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Employment at KFC

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Please only write here if you have experience working for KFC.

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      29.08.2012 23:29
      Very helpful



      best place I have ever worked

      === How to get a job at KFC. ===
      If there is any jobs at KFC they will be shown on the KFC website and to get an Interview you need to fill out an application form for the right KFC.. Or do you? I always knew it was a broken system and I wasn't wrong. We're told to apply online and they will be looked at shortly and you will be contacted either way. Persoanlly I got the job because my friend Grace works there, everyone was told there are jobs going and to recommend people, Grace strongly recommended me and upon my interview was told that I already had a job within KFC due to my high recommendation. This was great for me as I had been struggling for a while to get a new one. I never sent in a CV and neither did I apply online. In my time working in the Grimsby restaurant they announced once again that there are jobs going but they only want 16/17 year olds and if we know any that want a job to put their names and numbers forward, alas there were five interviews and three got the job. For anyone thinking "wow, how unfair" I completely agree. There are so many people that need jobs in Grimsby and to get a job you have to already know someone there, it seems like a complete waste of time having to spend ages filling in application forms because these days that is not how you get a job.

      === Start date, Induction and Training ===
      When I was told I had the job the school and college half term was coming up and due to how busy they get they thought it would be best for me to start after wards so I started on June 12th. My first day was just an hour or so inductions to be shown around briefly and to get to know a little about what I would be doing in my job role. When I arrived I was in my normal clothing but as I was walking through the kitchens I needed to wear one of their hats. I was breifly shown through the tills, packing, drive through, kitchen, all the freezers and fridges and to the staff room. This was pretty much my first day and I was then given 20 hours int he form of 4 hour shifts to start off with. When I arrive don my first day I was taken through my contract and all the admin side of things and then I had to sit and watch the cheesy training vidoes. These are so cheesy but they do help a little, it also got me out of their way during the rush hour. I sort of just wondered about on my first shift not doing much, after the training vidoes I went home.

      My training was carried out by another crew member, she had a big booklet with everything written down from coping in rush hours, filling the krushems to being about to smile or fill up the boxes and when she felt I can do any of these task she would sign it to say I can do it. This was helpful to see what I could do and see what I needed to train on but most of the things here are really simple like a page of saying can I use the right buttons on my tills or can I fill up the right popcorn boxes myself. I have been there three months now and I'm extremely confident in my job now and everyone has noticed it so I picked the job up really fast. Even if I didn't pick it up really fast some people who were there before me aren't the fastest people so not too much pressure there. After all my boxes were signed I had to do a paper health and safety test which is quite silly because a lot of it was common sense and anything I didn't know the supervisor filled in for me so it was right and I passed anyway.

      === What you get given, Hours and rate of pay ===
      When you start you are given a set of uniform which consists of a red KFC shirt, black trouses, trainers, a hat and a badge. All these are completely new, my red shirt however is a size too big and I've been waiting three months for a smaller size but it isn't a big deal as it doesn't look ridiculous. The trouses on the other hand are ridiculous, they're too big and too small is some areas, very mis shapen so we are told we can wear are own black trouses if we provide them ourselfs which is what all of us have done due to a better fit and to actually be comfortable. The hats are adjustable, at firt when putting it on I felt so self concious that I looked like aprat but then you look round and think "hey, everyone looks like a prat so no worries!" My bad said trainee Laura on it for two months but they've given me a new one now, the trainee badge gave me soemthign toh ide behiond in case I made some mistakes but I can't do that anymore. The shoes is a must, you have to wear the shoes. These allow us to walk through grease and water without us slipping and when working ina fast food restaurant we must wear them.

      In our contract is states that w ecan be given a slittle or as many as 38 hours without being asked, I'm working as a full time employee but at anytime they can drop my hours and I won't be able to object or refer back to my contract in anyway, this isn't great because one week I can do 10 hours and another week do 31 hours. At my restaurant our hours are quite good at staying around their usual amount I will get about 20 hours every week but will often cover people so will do about 30 hours+. As always we are entitled to 4 weeks holiday here and you can shift swap if you cna't work and get someone to cover for you and you do their shift so no one loses any hours. working here is minimum wage so for my age of being 20 years old I am on £4.98 an hour. This isn't too bad and we do get bonuses as well so that does make up for it.

      === Entitlements ===
      We have a few perks of working at KFC, firstly our uniform is free and they will hand out as many red shirts as you need, I have 3 so I don't have to wash it everyday. They don't hand out the shoes too eagerly but if you need them they won't say no, but it could take about a month to order in. The break time in your shift no matter how long it is is half an hour, I fidn that this is long enough for me to eat and then chill, some people even manage to sleep on it! We are entitled to a free staff meal at everyshift, this is supposed to be anything up to the price of £4.99 but at my restaurant everyone just has anything. You also get to make it yourself so you can put what you want in it, for example when I'm starving I'll make a big wrap with chicken, lettuce, chesese, bacon and a hashbrown. That makes for a massive wrap which would cost over £4.99 with fries of course. If i'm not so hungry I'll have a small wrap or a burger or soem chicken. They don't really mind when you have just as long as you tell them roughly what it is. One of the best perks is unlimited drinks. We can have any soft drinks or hot drinks as we like so long as we don't drink them on the shop floor whilst customers are in the restaurant. This is great until you do nothing but stand there and drink pepsi all day.

