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Braun 7181 Wet & Dry Epilator

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Brand: Braun

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    4 Reviews
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      23.02.2014 22:34



      I would highly recommend this product as I have found it incredibly useful

      I would recommend this product to any woman who is looking for a longer-lasting at-home method of hair removal. I found waxing too difficult and messy for at-home use, and shaving every other day was a nuisance and seemed like a waste of time. In all honesty, I found the epilator more painful than waxing, simply because removing all the hairs takes a lot more time and so the pain lasts longer. I was also left with red bumps, which concerned me at first, but within a few hours these went away and I was left with smooth legs (I would recommend depilating a few hours before you need to show off your legs!). However, the pain and bumps were not so bad that it wasn't worth using the epilator, as the results last much longer. Also, after using the epilator for a few months, the hair regrowth became much thinner and softer (not like the coarse black hairs I get whenever I shave) and I had to use the epilator much less often. I am hoping to start using the product on my underarms soon, but at the moment I am still too nervous (as I hear it's a LOT more painful than using it on your legs). I would recommend this product in particular as it is easy to use. I especially liked that it had different settings and a special head you can use when you're just starting out.


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      18.02.2014 09:52
      Very helpful



      Brilliant epilator for fast and convenient hair removal from legs and arms.

      Hair removal has always been my achille's heel.I have spent a good part of my life trying to search a method for hair removal that is fast, long lasting and most importantly painless!. Epilators had always scared me but after having some seriously expensive and annoying affairs with waxing and shaving I finally let one of my friends talk me into buying an epilator for myself.

      The Braun 7181 comes in a square black box and the best thing about the box is that it comes with most of the information printed on top it. It gives a detailed description of the features of the epilator and also gives pictures and description of the accessories that come with the epilator. This made the selection of the epilator easier for me. When I took the epilator out of the box the first thing I noticed was that it was pink and very lady like. The handle part of the epilator has a very comfortable shape, making it very easy to hold. and the top part has 40 metallic tweezers on it. These open and close on rotation and do the magic/torture of epilating. On the front of the epilator there is the on/off and speed control button. and there is also a button that turns on a light to guide you while epilating. The epilator is wet and dry and that is one of the main reason I bought it since I was told that wet epilation, especially after a hot bath is less painful.

      The Braun 7181 box included:
      One epilator
      Efficiency cap
      Olay cooling wipes
      Storage pouch

      So I decided to try it wet first. I mustered up all my courage and tried epilating first time in my bath. I had charged it fully before hand. I found that if the hair is not fully grown the epliating process does that hurt as much. The tweezers on top of the epilator rotate very quickly and I just ran it over my legs in swift motions and got rid of most of the hair in one stroke. I did feel a slight tug on my skin but that discomfort was manageable. Using it in the bath was quite comfortable and practical as well since I could just epilate and wash straight away. So I am really happy abut the wet option. The light on top of the epilator makes it easier to find any smaller hair and remove it.
      I have tried the efficiency cap that comes with the epilator a number of times but I cannot see it making much of a difference while epilating. Normally, I just use it without the cap. Also if I am epilating on small hair I think the efficiency cap actually makes it harder to reach and do tiny hair.

      The best thing about this epilator is that it is quick and easy. It had 40 tweezers on top that make the process really fast.
      It comes with two speed settings I found this vey handy because in the beginning I was very scared of epilating and I just used it on the lower speed. Even now I find it best to use it on low if I am doing narrow or sensitive areas.
      Another advantage to the epilator is that since it takes hair out of the roots. The hair comes back after a longer while and it leaves the skin becomes very soft ,without any stubble.
      Perhaps the most important advantage that I found with this epilator is the wet option. Since it is totally water proof, I can use it in the shower or bath .The results in much less painful and cleaner epilating.
      The light on the epilator is also a good feature as it makes it easy to detect and remove the smaller, left over hair for neater results.
      The epilator is rechargeable so even if I am using it dry I can use it any where in my home and I don't have to sit near by a power socket.
      My epilator came with olay comfort wipes that sooth the skin before epilation.
      The head of the epilator pivots as well.I find this very good for doing by elbows or knee areas.
      The epilator comes with a two year warranty, which is good for my peace of mind.

      The only problem I found with this product was the pouch for the epilator. Earlier Braun used to do a lovely bag with a zip on top, to store the epilator and accessories. This pouch looks cheap and since it is just on of those pouches that you tie up at the top, my epilator is always falling out of it.
      The second issue with the epilator is its price. I mean that is a lot of money for one electrical beauty product! So it is always a good idea to wait till it goes on offer in some store and hunt for a bargain.
      This epilator does not come with a smaller area cap or a face cap so it cannot be used on the face or narrower areas.

