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Braun Silk Epil 7280 Xpressive

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Brand: Braun / Type: Epilator

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    2 Reviews
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      14.01.2014 10:28
      Very helpful



      Love the smoothness, but beware, it may promote in-grown hairs which are unsightly and painful

      We girls strive for smooth skin, and body hair is just an inconvenience for us. I hate having hair on my body in places it is not needed. I must have spent hours of my life painstakingly removing unwanted hair, for it to come back not long after. This tiring chore is a real bore. However, I want that smooth skin, and in my quest I will give anything a go. When I was a teenager I was eager to start shaving, however, my Dad wasn't for the idea. This didn't stop me however; as soon as I was able, I was shaving to remove that unsightly hair.

      When I was young I didn't mind shaving myself to improve my appearance and make myself feel more feminine. However, as time has gone on it seems like a relentless task that needs to be done often. With a busy lifestyle I value my time and try to fit as much into a day as possible. Time and energy are not on my side when it comes to taking care of me. My son always comes first and takes prime place in my life. However, I still want to look and feel my best.

      Razors, creams and electric shavers . . . Oh my!

      I'm not a fan of using razors, as they get limited use before ending up in landfill. This I find is unnecessary waste, and not a good item to send to landfill. I do like the closeness of the shave however, and the ease of shaving with a razor. I have gone on to using a lady shaver but I found this to not come close to the same results, plus the foils would easily break on me, and this became a costly affair. Next I dabbled with hair removing creams, which are smelly, messy and can aggravate the skin. By this point I was feeling a little fed up, and bewildered by the amount of products that are out there for the task of removing body hair.

      Continuing on my quest, I have tried various other methods, which proved costly, painful and never left my skin smoother any longer than shaving with a razor. The smooth feeling after shaving with a razor is wonderful, however, the hairs grow back darker within 48 hours and are course and prickly, which is not desirable.

      >> Was I prepared to torture myself?

      After having my son I was eager to find an alternative way to get smooth skin, and on my quest I was browsing around Boots and happened on the epilators. I pondered, and thought they would be painful and pondered some more. Standing there for some time looking puzzled at the several epilators on display a young sales assistant approached me to offer help. She assured me that the first time might be uncomfortable, but after that I would become accustomed to it. In the end I plumped to purchase one, and went with this model on her advice for what I wanted it for. I paid less than the retail price at the time as it happened to be on offer. However, this particular model will set you back by about £89.

      >> Let's not get hasty

      It is said that this epilator can remove hairs as small as a grain of sand, impressive. It also features 40 tweezers to remove the hair, ouch! I know how painful it can be to remove one single hair with tweezers, I wasn't sure about 40! However, this is said to remove more hair in a single stroke and reach the finer hairs to give a smoother finish. It features a pivoting head to glide against the contours of the body, and a brilliant smart light to help guide you. There are two settings being either soft or fast depending on which you would prefer. It can be washed under the tap for excellent hygiene and has a removable head and other attachments.

      >> Get a grip!

      You need a 2-pin plug adapter to use this, and once plugged in it's ready to go. I reluctantly switched it onto the gentle setting, and oh my! The 40 teeth look terrifying and they pivot frantically. I wondered if they were supposed to be exposed and if I was to place it directly onto my skin. I didn't rush that's for sure. It did take a bit of courage to get going. I did a quick small swipe up my leg and was horrified by the feeling. It certainly wasn't good. I sat for a while feeling mortified. However, I plucked up the courage to continue. Gripping the unit tightly my hands was feeling moist from the intensity of it.

      >> You'd think with 40 tweezers you'd be done in no time!

      Not one to give in, I had to get the task done. The areas that had been epilated certainly looked great. The smart light is certainly a smart idea, and you cannot imagine how useful this feature is. It makes it so much easier to see the hairs and shows just how impressive the results are. I was a little put off by the time it took to do just the one leg. I was epilating for a good 30 minutes, and still had the other leg to do. It does leave the skin a little sore afterwards, so it isn't wise to do this before heading out as it could leave the skin looking red and swollen.

      >> Silky smooth

      It did leave my legs tingling and feeling uncomfortable for some time after; however, they felt silky smooth when brushed under the bed sheets. The following day my legs were silky smooth and I couldn't help but admire them. I was impressed with the results. They remained hair free for some time, and what's better is the hair grows back finer, meaning that it is less visible and you don't get that nasty prickly hair. I bit my lip and epilated again and soon became used to it over time. The feeling is still there, but you get used to it. I still grip the unit tight and I'm still a little apprehensive to get going with it each time. However, once started it is good to see the hair being removed.

