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Domino's Pizza (Employer)

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Please only write here if you have experience working for Domino's Pizza.

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2013 01:53
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      I wish my first job couod have been more fun

      I hang my head in shame when I walk past my old work place, even though it's the only job I've ever had. It took me years to find myself a job and I was finally offered a role as an instore crew member at Domino's Pizza. I've been wanting to write this review for a while now, but I've felt that I had the strength to do it. I lasted from the 3rd November 2011 to the 13th January 2012, which is a mere two months and I haven't had a job since, but I've had a lot of interviews, one offer once I've finished full time education and an upcoming interview this Wednesday.

      The official name of my position is an Instore Crew Member, but some people just like to call themselves Team Members. It was a 0 hours contract and it's national minimum wage. I was paid £4.98 an hour and if I was 21+ I would have got £6.10 an hour. My main duty was to take orders over the phone and at the counter. The till is easy to use, but I wish they gave me more training because some of the staff members looked at me like an idiot when I asked questions.

      It was my first job and so far my only job and I think it's a shame that I felt unwelcome. Even though some of the people did make an effort to talk to me. But I felt I had to held my tongue and be grateful because you're lucky to have a job at all in this economy. I liked the people, but I didn't like their practice. A lot of people were like, "Wow you must be so lucky, you must get free pizza."

      I mainly worked on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and they would usually ring if they wanted me to do more. But because of this 0 hour contract, they changed my shifts however it pleased them. Perhaps I should have been more open about the issues I had at work since they were so quick to let me know as soon as I make a mistake, though to be fair they make it look like it's such an easy job, but it's not really easy if there's a lot of pressure and you don't know where everything is.

      I applied to the job by printing out an application form and handing it in as soon as it was filled. You can also ask for an application form at the store, but if they don't have any forms, you could also just hand a CV in. I got a quick call within a couple of days inviting me to an interview. I had to wait a very long time, but the interview was fairly short.

      A lot of the people who worked in the branch I was, English was either not their first language or it was a second language. I had an interview with a manager in trainer and it felt like it was half formal and half informal. The interviewer went through the application form with me briefly and I remember that he only asked three questions. Why did you apply here and not Mcdonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut? - I did apply to them but I got rejected, that wasn't my answer of course. I said something on the lines as I thought it would be a great place to work because I'm a good team player. Why did you do so much voluntary work? I did a lot of voluntary work because it helped me gain experience with customer service and till work. Then there was where do you see yourself in the future? I responded with that I could see myself working full time after I finished college.

      I'm not sure how I passed the interview but after that, they gave me a uniform and told me to come back tonight for more training. The next day they asked for my bank card details, but I never actually signed a contract till 2 weeks. The managers could have been a lot more clearer about it. I didn't know weather I was successful or not. I wasn't sure weather the training was a trail or if I actually had the job. They didn't really give me an opportunity to ask questions.

      I did have some good times there, I had some good conversations but I just wish my experience was more enjoyable. I was happy working there until after the Christmas season where things started to become a bit nasty. I always tried my best at answering the phone and taking orders effectively, but I never felt that I was secure working there.

      Throughout my experience there was always issues with my wage. I knew that I would be getting paid every four weeks, but being naive about the world of employment I got confused when I was told different dates. If it wasn't for support from my family, I wouldn't know where I would be.

      There was one time I had to stay really late and the work was chaos and the parlor was packed because everyone was waiting for their orders. Let's just say they bit more then they could chew. About a week later the area manager called me in about a complaint.

      Apparently someone wrote them an email telling them that they witnessed me calling one of the many managers a wanker. I never called any of the managers a wanker and I know for a fact that the accusations were false because if it was true, somebody would have confronted me as soon as I had done it. I would have been sacked on the spot as well.

      I believe the complaint was made up. They kept changing the story, one minute they said it was by email and the next it was a phone call. I never actually got the chance to see the email, and they tried to make me confess to it and promised that I wouldn't get sacked if I confessed.

      They didn't want to pay me for the first two weeks because that was training, and I had to fight for them. Eventually I got the second week paid, but it wasn't until I handed my notice in that I got what I rightfully earned. They complained that I made too many mistakes and were plotting to sack me, but as soon as my mum rang up saying I was never coming back they found out that I was never coming back, they were like, "No we like Chloe, she's a good worker."

      And they told their workers that they sacked me because I called them all wankers. Which is not true, the managers told me to leave and come back later, then I never came back. We contacted Head Office about all the problems I've had, and they did an investigation and they said that I would be paid for the first week as soon as I handed my notice to head office. And Head Office never mentioned anything about the complaint other than the fact there were some admin errors.

      I received a letter from Domino's saying that they accepted my wish to resign and wish me best of luck for the future and I also got my P45 and my final paycheck. Working for Domino's gave me a really bitter aftertaste because I felt so ashamed that I spent ages job searching only to land a job that I couldn't cope with. It did shatter my confidence and I suffered badly with depression and got really behind on my college work, but I'm back on track now.

      It was just a mess and I don't think I could work there again because it shattered my confidence. But I learned a couple of things from it. I felt like everything was my fault and any chances of me having a job or a career were totally destroyed. But then someone told me that my branch was sued for £30,00 for being racist against an employee and I found out that a friend of a friend used to work there and was told that the managers were horrible. A little bird told me that they heard that Domino's was a rubbish place to work by other friends.

      It made me a stronger person and I stopped doubting myself. I now know that I can do better than that job and I would never let another job rejection get me down again. Not even the 20th one from Mcdonalds, Boots or Tescos.

      I kinda feel bad though, I like writing positive reviews. I think if my branch wants to improve they need to be more organized and brush up on their communication skills. If you're considering working for Domino's (well you never know your local branch may be much more better than my one) it's worth a shot if you want driving work and evening work. Let's just hope you get decent managers.


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