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Babyliss Barbershop Chrome Clipper

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Trimmer

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    3 Reviews
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      19.02.2009 21:16
      Very helpful



      Get them if you need a bargain price set but don't expect miracles.

      I have had these clippers for just over 2 years now and they are still going strong... unfortunately!
      The clippers are by no means the best available but for a cheap set that I had as a present they are ok. I like my hair very short, grade 0.5 or 1 mostly and for that the clippers do an ok job. They come with lots of grade sets and some diagonal graders, scissors (not great), oil and a cleaning brush.
      They cut fairly well but quite often I find I need to redo the cut after a while as the blades get very, very hot quickly.
      I've oiled them and looked after the clippers but they still over heat.
      When you get them you need to use a turn key to get the clippers working at the correct voltage and speed. I've found that a few times the clippers suddenly start making a huge noise as if the voltage has changed but it clearly hasn't. It hasn't caused any problems but makes you flinch when you are cutting!!!
      As my wife usually cuts my hair, she gets a good check done afterwards but often finds that even after several runs there are odd hairs left. This isn't my wifes fault but as a result of the clippers clogging, and I have very thin hair. I'd hate to think what they are like with thick hair.
      I know they only cost £25ish and that you redeem the cost by doing 4-5 cuts but I'd wish I'd suggested some that were a bit better and that keep the temperature down.


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      13.08.2008 12:34
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good value for money for home use.

      I purchased the Babyliss Chrome Clipper Kit from Boots for £25.00, I believe it was reduced from £29.99. Within the kit you receive a mains operated Chrome Clipper which has an adjustable taper control allowing for fine cut adjustment, eight comb guides ranging in size from 3mm - 25mm, scissors, barbers comb and a cleaning brush.

      Considering what you actually get within the pack it is reasonably good value for money. Ok the scissors are extremely cheap and the comb is made from thin plastic but the actual Clipper is made from tough plastic and the diamond sharpened blades look as though they will last a long time.

      When using the clippers for the first time I found them not to heavy to hold but they did vibrate a lot even after making adjustment to them with the power screw located on the side of the clippers next to the on/off switch. Perhaps this is the difference between an expensive set and the cheaper sets. When using the clippers to trim around facial hair etc they were very good leaving a neat and straight line but they seemed to struggle when it came to cutting hair with one of the guides fitted. I found they worked better if a higher grade of guide was used first and then reduce the guides down get to the required length of hair.

      Overall I am happy with my purchase but I wouldn't recommend these clippers for heavy use as the vibration when cutting would be enough to make your hand/wrist ache after a short amount of time.


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        30.08.2007 20:22
        Very helpful



        The Babyliss Chrome set

        **BABYLISS: Chrome Clippers **
        ---Even more power: Including a Turbo Booster ---

        Uni-Sex hair clippers with all the extras; including balm and grooming materials > Hair clipping has never been easier, thanks to Babyliss <

        -Who are Babyliss?

        Babyliss is grooming company that has groomed men and women for over 40 years. Babyliss was established in 1960 originally in Paris; and helped stimulate the 'swinging sixties. The growth originally was slow but quickened up as the 'new sexual revolution' took hold of Western culture. During this time, vanity was in the air and so was new hair design concepts; big style influences were used in mass media for the first time 'vanity products went through the roof' a perfect climate for a major brand to step forward, and so it was Babyliss who was the brand people flocked to especially in Paris; before the company went global during the 1980's many brands came and went and wanted to be the next Babyliss. The versatile nature of Babyliss extended product ranges regulary and were always known as the pioneers of hair products. The 1980's was another culture period that enabled them to experiment with more exciting products. This was when Babyliss branched out globally and helped enriched Western culture fashion and style values; at this time it was Paris who enveloped the fashion world. It is no surprise that Babyliss secured their future by being a Parisian fashion icon.

        The URL link for the online products:


        I've always bought Babyliss products and this is the best clipper I've had to date. It has also been very friendly on the wallet as well, during the years of using clippers for my own mop. Financially, it is a £15.00 per month money saver, or a £15.00 per 6 week hair session. Initially, self male grooming is nerve racking, but the results will surprise you and trust in your male grooming kit is essential... Have a look at their website it is not too flashy and is simple to use, of course it explains their product range in a none jargonistic manner. Now that does make a change.

        -What you get with the Babyliss-

        The product is a standard male hair clipper set with accessories including the re-charger kit - measuring length tools - razorhead protectors - comb and scissors - cleaning kit - manual - 1 year guarantee - adjustable leverage.

        *Babyliss hair clipper information*

        The clippers are made of titanium chrome. The clippers are very delicate and should not be re-assembled for those of you who like to see how the clippers are attached. The flexibility of the clippers are essential for speed and back and forward movement. The clippers are 0.5 inches along. Clippers can be changed but it is important to know that it might not necessary be the same again after swapping clippers...

        The clippers are much more able to cut more quickly and efficiently, without dragging, or forcing the cut itself. the speed of the clippers can surprise you.

        Babyliss give you the guide to do the adjustments. This model has 12 adjustable slots so that you have more choice of cut finishes. No problems with the clippers being in different positions, regard to speed and performance. By being just 0.05 mm out can make a big difference to the performance and more importantly your finished cut. The more the clippers vibrate the slower the rotation. The sound of the rotation determines whether the clippers are correctly positioned. The correct sound should be a small humming noise, when ON.

