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Prospectus is a specialist recruitment agency working exclusively with charities, social enterprises, universities, health agencies, arts bodies, membership organisations and government departments – collectively known as the not-for-profit sector.

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2007 12:47
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      Prospect-us temping agency

      I have been temping for Prospect-us since February 2006.

      They are friendly and helpful whenever you ring them.

      As long as you fax your time sheet in by 1pm Friday, you get paid on the following Tuesday.

      I have had many short term jobs with them involving a variety of tasks including checking and updating databases, mail merging addresses for letters, sorting out incoming and out outgoing post and making and receiving telephone calls.

      Most of the jobs have been in Central London, but one was in South London and one in East London.

      My longest placement was 4 months.

      Contact prospect-us if you want to temp for charities and not for profit businesses including Universities.

      If you do not get a job one day, ring them every day until they find you one, they will tell you to. This shows them that you are eager to work, also if you accept jobs any where it looks good.


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        11.10.2006 14:25
        Very helpful



        A great agency if you are interested in the Not for profit sector

        Finding the right agency to suit your needs can be a nightmare. I am not a big fan of the larger chains such as Kellys and Office Angles. They may be larger and might get more jobs but I often find them a bit impersonal. When I moved to the London area a few months ago I had the challenge of finding a good agency that I liked, trusted and would get me work. I sometimes find agencies difficult as my typing speed is not great (I am not a born secretary) and although there is legislation I am sure my eye sight (I am registered partially sighted) does hinder me. Luckily after a couple for months looking and contacting agencies I found one in central London who I am really happy and suit me to a tee. The agency in question is a small brut long established agency called Pospect-Us

        Prospect-us specialises in the not for profit sector. Since most o my experience lies in these areas (I have worked for the NHS, Court Service, Manchester Enterprises and an exam board) these seemed an obvious choice. They have a wide range of mostly office based vacancies in the sector and have executive, permanent, part time and temporary vacancies. They have links with a lot of prestigious institutions and organisations in London for example they have the contract for providing temps to Kings College Queen Mary and London Metropolitan universities

        I decided to stick with the not for Profit sector as that (as I have said) is where my experience lies and I think the sector (which is very varied) suits me as it is more people focussed and I like to think I am contributing to society ratter than hindering it by working for a commercial operation . (I did two days temping work in Romford for a financial company that lent money to vulnerable people who could not goat credit anywhere else and charged extortionate interest rates for the pleasure. It was not ideal as it went against my ethics.). Plus I could never see myself in a blue chip, corporate environment. Something like banking or insurance would bore me rigid so it was nice to find an agency that specialised in my sort of jobs. I think the downside might be the pay is slightly less but I am not sure as I have not temped with any other central London agencies.

        Unfortunately for those that live outside of the capital hey only have one branch which is located in the Holborn area of London round the corner from Drury Lane. The nearest tube station is also Holborn

        Initial contact

        I found them by accident. I was trolling the Monday edition of the Evening Standard for their Public Sector jobs. I noticed an advert for an admin job with the Church of England. It sounded interring so I went to the web address. This brought up Prospetct-us’s website. The job was not for me as they required quite a high typing speed but I decided to have a look at the website to see what else they had on offer. Their website is very much like other recruitment websites as it has all their advertised and permanent vacancies listed on it. I was not particularly interested in any particular job so just clicked on their form to apply for permanent work. The form was not too bad to fill in. It asked for your contact details, your CV and your preferred organisation. I then filled in a similar form for temporary work.

        The Registration Process

        It took a week or so for them to reply. I received an email asking me to arrange a time to register with them for permanent work. After arranging this they confirmed the registration date, explained what would happen and the documents (my passport) I would need to register. They also sent a registration form. I liked this idea as it meant I could fill it out in my own time rather than feeling flustered and rushed filling out one whilst at the office. The registration form was a longer version of the initial enquiry form and asked about packages, skills and experience.