      === Work Stations ===
      In kfc there are 3 work stations and one of those has two jobs. There is front counter which not only serves and packs for the restaurant but they have to clean restaurant too, we then have drive through, middle - these pack for drive through orders, make burgers and do fries etc, we then have the cooks, these cook everything and prepare everything from breading chicken, grilling food and making side orders. Everyone dables in a bit of everything as we are a team so we all help each other out, I am a cashier on the front counter and I'm often on there alone.

      Front counter: We have 4 tills, usually there is about 2 on in the daytime but only normally one person serving due to there not being a high influx of people, if there's someone else free from another station they will come help you pack, if not you will pack your order yourself. At first when I started I couldn't work the tills, they're electronic and you don't realise untily ouw rok there just how complex the menu actually is, not only do you have the standard food, there are things to add on take off, up grade and childrens meals. There are hundreds of options and I really struggled to cope when I first began, these days I can real off the menu, upgrade without the customer even realising they just agree to buy £5 extra worth of food, i can recommend high quantities of buckets to the right families and pack for myself in a professional and efficiant manner. This is something that doesn't coem over night. You have to learn all the differnt bits of chicken, what goes in every burger, every box meal all the drinks and all the prices. On front counter we also make krushems for drive through, you can have a line of 30 people which there is only you taking roders and packing you have to get your order out within a minute then you ahve drive through shouting for more krushems, nightmare. Whenw e actually get a minute to breath, we then have to clear and wipe tables, empty the bins and sweep up.

      Drive through: There is usually three people with a headset on, one walking around taking an hour, one of the till typing in the order and one about to take the money. they one talking taking the money is packing at the same time, the one typing in the order is making drinks and the one taking money is getting all wipes and sauces ready. A lot of the time our drive through is short staffed and when people on front counter aren't doing anything they will come help pack like they do for us. I always help and take the money for them which helps get the car gone and another one through. My friend Grace can handle all three stations on her own, she can walk round doing something completely irrelivant, taking the order, remember it, pack it, them type it in whilst taking another order, take money hand it out and repeat the process. How she does it i'll never understand.
      Middle: The middle make burgers, I don't really go on this station because I don't know what is in a lot of things but thes make the burgers for both front and drive through and they work their little asses off bless them, this station is manned by one person alone however there is usually drive through helping out onf ries and making wraps and burgers where they can find a space.

      Kitchen: We have trained chefs on this station only, they will bread chicken, cook chicken and wash up for the full restaurant, I have to give it to these, there is nly one dude working on here at any one time and they do amazing to have everything perfect and ready every time. every station has to re stock on boxes and side orders. Over all until you actually work ina different station you don't realise how hard people actaully work to deliver the best of our ability great fast food.

      === Rewards ===
      As cheesy as it is we have all the employee of the month and things like that, we have several reward system and funnily enough they do work and do make you happy and motivated. For example for anyone that has their tills correct when being cashed up, thats neither up nor down, we get a sticker, once we have 10 tickets we get either a crate of beer or a bottle or winde depending which one we wanted. This is great because we can a tasty reward just for doing our job however it is hard to not be a penny up or 2 pence down and I have managed to figure out why yet, my terrible counting skills. We have employee of the quarter so we have four a year. This is a great recognition and why sure as aslways helping out.coveringgreat restaurant and customer service. You get a bottle of wine and chocolate. The next one if small but effective. We have yellow recognition cards, anyone can write these out to anyone, for examply Anna wrote me one for the first time I even shut the restaurant and cleaned for the first time becaause it was sparkling, as small as it is it's nice for someone to notice. We then have the green, red and blue cards. These are written out by the managers and supervisiors. The green is recognition for something good such as great customer service. The red is good but you're doing something wrong such as, smiling is a bit off. The blue ones are for if you are in need of training. These are great ways of being given a boost in work and help where you are needing it.

      === Mystery shoppers ===
      KFC get mystery shoppers all the time and we need to treat every customer like they are one that means:
      *Big smiles
      *Try to upgrade order
      *repeat order back
      *pack in under 1 minute
      *repeat order with salt and wipes
      *say enjoy your meal
      * say thankyou

      This all sounds silly but we lose points if we don't do these things and speed is everything. The person who serves the CMS is who it is assessed on, which means if the fries are late its your fault, if the food is cold, it's your fault if the restaurant is dirty it's your fault etc. So we have to do everything we can to correct every mistake or make sur eit doesn't happen. If you get 90%+ in your CMS test you get £100 bonus and everyone on that shift gets £20 bonus. Having a CMS can be either extremely good by getting your £100 bonus or extremely bad where you ahve your managers on your back about why you weren't smiling.

      === Over view of the job ===
      I've worked there for three months now and I have to say this is the best job I have ever had and I've worked in bars, cafe, admin and retail this is by far the best one yet. We are all good friends and because we're like that we all work really well as a team, everyone looks our for each other and has everyones back which is what we all need. The job is not easy at all like I thought it would be, there is so much to learn and remember to do even down to remember to smile, this is something I forget to do often just because I'm concentrating on what I'm doing, but I like a challenge and getting those £100 bonus is enough to keep my positive spirit high. The manager employee relationship is brilliant, there are a lot of family members there and we all just prat around at the same time as working making it a really fun place to work. I've started university and the manager is great for working my shifts around my uni days. There are people that go away to uni and just come back in the holidays and the manager is fine and their hours are there waiting for them when they get back.


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