        * Turbo boosters *

        This product has a 'turbo booster' option on the top. By clicking 'on' the 'turbo boost' the rotation speeds up for those difficult to cut areas. I do advise you to not go straight onto the 'turbo booster' when starting a cut; wait till the end when finishing the cut.

        *Salon Specification*

        The clipper blades are of a high precision diamond shape at the head of the Babyliss. The clipper model has a standard number of diamond teeth though a lot more than of earlier models; hence, taking the grooming process to a higher performance level.

        There is an ON /OFF switch and has a mains attachment at the bottom, for re-charging and power. This product does not require oiling at anytime.

        - Handling -

        Excellent handling, there are no problems in handling these clippers due to the design indents.

        - *HINTS on shape of cut* -

        There are a few techniques when shaping with this clipper.
        - Try practicing layers on the sides; this gives a great contour to the shape of your head.
        - Make a setting for the hair length on top; this will enable a cleaner finish.
        - Lining up top and sides.
        - Shaping the nape of your neck contours, including around the ears.

        -Adjustment of clippers-

        This product deals with every aspect of user ability. For a professional cut the adjustable lever is important for dealing with difficult hair follicles that have a mind of their own. This I do believe is a unique selling point to all products branded, Babyliss. Other manufacturers have this but the adjustable lever to just the left of the clippers has 5 adjustable points/positions that gives that more professional finish to your hair cut. That little difference can make quite a statement to your everyday lifestyle.

        -*High Quality* Comb and scissors -

        You have 12 comb guides that are very easy to clip on to your clippers. Their is a knack to the click on, but easy to workout. The comb range is 3mm - 25mm in length. The lengths determine the length and choice you want to your hair finish. For those who rather have no length; no clippers are required and the clippers cut down to your scalp, leaving about 1 mm, on average depending how many times you move the clippers around your head. I recommend about two times just in case any stray hairs get missed. The scissors are the professional kind and that is vital. The sharper they are the better. Scissors on their own can retail price at nearly £100.00 and sometimes more. The scissors are the standard Babyliss brand, which is alone worth a few ponds when sold individually.

        -Cleaning brush-

        This item in the package is probably the most important. Yep, it is amazing by just cleaning the left over hair from the clippers can make a huge difference to clipper performance. The brush needs to clean out the clippers after every use, otherwise over a period of time the hair will damage the titanium/chrome mechanism. It is also to note that any products that are on your hair at the time will also be a problem to the clippers mechanism (Chrome) It does make good sense to wash your hair before use of this product. Dry your hair fully, untill bone dry so no products are obvious on your hair. I usually have wax styled on my hair so this is quite important to remember.

        - The mains and re-chargeble kit -

        This is the same thing. What I have found is that the mains lead can be a problem when cutting hair as it does tend to drape unwantingly around your neck. What is welcoming is to leave the mains on attached to the Babyliss itself and wait for 30 minutes before any cutting takes place. This allows enough time for the Babyliss to re-charge and you then can work around your head cordless and without strangling yourself. For beginners who are not too confident. It is best that you use the mains cord attached to the Babyliss, otherwise the battery life will run out and the clipper rotation will slow up and therefore won't be such a good cut. The average battery life is about 35 minutes before the clippers noticeably slow-up.

        -Razor/blade head protectors-

        Razor/blade head protectors work as a glove to the head of the Babyliss. They should fit snuggly on the head, this is to protect the clipper mechanism. The teeth are prone to getting caught up and can twist and get damaged easily. Be aware of where you store your hair clippers. Do not leave in direct sunlight or in any unusually hot places. One last thing to know is that by using the mains for too long the Babyliss will overheat, so don't leave it without supervision.

        *My experience*

        Babyliss has made me more aware of my male grooming. By enjoying the hair-cut sensation and seeing the quick reward of re-shaping my hairstyle, has made me more vain. I spend more time in the bathroom than really is required and it has caused friction with certain females that are close to me. I guess that is human nature. The only problem that has occurred is where do you put all the unwanted hairs, it does get everywhere and it's important for cleansiness to clean-up after yourself straight after the male grooming has taken place; otherwise it can attract unwanted attention. Not only do you feel good afterwards, you look good afterwards.


        I give this product 9/10 for value for money. You can purchase it online at www.amazon.co.uk -- it includes a 1 year guarantee. Price £23.99-- Again, it is worth shopping around.

        -Overal verdict-

        Anything that the Babyliss company does now I will sit up and listen. I believe they are a master in grooming and will be for a long time yet. Though this model, deserves a top rating from me. the reason is purely on performance and the 'turbo booster' option. This model is very highly rated and I recommend it for a quicker and efficient haircut finish. It is stylish and very easy to hold -- definately, worth making space in the bathroorm cabinet for. It is worth a 4 Star rating and is great value. Overal verdict 8/10.

        Thank you for reading this review.

        I'm happy to help with any questions.


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      • Product Details

        Shavers. Brand: Babyliss. Mains powered chrome finish clipper with diamond sharpened blades. 6 cutting guides for grades 1-4, 6 and 8. 5 position blade adjustment for fine cut control. Includes cleaning brush and oil.

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