        My first impressions of the agency were good. I had a little bit of trouble finding the place and got a bit lost but they were very good at explaining where it was. I felt a bit silly but they calmed me down. Once in the office I found it to be a very professional, well presented office. I think I started to get a bit nervous as I do not do that well with agency registrations. I was to do the tests which comprised of a typing test, access, word and competency tests. However there was a problem I could not easily see the screen due to my disability. I had noted this in the application form so felt a little bit let down. However they enlarged the typing test text and tried to maximise the screen and were very apologetic. I find the tests a bit of an evil necessary as I get very nervous. I feel sometimes I might be written off by agencies due to my results. Anyway I finished the tests and had my meeting with my permanent consultant. She was very calming and talked me through my CV and what I wanted out of a job. I am not a fan of recruitment consultants but she seemed to be pretty genuine and reassuring.. She also suggested I come back and register with their temporary division.

        So I was back at the office he following Monday. This time it was a lot better as I knew where I was going. I got to repeat the typing test with text I could read very easily. I did a lot better. My temporary consultant was also fabulous. Again she was reassuring and pretty genuine (a rare thing in recruitment consultants). She advised me that it was August and they were quiet but things would pick up in September. All they needed to do was check two references then they would get back to me.

        Temping with Prospect-us.

        I had to wait a few weeks before I got temporary work with Prospect-us. I was ringing in twice a week (but they did warn me that August was a quiet time for them). At last in late August I rang up and they had something for me. The job was envelope stuffing for the Royal College o fPsychiatrsits in Belgravia for four days. I liked it as they did not say it was a “fantastic opportunity” or over hyped it. In fact hey were quite pragmatic about it wondering if it was worth my while as it was not ideal but they did want to get me started. The assignment went well and I was there 13 day rather than the initial 4 days so I must have made a good impression. I finished there on the Wednesday so rang them up to let them know I was available again. They called me back the next day to let me know they had a receptionists job with the National Theatre for one week, perhaps leading to six weeks. Again they checked it was not too far for me to travel. (I suppose they want to get the right person so there is no hassle with chopping and changing personnel). I was excited about the job as I had specified a preference for an arts or heritage job so it sounded near enough perfect for me and the job has been pretty good. The agency does seem to have a good success rate of putting people in a job. I was talking to another tamp whiles envelope stuffing and since February she has only had two weeks when she wanted work but the agency did not have anything for her.

        I like Prospect-us because of the little touches that set them apart from other agencies. The always send a confirmation email detailing the specifics of the position I find this handy top refer to if I need any information before or during the assignment. Like all good agencies they do occasionally phone you to see how everything is going and welcome feedback both positive and negative. Payment is very easy. They have the usual timesheet (you can download off their website) which has to be faxed by 1 pm on a Friday. I like the timesheet as it asks you if you are in the booking next week and if not whether you need work for next week. I suppose this makes it easier to fill those last minute bookings on a Friday afternoon if all their time sheets are in. They advise you to call to cheek if your timesheet has arrived but I always get a text letting me know it has arrive with the amount of hours you worked. I really like this service as it just gives me peace of mind and just shows they are doing that little bit extra to look after their temps as well as their clients. I also like the early deadline for timesheets as it means I get paid on a Tuesday rather than a Thursday or a Friday. I have been temping with them for six weeks and not had any problems with my pay so far. I am really happy temping with Prospect-us and am looking forward to what is in store for me in the future.

        My experiences with the Permanent Team.

        I have less experience of this side of the business. Like they suggested I kept in contact with my permanent consultant and also checked their vacancies for any I was interested in. She then emailed me the full job description so I could make an informed decision. I decided I quite liked it so asked to be put in for the job. However I got an email back after a week or so saying they had put the job on hold. I will try for some more jobs with them but at the moment longer term temping suits me fine.

        As you can see I am highly delighted with Prospect-us. I am delighted ith thir service snd mot crucially with the work they have provided me with. It really is great working in a temp job you adore.

        20-22 Stukeley Street,
        WC2B 5LR
        Telephone: 020 7691 1925
        Web: www.prospect-us.co.uk


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