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Braun Silk Epil 7681 Xpressive Pro Body

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Brand: Braun / Type: Epilator

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    8 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 20:01
      Very helpful



      Worth a try

      I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this epilator ( I guess the same would apply to any epilator to be honest not just this one) however it is the one I have used off and on for the last couple of years however it is a bit of a trade ff between the discomfert of using it and the rather good results that you get so I do tend to use razors a fair bit of the time with this as an occasional option. I cannot remember how much I paid for it as it was over two years ago but it was somewhere around the £70 mark I reckon.

      It comes with a range of heads, charger, cleaning brush and some wipes to use beforehand, it takes between 60 and 90 minutes to charge it up fully. I tend to use this at night, a good couple of hours after getting out of the shower as your legs need to be dry before using it, I have to say that I have only really used this device on my legs, there is an attachment for under your arms which I tried once and immediately desisted with as it was too painful, there is also one for your lady bits but after the under arm expereince there was no way I was going to use it there.

      On my legs the results are impressive, it is uncomfortable rather than really painful, it helps to use the wipes beforehand and to keep the skin really taut, I have found the massage cap to be the best option (there is also a beginner one but is not as good) as it removes the hair really well and while there is some redness afterwards this fades over night and certainly my legs have a lovely smooth feel to them which lasts about a month or just under really.

      The device is easy to clean using water for the heads and the brush for other areas. It only takes a few minutes to clean and this will preserve the life pf the device as well and ensure that it works efficently.

      Certainly for hair removal on my legs this is a good product and certainly it is still as good as when I first got it however I have noticed some loss of charge on it, I certainly do not get as much time from a fully charged device now compared with when I originally got it, now I reckon about a quarter of the charge is lost however there is still more than enough available.

      Certainly one to consider however I'm sure there are more upto date versions and it does have some limitations when it comes to under your arms and more private areas.


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      16.08.2010 17:20
      Very helpful



      on the whole a very good epilator

      So probably the first thing to get clear is that epilating is not for everyone. The reason is that, particularly the first time, it HURTS, even with this which seems to me to be one of the better models out there. This is something to bear in mind if you've not epilated before.

      That said, this particular model does try to make it easy. It comes with various attachments. These include a top which is supposed to massage your leg to make the sensation of tugging hairs out less unpleasant. For me, this just scratched my skin.

      There is also an attachment so that you can epilate a very small amount at a time, and one which only takes out one or two hairs, so a nice variety and therefore suitable for legs, underarms and bikini.

      It comes with pre-epilation wipes, which as far as I can tell do precisely nothing.

      It is chargeable, which is good because there is no need of a plug nearby. One small problem is the plug: it is a 2-pin attachment, which fits in the razor socket but not into the UK mains, and I had to buy an adaptor, which is added expense.

      The other feature worth mentioning is the smart light, which is AMAZING. It means that when epilating, you can see all the fine little hairs you might have missed otherwise, and this means that it leaves skin very smooth.

      Price: it's very easy to spend a lot of money on an epilator, but I would recommend this, as it's available from Amazon for about £90. For me, because I use it a lot, it's quite good value for money.


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      22.01.2009 16:14
      Very helpful



      No pain, no gain! And the gain is worth it!

      I got this epilator from amazon for £34.00 a few weeks ago on offer. After reading a few reviews on it I figured this was probably one of the better models out there. I am always keen to find long lasting ways of getting rid of unwanted hair and I have through the years tried most methods. From hair removing cream (crap!), sugaring, waxing and shaving. Recently I have gone between waxing and shaving between waxes. I hated having to wait for the hair to grow and even though I used the wax strips that claim to target short hair as well, I wasn't too satisfied.

      So i bought the Braun Silk Epil. This epilator comes with a little silver pouch to keep its bits and bobs in. It has different heads for either maximum epilation for leg areas to precision epilation for areas such as bikini and underam. It also has a shaver and trimmer head so it can trim the hair to the most appropriate length and some pre-epilation wipes which I think come in handy for people not used to epilating.

