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Brand: Braun

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    3 Reviews
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      08.09.2013 18:33
      Very helpful



      An expensive but high-quality, effective epilator - would recommend

      I'd heard a lot about epilating and after doing a bit of research decided to upgrade from my electric shaver to an epilator. After a bit of searching I came across the Braun 7280. At about £90 in Amazon and Boots it was expensive but no more so than other epilators (I'm still not sure why they're so pricey) and Braun seem to be the most reliable brand when it comes to shaving and epilating. It also looked pretty with the pink and white design so I decided to buy it.

      --- The Look ---
      The epilator has a simple design with a plain white background, the lower part of which is glittery, with cute pink detail around the buttons and logo. On the front is a "smartlight" which lights up when the epilator is switched on and below is the on/off dial which can also be used to adjust the speed settings. At the top is the epilator itself which is comprised of 40 tiny tweezers and is surrounded by one of four caps. The efficiency cap is the one which is attached originally but there are also caps for the face, underarm and for shaving. The design it quite compact - just a bit smaller than a normal electric shaver - and quite convenient to store or pack when travelling. It also comes with a useful white fabric pouch that I used to store it in after throwing the box out.

      --- Features ---
      The first feature is the smartlight. This is small but very bright white light which stays on continuously while the epilator is switched on and is supposed to mimic sunlight to let you identify any hairs which have been missed. I have tried using this but you have to hold it very close to the skin for it to actually work and I usually just end up holding my leg next to the window! There are also two speed settings; slow and gentle for beginners or fast for more experienced users. I always use the faster setting now but I don't think there's really much difference between them - they both hurt a lot the first time you epilate. The final feature which is particularly useful are the range of caps. The efficiency cap is designed to be gentle and rotates slightly to fit with the shape of the leg. It also has small rollers which are supposed to massage the skin but they don't really work much for me. The caps for the underarm and face reduce the amount of skin in contact with the tweezers for epilating a smaller more delicate area while the shaving cap lets you trim hair but I've never been brave enough to try these out!

      --- Functionality & Usage ---
      When I epilated for the first time I tried it on my legs and it was every bit as painful as people say it is. I was expecting it to be no worse than waxing but the first few times you do it its much worse! However I stuck with it and after a week or so it had gotten much more bearable. After about 3 weeks I no longer minded epilating at all and hardly felt any pain - it was almost as easy as shaving. One of the main reasons that I wanted to try epilating is that hair is supposed to take longer to grow back and grow back less than before. After a month or so I was really pleased to start noticing this happening. I only have to epilate every 2 weeks or so now which is great. According to Braun the epilator is also capable of removing hair which is "as short a grain of sand". I don't agree with this as I normally still have a few stubborn, tiny hairs that refuse to budge but I normally just get these with a shaver.

      The charge isn't great and I get about 3-4 uses out of it before I have to plug it in. This brings up an important point which is that the charger plug only has 2 pins so you do need an adapter in order to able to use this. It is easy to keep clean by taking off the head and using the small brush to get out all the hair and debris then replacing.


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      06.08.2013 15:02
      Not Helpful



      Great product for removing hair quick without mess, last for weeks!!!!

      This product was a good by, it does what it say pulls hair from the root up to six weeks hair free. The only down side to this is ingrowing hair. So I would invest in a body brush or make sure you exfoliate legs well, and keep leg well moisturised as it help hair come through the skin more easier creating less ingrowing hair. It's had and a bit painful at first but pain gets less as you become used to it. The skin will turn pinky red just get a flannel and wet it cold water place on legs after using your Braun epilator. This will automatically calm the skin and make the skin less red. But the whole process is quick and less messy than waxing. I have been using this product for 2 years and the hair on my legs tend to grow back finer and less thick.


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      28.10.2012 18:05
      Very helpful



      A bargain purchase for me!

      I bought the Braun 7280 epilator earlier this year. I had done a little bit of research online, reading reviews and comparing different epilators that were available, but there was nothing that stood out as the obvious choice.
      I decided to go to Boots because I wanted to earn some advantage points and compare the different epilators that they sold side by side.
      I deliberately visited the largest Boots store in our area thinking they'd have more variety and luckily they had a few shelf loads of different ones.

      I had seen Braun's epilators online - there are many that have a similar appearance, but come in different colours and they all seem to do something different. The main thing that put me off this design is that they all seemed very expensive, most of them being between £75 and £130.

      ~ Price ~
      The Braun 7280 epilator was, at the time, on offer in Boots reduced to just £54.99. It is currently available on Amazon.co.uk for £91.95.

      As it was reduced, it boasted 40 sets of tweezers and it is pink and sparkly I decided on this epilator.

      ~ What is an epilator? ~
      An epilator is a handheld instant hair removal product, similar to a razor, only rather than cutting the hair, an epilator pulls the hair out using a motorised roll of tweezers. The roll of tweezers spins around really fast, each set of tweezers nipping and releasing and pulling out any hair it comes into contact with.