      >> So good, I want to do it again!

      With continued practice, the time it takes to get smooth legs takes an unreasonable amount of time. I suppose when you factor in shaving every other day or so, it is probably less work. However, unless you have a good amount of time to epilate, it isn't for you. I found that after a few months of use epilating every 4-6 weeks I was noticing smooth patches where the hair wasn't growing back - yippee.

      >> Painstakingly slow and more horror to come . . .

      I did find it time consuming, and as well as epilating you are to regularly exfoliate and moisturise the skin. I'm not overly keen with the exfoliating, as this is harsh to the skin. However, I maintained these to continue getting the desired result. Until one day I felt an uncomfortable area of skin of my leg that was feeling itchy. Whilst in the shower one night, I could feel the uncomfortable skin, but couldn't properly see what it was. A couple of days later I noticed it was ingrown hairs - yikes! I've never had this before, and I must say, it looks unsightly, red bumps along the skin and feels really itchy and horrible. I wasn't pleased to say the least.

      >> Unsightly painful bumps leave me in fear

      I had no idea on how to get rid of ingrown hair, and tried exfoliating paying more attention to this patch of skin. I went on to use a witch hazel ointment, and eventually used some pointed tweezers to tease the hair out. You are not supposed to pull the hair, only tease it out. The redness and pain took a little while to go down. Since this occurred, I have not used my epilator again. It has really put me off altogether. Due to the fact that the hairs grow back finer, there is more chance of this occurring. I am unsure on how long it would take for the hair to completely stop growing back, or even if that would happen.

      >> Never again
      I have asked several sales assistants in Boots since for advice, yet they seem to be limited on knowledge and advice. I'm not left feeling confident with returning back to using the epilator, in the worry of having in-grown hairs again. They can get really bad and they are really hard to get rid. The hair grows flat and the skin grows over the hair, yuck, leaving unsightly, painful, red bumps. It is a shame that this happened, as this seemed to prove a good way to have smoother skin for longer.

      >> Shave or epiliate

      The epilator is still in excellent condition and needs little maintenance. Simply use the little brush to remove the loose hairs from the unit with a bit of blowing, and rinse under the tap. Other than that, the unit seems to be robust and hard wearing. There is also a shaver-head attachment that comes with this unit which I found to be a good surprise. I have used this a few times, and it is easy to change between the two heads. It works perfectly well, and is of a good quality. The unit comes with a drawstring bag to keep it stored together neatly when not in use.

      >> What else do you get?

      You get a small pack of Olay pre-epilation wipes; however, I don't think these do much. They look like a baby wipe and are to be rubbed over the skin prior to epilation. There is also an efficiency cap supplied, although I've never known what this was for. This is a high quality product that does the job well. However, it can cause in-grown hairs which are not nice. This may not always be the case however, and they can be treated.

      For those that have the time to put into this, and don't mind the feeling of the hairs being pulled out then this is a good option. Had the in-grown hairs not appeared then I would have continued using this method of hair removal. It is effective, cost effective, saves on resources and is better for the environment. The painful tingling while epilating is bearable, and thankfully not needed to be done too frequently. The advantage of incredibly smooth legs for a good amount of time makes it worth the pain - or better put, uncomfortable feeling.

      You need to have a spare power outlet close by to be able to plug it in, as the epilator runs off of the mains. I was happy with the results, but now fear continuing using this method after experiencing in-grown hairs for the first time. This is a shame, as epilating proved to be the better option for me, as it gave smoother results than other methods which lasted far longer. I didn't mind investing the time and enduring the unpleasant feeling for the excellent results.

      Is it for you? You decide.
      RRP £89.99

      Feels like being buzzed by the bees but leaves you feeling really pleased with the smoothness that it leaves.


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        24.02.2011 16:33
        Very helpful



        A great epilator from Braun that will hopefully last you a lifetime for perfect pins.

        All about an epilator
        The way an epilator works is easy, but can also look scary at the same time. Metal plates (tweezers) are coated within a plastic housing that is attached to the actual model.
        An epilator is an electrical device that can be used via mains, battery or with a charger. It is used to remove hair from the root with little irritation unlike waxing can.
        Epilation at first can be painful due to the rotating disk with at least 40 little tweezers that pull out the hairs as it glides over the skin.
        Epilators are most commonly used on areas such as legs, arms, underarm and bikini line.