      It takes less than an hour to charge and when turned on I did find it a little on the loud side but it wasn't too bad! I already used the wipe on my leg and then went in for the kill. Although used to waxing and therefore the pulling out of the hairs, I found it a little painful to begin with, but after psyching myself up and sometimes holding my breathe I got the job done. It can be pretty fast. I found it really depends on how much time you dawdle and feel sorry for yourself and the pain you have to endure for silky smooth legs! After getting the job done I was very impressed with how smooth my legs were. I expected to see stray stubby hairs that weren't quite long enough but the epilator got most of them! It takes a while for my legs to settle from the abuse and I had to bear with redness for about an hour after but I do think it was all totally worth it! So i recommend that this sort of job be done on a night in and definitely not before heading out with your legs on show!

      The underarm is a more sensitive area. Once again a deep breathe and just go for it. Painful as it was, I got used to it and now quite accustomed to the level of pain. You need to stretch the skin as much as possible to avoid unnecessary discomfort. The smart light on this product comes quite handy here as you can see where the stray hairs are that you may have missed. Once again, I get redness so I once again recommend doing this on a night in. The smart light is a feature of this product that I really like and is turned on automatically whilst epilating. I sometimes forget its there when doing my legs but when working the underarms, I found it handy.

      Overall I am very pleased with this product. It does what I want and gets rid of hairs long and short and even has a shaver for when I'm lazy and don't want to endure a bit of pain. I also find it a huge money saver. To think about how many razors and wax pots I have bought over the years when I really should've just saved and bought this in the first place!! I expect I'll be saving a fair bit as I don't think I'll be switching my method any time soon.

      Other thing I should mention is that it is a 2 pin plug, which is kind of annoying but then the converter plugs are only around quid so not too inconvenient.

      Precision head: Utmost precision for facial hair removal
      Unique arrangement of 40 tweezers
      Adapts to the body contours
      Narrow epilation cap: Extra gentleness for underarm and bikini
      Shaver head & trimmer: Shaving, trimming, shaping bikini area
      Rechargeable: 1 hour charge gives 40 minute running time
      Massage system
      Efficiency cap
      Beginner cap
      Reduced pain
      Fully Washable
      Pre-epilation wipes
      2 Pin plug adapter needed
      2 years guarantee commencing on the date of purchase


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      26.11.2008 14:18
      Very helpful



      Epilate unwanted hair for smooth skin!

      I cannot believe I am writing a review for an epilator. Really - I cannot.

      I am the biggest wuss out there when it comes to pain, and ever since I was a teenager I have been happy just to shave to get rid of the hair on my armpits and legs (fortunately I am blessed with blonde hair on my arms so don't need to remove that) and for many years was very happy with an old Boots Ladyshave to do the job.

      Of course times change, as does technology, and these days shaving seems to be the "poor relation" to techniques with a longer lasting result, such as waxing, creams or dare I say it, epilators.

      I cannot stand creams as the smell makes me sick and my one experience with waxing put me off for life so I was happy to continue shaving until I was given the opportunity to try out the Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive 7681.

      I will not lie when I say I had to think long and hard about trying this one out. I love a freebie but its no use to anyone if its something you don't really want to try, akin to buying a bright orange balaclava because its a fiver, as opposed to something you actually want or need! However as time goes on it gets annoying have to shave every time I shower and something that might cut that chore out of my life surely had to be worth a try, so I went for it.

      The epilator comes in a bright pink box featuring a picture of a model showing off her smooth, sexy legs. Now there's no way on earth my legs would ever look sexy like that (that time has been and gone, sadly) but the smoothness was definitely a possibility!

      The box contains the epilator itself, an electrical adaptor to charge it, several different heads to use with it, brush to clean, bag to store the epilator and heads, instruction manual and a packet of 16 pre-epilation wipes manufactured by Olay. One thing however is missing from the box - a UK adaptor as it comes with a two-pin European style plug. So beware of this when purchasing and pick up a shaver adaptor too if you can.

      You can use the appliance immediately if you plug it into the mains, however if you want to use it wherever you want, you need to charge it up first. Charging takes about an hour and a full charge will allow the epilator to work for 40 minutes.

      Braun recommend you use the epilator for the first time in the evening, so you have plenty of time overnight for any redness to calm down. So when I used it for the first time, I chose my moment - 8.00 pm to be precise.

      You need to epilate when your skin is dry, so don't jump straight from the shower to do it. Either do it before you shower or a good hour after.

      Having read the instructions I felt very nervous. There seemed a lot of things I needed to remember - including using the pre-epilation wipes, keeping my skin taut, ensuring the epilation head was clean, ensuring the epilator always had a cap on...the list seemed endless.

