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Babyliss 8642U Electroliss Sensor

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Epilator

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2010 17:11
      Very helpful



      A waste of money for me

      I hate the hassle of shaving, hair removal creams stink and dry out my skin, and epilating and waxing are just frankly not worth the effort as my hair grows back so fast anyway. Therefore, when I saw the Babyliss Electroliss Sensor advertised, I thought it would be worth a go.

      I was drawn to this product over others purely because it was the cheapest of its kind at around £40 whereas others were about £100. Well, what a waste of £40 - as far as I can tell, this has done nothing other than cause me pain and waste my time.

      This is a very compact system - about its only advantage. The main device fits in the palm of your hand and wires connect from this little computer to patches which you stick on the areas that you wish to treat. You can also attach a precision pen for the treatment of individual hairs, but with the pen you have the added hassle of having to apply a conductive gel as well.

      The computer detects which patches you have connected and adjusts itself accordingly. The little image of a person on the screen will display which body area you are treating though the shading in of that body part on the diagram. It is simple to use with one button on the top which is the on/off button, and a scroll wheel on the side which you can use to adjust the strength of the treatment upto a level which you can tolerate without pain. The unit is rechargeable and plugs into the mains.

      The appliance supposedly works in a comparable way to salon electrolysis - sending a small current to disconnect the blood supply to the papilla and impair hair growth. It is a hair reduction system and so it is designed to be used on a regular basis with the aim of seeing a gradual reduction in hair over time.

      This product has alot of warnings - seek medical advice if you have heart problems, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, electronic implants, skin conditions, a contraceptive coil... to name but a few. It also cannot be used on damaged skin, moles, warts etc, or on delicate areas such as the nose, heart, neck etc. This is just an overview so please read the instructions before use if you do decide to give this product a try.

      ***Using the product***

      This is supposed to be a painless experience, giving only a little tingling sensation at most. Lies! Yes, sometimes it was painless, sometimes however it was very much painFUL. I never used this on damaged skin so I couldn't figure out how one patch of my leg could be painless to treat and yet the patch next to it would feel like hundreds of needles were being stabbed into me. In addition, the contact patch which must be placed on a different body part to what your treating (to create an electrical circuit I think), well, this contact patch heats up VERY quickly, so while you are being stabbed in your lower leg you feel like you have a small but very hot iron sat on your thigh. After all this, your legs are red like sunburn, and although that fades in a couple of hours and I could totally have put up with all of this if the product had worked, when it doesn't work at all, red legs, tiny needles and tiny red hot irons are not worth enduring!

      ***Does it work at all?***

      Well you have probably established by now that this for me was a disaster. Nonetheless I kept faith and used this religiously for about 8 months hoping that it might surprise me.... But it didn't. I can honestly say that I could not detect the slightest reduction in hair growth at all and therefore I do not recommend this product. It takes ages to treat one leg, hurts, gives you a sunburn-like rash, and in the end does nothing at all - total waste of money!


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