      ~ Packaging ~
      The epilator comes in a black cardboard box with a window displaying the epilator. The front of the box boasts that you also get 3 extra heads/caps with it. There is a little pink rectangle on the bottom of the box, which has the word 'legs and body' in white. This indicator is on all of Braun's boxes - other epilators were to be used on your legs only. I think this is to do with which head/caps come with the epilator.
      The back of the box claims that the tweezers remove even hair as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm).

      ~ The epilator ~
      The epilator a good size, fitting comfortably in your hand. It is mainly white, but the lower half of it is clear plastic with white glittery plastic underneath, which makes the device look a lot prettier. This version also has pink finishes to it with pink plastic on the head, the on/off switch and the light and the Braun logo is also in pink.
      The light comes on when you turn the epilator on and it is quite bright. This is supposed to help you identify any short or stray hairs more easily and it works well.
      On the bottom is where you plug the epilator in to charge up the battery. It cannot be used when it is on charge. 1 hour of charge allows up to 40 minutes of use. I have found that the battery does charge very quickly and lasts a good few sessions.
      The cord that the epilator comes with is a two pin bathroom plug, but we do not have a two pin plug in our bathroom so I had to use an adapter plug, which luckily my partner already had one to charge his electric toothbrush with!
      The head that comes already on the epilator pivots to "smoothly adapt to your body contours" and it has two sets of plastic massaging rollers to "actively stimulate your skin for an extra gentle epilation".

      There are three extra heads/ caps:
      The efficiency cap is plain white and fairly flat and it also has a pivoting head. This ensures close contact with the skin and is a quick and very effective head.
      The two other caps are the shaver head cap and the trimmer cap which are designed for a quick close shave for more sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini line. These caps are both really effective producing smooth results.

      The instructions stress that the epilator must not be used without one of the head/caps. This is probably because the tweezers would get so close to the skin that they would nip the skin rather than any hairs.

      ~ My experience ~
      The epilator has two speed settings which seem to be fast and very fast, but according to the instructions the lower setting is 'extra gentle' and the higher setting is 'extra efficient'. I decided to start by using it on the slower of the two speeds.
      Switching it on the light comes on, there is a yellow light at the bottom of the device in the shape of a plus sign indicating that the device is charged (a red minus sign light flashes if the battery is low) and also the head starts rotating. The motor is rather loud and sounds very aggressive as if a jet engine is about to take off. It doesn't make you want to put it near your legs, but that's what I bought mine for so that's what I did.

      I had heard many people say that they had tried epilating, but refused to continue as it had hurt so much. I was convinced I wouldn't be one of these people. Like waxing, epilating is supposed to last a lot longer than shaving before the hair resurfaces so for me this was a major plus as well as the fact that the epilator tears out hairs that are as short as a grain of sand.

      I find using the epilator does cause some pain, which is bearable and tends to just last a second like being pinched. It hurts less on shorter hair and the instructions advise that it is more comfortable when the hair is at the optimum length of 2-5mm. If hairs are longer, it is recommended to shave first and epilate the shorter hairs after 1 or 2 weeks.
      I find it is a lot more comfortable and less painful when you have already epilated an area, but are going over the area again for shorter hairs or any hairs that have been missed. Although the epilator is very effective I have found you do need to go over the same areas a few times for the shorter hairs and stubble that you have missed and the light on the epilator is invaluable for helping identify any remaining hairs.

      ~ I should also mention ~
      The faster speed setting does not hurt any more than the slower one, but it is probably quicker and more thorough - pulling more hair out while going over each area of skin.

      You are advised not to share this product with anyone for hygiene reasons and also you are supposed to clean it after each use with a little white brush that is provided and the back of the box advises that you can also rinse it under running water. It is easy to take off the head/cap and the brush can be used to get rid of any hairs that are caught in the device.

      It also comes with a little white pouch which the epilator can be stored in.

      It takes around 20 minutes to thoroughly epilate your legs and for them to be smooth with no stubbly bits left. I find that the regrowth is softer and you don't need to epilate again for 7-10 days which I am really pleased with.

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall I am really pleased that I bought this epilator. It is effective and leaves my legs smoother than shaving and the regrowth takes longer. The pain is a downside, but it is bearable and I think it's worth it. The light on it is a fantastic idea and it is really helpful for identifying shorter hairs. I would recommend this epilator to anyone who is thinking of getting one although I would be reluctant to pay close to £100.00 for it. I would consider any of Braun's epilators with the same design as long as the box specifies there are 40 sets of tweezers as I am convinced all of their epilators are pretty much the same.


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    • Product Details

      The Braun XPRES 7280 Epilator removes hair straight from the root within minutes and leaves your skin silky smooth for weeks! The Braun XPRES 7280 has 40 tweezers capable of getting rid of even short, fine hairs and with 3 separate attachments you will be able to modify the levels of depilation to suit your needs. Additionally, with a short 1 hour charge time providing 40 minutes of use, the Braun XPRES 7280 is both practical and user friendly! Suitable for use on your face, legs, body, underarms and bikini line, for hair removal that's fast and as pain-free as possible, invest in the Braun XPRES 7280 Epilator !

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