      Eventually I realised I was merely trying to delay the agony so I decided to go for it.

      The epilator comes with 5 caps which have 5 different purposes. There is a "beginner" cap which is obviously for novices like me, a "massage" cap which supposedly soothes your skin both before and after the cap removes the hair, thereby reducing pain, and an "efficiency" cap which enables fast epilation through maximum skin contact. There is also a special cap for underarm and bikini areas and lastly a precision head which is designed for use on the face and other sensitive areas.

      I decided I would use the beginner cap but struggled to decipher which was the beginner and which was the massage cap from the illustrations in the manual. Eventually I decided I had the beginner cap on the epilator and sat down on the bed to get on with it.

      Using a pre-epilation wipe, I softened the hair on my leg and turned the epilator on. It has two speeds and a "Smartlight" to enable you to see better when using it. I applied it on to the skin and will not lie to you - it hurt. Only a little, but it still hurt!

      However as I continued the pain lessened and using the wipes definitely helped me as the epilator pulled the hairs out from my leg.

      I did feel I had to use the epilator several times in the one area to ensure full hair removal and by the time I had finished my legs were pretty red but heeding what the instruction manual had told me, I decided not to pass judgement until the next morning.

      Next day the redness had left my legs and I was delighted with the fact my legs were smooth with none of that "stubbly" feel you get after shaving.

      It is suggested that you only need to epilate every 4 weeks but I would say regrowth took about 2-3 weeks and I needed to use the epilator again then.

      It was when I used the epilator a second time I realised I had actually used the massage cap on my first attempt. So this time I used the beginner cap but have to say I wasn't particularly impressed with it. Clearly the first attempt had toughened me up because I found hairs being missed when I used the beginner cap but when I switched to the massager cap they came out easily. I also didn't notice much in the difference in the way of pain alternating between caps.

      I have also tried to use this in my underarm area but I couldn't conclusively say if I like it or not due to a combination of me being a wuss and the fact I managed to cut myself by failing to use the correct cap. Yes, you guessed it, I got the caps confused and used the beginner cap rather than the underarm cap. I feel particularly stupid over this as they actually don't even look similar!

      I do intend to persevere with this when my cut underarm has healed up as the thought of not having to shave daily is very appealing.

      When you have finished using your epilator it is imperative you clean it. You need to thoroughly rinse out the head and clean the epilator head with the brush and some alcohol or disinfectant. Another hygiene fact is that you mustn't share this with anyone else - its not like a hairdryer and can only be used by one person. So if you have a daughter wanting to use it, tell them to buy their own!

      After all my trials with this there is one final adaptor within the box that you can always fall back on or use as preparation - and that is the shave/trimmer head which is designed for use in the bikini and underarm area. Needless to say I used this after my failed underarm attempt.

      I have to say I have been converted to epilators having used this product. It seems to be one of the best epilators on the market and as a result, it doesn't come cheap.

      I have seen this on sale in Boots for £89.99 but it is currently available on Amazon at the somewhat nicer price of £53.99.

      My one and only gripe is the fact the pre-epilation wipes seem rather difficult to get hold of - I have never seen these available for sale in any store and the only place that does seem to sell them is Ebay at the somewhat steep price of £4.50 plus £1.50 P&P.

      I would certainly recommend this epilator if you can bear a little pain and remember that it does lessen with time - and also if you are more capable of reading the manual properly than I am!


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        15.11.2008 14:55
        Very helpful



        My first choice in epilation... seriously. Except the SmartLight, otherwise 5-stars!

        I have to say this is one of the best epilators on today's market.

        It's chargeable, so you can epilate pretty much anywhere.

        I love the electric adaptor too, because it uses the shaving socket in bathrooms meaning when you travel (to hotels and some modern home bathrooms) you have access to an electricity supply.

        But I don't like the SmartLight thing just above the the dial - it's blinding! And it's not possbile to switch it off. I've tried covering it up with some cloth, but how inconvenient is that?!? It's also so bright that it can shine through most cloth... what kind of light is it and will it really make me go blind?? I don't look into it, but it just shines out covering a vast area, including into my eyes.

        It has been erognomically designed, meaning it's nicer to hold and to use, but it's never been much of a problem for me with Silk-epils.

        I personally don't need too many head attachments, but they were good to have anyway - they really have put some effort into thinking what and how their customers use epilation.