        Why I want this product
        I have been a fan of shaving for a long time only because of its quickness and immediate smoothness you get with shaving. The downside with shaving is hair growth can be seen the next day and it feels sharp on the skin as hair is blunt (stubble) hair feels blunt as it has only been cut off from the surface of the skin. Epilating however, the hair is pulled out from the root meaning hair re-growth can take a few days to four weeks depending on how much you use it. Hair grows back finer and smoother as there are no blunt edges.
        About the product
        Braun 7280 comes complete with a range of attachable heads including:

        * Epilator, this head has 40 little motorised rotating tweezers that work when the tips of the plate rotate, the plates quickly move together and apart that it creates a tweezing effect, when the tips close together they grab a hair and quickly pulling it from the root then releasing to go onto the next hair.

        * Massage System is designed to stimulate the skin before and helps to soothe skin after epilating, using this head is meant to significantly reduce the pain sensation that is accompanied with epilation.
        This attachable head is white plastic that clicks securely into place on the epilator. The top of the head has sixteen rotating rollers either side, there are even numbers of white rollers that are smooth to the touch and eight pink rollers that have little spikes coming from it, and it is clear in the middle. As this is rolled against the skin it stimulates the skin ready for epilation.

        * The second head looks a lot like the Massage System without the rollers this is called The Efficiency Cap, this looks plain white thick plastic with a rotating head that pivots 15 degrees back and forth. This head ensures close contact with the skin at all times and is used for fast epilating and used for people who are used to epilation.

        * The third head is called Beginner Cap, again this looks a lot like Massage System as it comprises with the same rollers on either side of the head but this time in the middle there is a thin piece of white plastic going from either end. This head is used for sensitive skins and persons who are new to epilation. Unfortunately because of the design of this head less hair is removed per stroke.

        * Shaver head is designed for fast and a close shave and is designed to be used on underarms and bikini line; this can also be used on more sensitive areas such as arms and thighs where epilation can hurt more.
        The shaver also comes complete with a trimmer that can be used on the bikini line for quickness and less pain.
        All of the heads that come with Braun 7280 all pivot 15 degrees, this means it can adapt better to the contours of your body for a close and smoother shave as well as being comfortable and much more efficient. The flexible head is able to lift, loosen and gently remove even short hairs; the result can be seen and felt for up to four weeks with regular use.

        Braun 7280 comes packaged in a lovely bright pink cardboard box with a woman on the front smiling with her hair free smooth legs out. The back of the box shows you how to use and different head attachments that are included.
        Inside you will find your epilator securely sealed within a plastic container, which can be recycled. Also inside the box is a silver mesh bag, charger adaptor, instructions, Braun pre-epilation wipes, five different heads and a little brush for cleaning.

        The epilator itself is matte white at the top with a bright pink controller in the middle that gives you two different speeds and off and locks back into place when not in use, a pink circle that surrounds your smartlight that comes on instantly and is used to reveal fine hairs giving you a better control for improved epilation. The bottom half of your epilator is white but with glitter partials that goes all the way around to the back where it is ridged for easy grip. The bottom reads in pink writing Silk-epil Xpressive Braun. The bottom sees a matte pink part that goes up half way on the side for decoration; it is also the part where you plug in the adaptor. Unfortunately with this model it has to be plugged in for it to work.
        The back sees a pink release button that releases the attached head that is currently in use.

        Using the product
        If you are a beginner to epilation it is best to shave the area first and wait at least two days for new growth to come through, this is because the longer the hair growth the more painful epilation will become and it is recommended to use the Massage System and The Beginner Cap first until you get used to the feeling.

        Before you start epilating you have to first make sure your skin is clean and free from any grease such as body lotion; Braun 7280 comes complete with 16 pre-epilation wipes that are wiped over the area first, this helps with removing excess grease and dirt as well as making your hairs stand on end making it easier to be epilated I also find baby wipes useful.

        Switching on your epilator is easy but has a safety feature, to switch it on via the circler controller you have to hold either side and turn it clockwise to your desired speed, which is either one or two. This is a good feature that stops it turning itself on in your bag or little hands getting hold of it. Now your smartlight will instantly switch on.

        Holding your skin taught especially over sensitive areas such as thighs, knees and ankles, this helps to reduce pain and you are more likely to remove all hairs from the hair follicle and not just breaking it from underneath the skin, which can lead to in-growing hair and stubble.
        Guide the appliance in a slow and continuous movement without too much pressure against the hair growth.
        Hair growth don't always grow in the same direction so running the epilator over an area one or twice in one direction may not do anything, some areas may require you do go over the same area a few times in different directions until all the hair has been removed.

        In-growing hairs can be caused from any type of hair removal, but it more common with waxing and epilating. In growing hair is a condition when the hair grows instead of it growing straight and out of the skin it curls and grows inwards or sideways into the skin. You will know you have in-growing hairs as the area may itch, you may have a rash or an infection at the area.
        Applying a toner after can aid in preventing in-growing hairs as it helps to close the pore down to the hair follicle making it difficult for bacteria to invade.

