chasing them with brooms and towels on their heads.

      Another thing I remember is the fact that the food was generally horrible. All of us hated it! We used to talk about the steak and other favorite dishes we missed so much. I can still remember the real cheapy night with borsht and potatoes once a week. We even used to sing a song about it.

      I also remember the activities. Many of the courts were so hot and full of sun. I am blond with blue eyes, and I used to constanly fight with the counselors, because I didn't want to go to activities when the heat and the sun were unbearable, but I was forced to go.

      As I got older, and my parents forced me to go to the camp, I remember the emphasis on socials and boys. If you didn't have a boyfriend, your summer was a wash all together. It was ridiculous to worry about not having a boyfriend at the age of thirteen, because you weren't thin and pretty. This camp puts an emphais on boys, what one wears and sex. At the age of 15, boys with girlfriends used to raid the girls bunks at night, and in some cases there were even sex relationships going on.

      Often the counselors used to go out for the evenings and come back drunk. These caretakers of the children would return to camp and they would be throwing up from too the alcohol they consumed during their jaunts. What an example this was for young impressionable children? Most of the counselors were not mature enough to be in charge of young children.

      Presently, I am 68 years old, so you know I went to this camp a long time ago. You might say things have changed since that time. Unfortunately, I have read some recent reviews about the camp which have clearly delivered the same evaluation now, as I am delivering. I have one son. I did send him to a sleep away camp called Surprise Lake. It was a wonderful camp with much much shorter camp sessions, nicer cleaner bunks, and an emphasis on camping - not on socials and clothing. If I were a parent, I would difinitely not send my child to Camp Lokanda.


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