      I have been using this epilator for more than 5 months now and I have found that the my hair has actually started to come back more slowly and it is finer that before. I do an epilating session once after 2 weeks on my arms and legs and it has started to become much more comfortable and easy. The wet option is brilliant for a newbie like me as epilation in the bath is less painful and cleaner. The battery is still going brilliantly. I only wish that the pouch was a bit more practical and this epilator set had included the face cap or the smaller areas cap.
      I think I have finally found a solution to my hair removal dilemma thanks to this epilator!


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        03.01.2014 12:09



        A great hair removing system!

        I looked up reviews for epilators before purchasing one because I wasn't sure. The main reason I wanted one was because I used to get my legs waxed every 6 weeks and it was become pretty costly and I liked the idea of having something in my own home which I could use when ever I pleased. When I purchased this epilator from Boots it cost me £150 mainly because you could use it both on Wet and Dry which I thought was a great added bonus. It comes with 2 different type of heads depending where you want to epilate.

        At first it does hurt quite a bit and that's coming from someone who used to get waxed on a regular basis! Like anything, you become immune to the pain after a bit and then it simply doesn't become an issue. It takes longer than waxing because you have to take out every hair bit by bit but the time element is worth it because it simply does what it says on the tin!

        It removes hair long or short and is a much better alternative than waxing.

        BUY ONE NOW!


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        07.08.2013 14:53
        Very helpful



        Good quality epilator that's easy to handle and clean and leaves my legs nice and smooth.

        Before buying this epilator I spent a fair amount of time looking at different offers and makes and just generally reading reviews to see how to best invest my money. I ended up going for Braun as it's a company I trust and I know makes quality products.

        Once you've decided on a make you need to figure out what you wanna use your epilator for and how many settings/functions/attachments you may require. I only want to epilate my legs so didn't need any fancy attachments for underarms or face. I also picked a Wet & Dry epilator as I like the idea of using it whilst in the shower, it can reduce pain a little so I liked the sound of that.

        Of course all the Wet & Dry epilators are cordless which I really like. If you just wanna use it dry and don't mind the cord then you can save yourself a bit of money and go for a cheaper model.
        When I first got it I charged it as recommended ( 1 hour charge for 40 min use), remember it comes with a 2 prong plug and you will need an adapter.

        It comes with clear and concise instructions telling you how to hold it and which direction to epilate. It is very straightforward and there are illustrations to help you if you are unsure.
        The head that comes with this model has 40 small tweezers. If you would rather have less hair plucked in one go to get used to it, then get a beginners head, as it has less tweezers but of course it will take longer to do your leg as you have to go over bits again.

        So when I use it it feels nice in my hand, very easy to hold and it has 2 settings, one basically makes the tweezer head go faster and one slower. It also has a very handy light at the front that switches on when you get started. It means you can see really easily if you missed any hairs. I just run it up my legs a few times and it's done.

        The million dollar question is of course "Does it hurt?". If you have had your legs waxed before or waxed at home yourself and you dealt with the pain ok then you will be fine epilating. It is a similar 'plucky' feeling. And once you've done your legs once just stick with it once a week or when you feel a little regrowth. Go over your legs to get rid of new short hairs, it'll be really quick and a lot less painful than doing your whole legs in one go. I find it much easier doing it once a week and having smooth legs continuously than having to regrow my hair and then having it waxed.
        As it's Wet & Dry you can use this one in the shower, which is nice, it's a little less painful but not majorly so I have just stuck with dry epilating, but it's nice to have the option.

        Money wise, I think this particular model is a good investment. The RRP is £110 but I have found many offers online and in the shops and I ended up buying it for almost half the price. It doesn't have the many fancy attachments that other models have but you can always purchase them later if you really want to. I doubt I ever will though. It also comes with the pre-epilating wipes that are supposed to reduce pain, but to be honest, I don't think they do anything. I have used them once, no difference to when not using them. So I think they are a bit of a waste of money and would not purchase any more.

        There is a little brush that comes with the epilator and you just brush away the hairs from the head when your done or you can just rinse it under the tap. It cleans very easily which is a bonus. No fuss or mess.

        Overall I would definitely recommend this model. It suits me best having compared so many different models and taken into account what attachments I may need etc. There is bound to be a Braun epilator out there for you and your needs too.


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    • Product Details

      Designed for both wet and dry use the Braun SE7181WD Legs Epilator boasts close-grip technology and 40 tweezers which remove hair as short as 0.5mm. With a pivoting head to glide over the contours of your legs the epilator also boasts a high frequency massage system for a more comfortable experience. Featuring two speed settings and a SmartLight to help you see the finest of hairs it's also fully washable for optimum hygiene. - L.M. Features: Braun SE7181WD Legs Epilator Removes hair as short as 0.5mm 40 tweezer system Pivoting head Close-grip technology Calming massage rollers Wet and dry use 2 speed settings SmartLight Fully washable Cordless use