        Exfoliation before and a day after if the skin is not inflamed or infected, this procedure is recommended and does help in preventing in-growing hairs.

        After the first epilate, it is recommended to epilate every other day over the same area and continue to do this for a week, after the week you will notice your legs or area of epilation are silky smooth and you will be hair free for weeks.
        It is also a good tip not to epilate at the time of the month; skin is more sensitive and is advised to wait for this time to pass or epilate before.

        Cleaning your epilator after use is recommended to keep it clean and hygienic. You can clean the head with the little brush provided. Cleaning the tweezers, shaver thoroughly, you can also dip the brush in alcohol for maximum hygiene.
        You can also clean it via running water, removing the head from the appliance and run it under the water shaking it a few times afterwards making sure remaining water can drip out. Leave to air dry before re-attaching it to the model.

        Easy to use and how it felt on my skin
        I first bought an epilation about six years ago and hated it, it didn't come with any different heads or wipes so I just started to epilate my leg. As I nearly finished half of my leg I started to come out in a big rash that looked more liked hives. The spots looked big, very blotchy, sore and all over my leg. I immediately stopped and doused my leg with cool water. I waited for the problem to cease and I never used it again.
        That was until two years ago my husband bought me Braun 7280 for Christmas, apart of me was happy to receive it and the other part of me had flashbacks of what happened to my leg previously.

        I was disappointed that before I could even switch it on it comes with a 2-pin plug adaptor, so making sure you have a converter before hand is essential.

        Switching on my epilator I was surprised at just how noisy it was, this is due to the motor but I thought maybe after all these years they might have improved the noise. The whole model seems sturdy and well built.
        I started off with a Braun wipe, which feels quite wet but soothes the skin with a lovely cool feeling and as the wetness dries off I can see and feel my hairs standing on end.
        I did attached the Massager System to help me get used to it again, which seemed lovely to use and almost relaxing. All heads just click into place with a secure click.

        Switching to the epilator it somehow seemed noisier, starting from my ankle, which is a sensitive area I nearly screamed and jumped out of my seat as this area really is painful. Making sure you keep the skin taught at sensitive areas. Around the ankle there is hardly any skin and more bone, once you can grip through the pain it is worthwhile.
        Going up the leg it is still painful but more bearable. I find if you find it painful and stop you are prolonging the pain, if you grit and bear it the pain becomes easier.
        The knee is another sensitive area and where hair growth grows in different directions.
        Going up to the thigh is again sensitive and extra care is needed.

        The smartlight that comes on I found useful, especially if you are epilating in the evening or if you are in poor sunlight. The light helps you to see the very fine hairs that would not normally be seen.

        After epilating and applying a toner to soothe the skin I noticed my legs are red with slightly red blotches, I am happy to say the redness goes within a few hours but the blotches I find can stay with me for a few days, in which this time it is advised not to exfoliate until the blotches have disappeared. Even though I can see and feel the blotches I can also feel how smooth me legs are. Within a day or two my legs look great but with a little hair re-growth. The reason for the re-growth is because hairs don't all grow at the same rate.
        I have tried to epilate my arms, especially in the summer and without the nasty hives I got before.

        On areas I have epilated I have noticed in-growing hairs even though I exfoliate regularly. Sometimes there is nothing you can do and you may experience them even if you do everything by the book. Don't scratch them though as this can lead to infection, simply keep exfoliating the area until the hair is realised from under the skin.

        I have used the shaver on days I can't be bothered to epilate and found it a joy to use, it is still very noisy but it glides on the skin cutting hairs with little effort. Before you know it you're left with a smooth area that doesn't go red with blotches afterwards and doesn't need a moisturiser to be applied unlike shaving.

        I have found this epilator to not pick up all the hairs, especially tiny ones so you need to epilate every other day for maximum benefit.

        Cleaning the epilator is easy and very quickly with either the brush or running it under the tap and restored back to its normal self ready for the next time.

        The more you epilate like waxing, the hairs eventually get weaker and you will need to epilate less unlike shaving leaving you with perfect hair free pins for up to four weeks.

        Price and availability
        Braun 7280 is currently £91.90 from boots.com

        Would I purchase again?
        Of course I would, however I am hoping this will last me a lifetime unlike some of the parts that need replacing when they become blunt like the epilator and shaver head, which can also be found and purchased online.

        I like that this model comes with a silver mesh bag that can hold your epilator and all accessories as well as the adaptor, great for travel or just storing away neatly.


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