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Babyliss 8663CSU Ladyshave

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Epilator / Shaver

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    3 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 10:19
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      Another brilliant product from BabyLiss

      ----- General Information -----

      This is the second foil shaver I have ever owned. My first was purchased last year, and when it came to looking online for new foil replacements, it was impossible. A quick search online for replacements for this BabyLiss shaver and they were widely available.

      So I bought the BabyLiss silky smooth shaver, mainly because I love BabyLiss, and also because it was on sale at £10. It is eye catching with the green design over the white, and is a good shape and size which makes it easy to hold and use.

      ----- My Experience -----

      I only intended to use this in between shaving with my Venus razor, as from experience with my old foil shaver, they don't give a close enough shave so I just used it to keep on top of things.

      Well what a surprise I had with this BabyLiss shaver! I decided to try my luck and do a full shave first so I could figure out when to use it. I let my leg hairs grow for a few days, and tried out a dry shave. I was pleasantly surprised when the shave was just as close as my venus razor, but left my legs feeling even smoother. No matter what razor I have used in the past, I always get dry irritated skin. I was expecting to get the same with this, especially with it being a dry shave, but there wasn't a flake in sight, and hasn't been since, and I use it every other day. I rarely use my venus razor and this has become my main shaving appliance.

      ----- Overall -----

      Yet another brilliant product from BabyLiss, that I would recommend to anyone. I can't say I understand why it has such a great effect on my skin, but well worth a try for all skin types I think!


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        18.07.2013 17:21
        Very helpful



        An unfussy shaver that works for me


        As someone who would be a danger to themselves with wet shaving, and with way too low a pain threshold for waxing, a battery-powered shaver has always been my hair removal method of choice.

        I've used lots of different varieties through the years, but my current shaver is this Babyliss product which I bought from Argos about three years ago after my old one gave up the ghost. It cost me around £10, the same price as the updated purple version does, according to the current Argos catalogue.


        Whilst the packaging is long gone, I remember that this shaver came in a simple, branded cardboard box. No carry case/bag was provided, but I still had one belonging to an old shaver of similar size, so I used that. The product was supplied with a green plastic safety guard, a little green brush for getting rid of hair inside the razor, and a tiny bottle of lubricating oil.

        The main section of the razor, plus all accessories, are coloured white and mint green. The main unit has a single control; an up/down switch which flicks the product on and off. The switch is almost flush to the unit making it tricky to use, but the white button clipped to the switch does aid purchase.

        The product takes 2 x AA batteries, changed by pulling off the rubber-sealed bottom of the shaver. The rubber sealing ensures the product is suitable for use as a wet shaver, but I've never used it for this. The batteries themselves fit into a white holder at the base of the main product and I've always been able to clip them in and out with ease. The bottom pushes back onto the main unit easily.

        The shaver is approximately 12cm long, with the removable bottom just described, plus a removable razor unit at the top (again, just pulled off and pushed back on.) This top unit is contoured to an approximately 30 degree tilt, enabling easy use for under-arm shaving. The top unit in turn separates into two parts: a plastic collar and the metal razor. The razor is a self-contained unit consisting of a foil and blades beneath, with protruding clipping surfaces on both sides. Again this is all easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning.

        The little green plastic safety guard is not very good. It clips back onto the razor unit with no trouble but it keeps falling off after the product is stored in the pouch I use. It doesn't seem to have mattered to the longevity of the product whether I use this guard or not so I usually don't bother unless I'm taking it away.

        The brush is also pretty ineffective. It has a tiny, matching mint-green tab to hold it by, and a series of white nylon bristles. It's too wide to easily fit into the nooks and crannies of the collar, and under the razor section. I usually just blow on it hard to remove hair.

        The little bottle of oil, however has been very useful. I usually give the razor a full service every couple of months, wiping a tiny bit of the oil across the foil and running the unit for a few seconds to work the lubricant into the blades. After several years, I still have a dribble of oil left and I'm sure its use has prolonged the life of the product.


        Whilst not the best shaver I've ever used, there's no faulting the longevity of it! Using it two or three times a week for the last three or four years it's lasted and still shaves well. My only complaint about the shaving experience is that even now, after all this time, the blades are still very sharp, and it's not unusual for me to nick my underarms if I use the product without due care. The product feels like it's creating a vacuum against my skin, sucking up not just hair, but me too!

        It shaves my underarms and legs very effectively, with no added creams or powders.

        Despite some faults in the design (as detailed above) this shaver has been a very good purchase and has lasted extremely well. It's not very noisy when being used (compared with other shavers I've had in the past) and doesn't take up much room in a drawer or a suitcase.


        A very good purchase - it's unfussy but effective despite some faults.


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        25.11.2012 18:34



        Excellent product for an excellent price.

        This is the shaver I have been using for the last 6 months or so. As an unemployed student I was looking for a cheap method of hair removal. I saw this advertised in my Argos Catalogue for £9.99. At the time of purchasing it this was the most I could afford.

        Opening the box I was quite impressed by the shape of it. The curved bit at the side fitted easily into my hand making it easy to hold whilst using it. I'm quite nervous about shaving as I worry about cutting myself so I was relieved the blades were blunt enough that it would be virtually impossible to cut myself with it.

        Although it left me stubble free after use I felt I had to go over the area quite a few times to get rid of all the hairs however in the end I was very pleased with the results. It's not as effective as a more expensive saver but I'm very happy that it is worth the price I paid.

        It is also very easy to clean once you have finished using it. The head of the shaver comes off as do the blades themselves.

        As I said at the beginning of the review I've had this shaver for at least 6 months and it still works as well as when I got it. Not only that but I have purchased another one for my 14 year old sister. I'm confident that she will be able to use it easily by herself and it is much safer than using a blade.


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    • Product Details

      wet & dry use / Battery / removable washable head trimmer / for longer hairs / contoured shape / Colour: pink