        I would reccommend that you don't use it on hair that's never been waxed/shaved before. Maybe it's something to do with the skin not being used to the pulling and tugging and is therefore much more sensitive. If I've let my leg hair grow long, then I first shave and epilate the stubble... far less painful. Epilating stubble creates less of a pulling effect, the tug from hair to root is shorter and much quicker --> less pain!!

        My chosen (and best) way to epilate:
        (1) If my leg hair is more than 1 inch long I shave and then leave a few days. Seriously, for me, this cuts down the pain.

        [YES, all forms of hair removal requires some thought and preparation! Even shaving, else you can thin your skin and cause rashes and spots! Even deep infections within the skin - so do be careful!!]

        (2),Next, I exfoliate my legs with an exfoliation glove (and some Cashmere Oil shower cream) then dry by rubbing with a towel. Your skin should be in good condition but the hair dry, clean and matt for the tweezers to grip on. I rub the towel on my legs so the hairs stand on end.

        (3) Next, comes the epilation. If your skin isn't toned or there is loose skin, hold it taut. When the epilator runs over the hair and pulls, it will also pull your skin if it is not taut enough - this is painful. Keep the skin taut. Epilate against hair growth i.e. on my legs I pull the epilator towards me.

        (4) Finish it. All hair removal sessions should be "finished" because it's quite an attack on the skin. In this case the danger is the bacteria entering the pores after the hair has been removed from the root. I use a (anti-bacterial) cleansing toner on cotton wool and sweep it over my legs and leave it before I go to bed. The next morning I rub in body lotion (Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula). Some people might use Witch Hazel, others might use some Men's Regenerating and Soothing After-Shave Balm.

        (5) CLEAN the equipment ready for next time. Bacteria breeds like wildfire.

        IMPORTANT: hygiene! And an understanding of bacteria, skin and hair. This is true when doing any hair removal... it's never that simple over the long term. Being neglectful leads to complications later.

        --additionally, my first and only other epilator was the Braun Silk-Epil (in yellow, don't know the model number) from 1995. The Xpressive I only bought this year (2008, summer of). I swear to God, these are a godsend for anyone like me: dark, coarse, strong hair. Waxing does NOTHING for me... I leave the salon having to literally shave my legs immediately afterwards. The beautician told me the wax was the best on the market... she never waxed my legs again. It took her 40minutes to do both legs up to my knees - there isn't too much hair, but it's just stubborn!!

        --Silk-Expil is a Godsend for me, but get rid of the blinding light, or make it turn off-able and on-able!!!!!!


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          14.11.2008 14:29
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good option versus shaving.

          The Braun Silk Epil is a familiar product with me because I purchased the older version back in early 90s and used it a little bit. Later I gifted it to my sister who was studying medicine and didn't have much time for waxing her legs. She did not beleive in shaving because chaving gives your legs a hard stubble afterwards. The older silk epil was farly simple and worked on batteries and power as well.

          Recently I bought this Silk Epil Xpressive and found out that this has a many advantages over it's older sister. It charges within an hour and stays charged longer. It has a massage attachment to prime delicate skin. The body is flexible and the blades glide along well while epilating to give comfort. It's fully washable and it comes with 16 epilation wipes manufactured by beauty experts, Olay.

          I would suggest anyone looking for a better method for shaving to go for this product because this is a quick way to get smooth legs and there is no danger of getting a stubborn stubble. You can forget about your body hair for 4-5 weeks after the epilation.

          Epilating with silk-epil can be very painful initially because it rolls over the skin to pull out the hair by the roots but your skin gets used to it with time.

          You can only use this device on your legs or parts that are not sensitive. Try it first in a small area to do a check.


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            30.10.2008 23:47
            Very helpful



            Something to get used to but I really think it is worth the effort

            This is my first experience of epilating and I opened up the package with a little trepidation. This feeling increased as I saw the amount of attachments that it had with it. So I thought I'd better read the instruction book, I don't normally but I thought it best not to take a chance with hair removal! Anyway, it was very clear and once I had sorted out what all the bits did (and paused for a minute to be impressed that it also had a shaver attachment) I summoned my courage and gave it a go.

            I selected the beginner's epilation head which reduces the area that's being epilated and so the attendant discomfort - it did say that this would reduce over repeated uses. So I switched it on to speed level two which is the recommended speed. On came the smart light which is meant to cast a direct light, equivalent to daylight, onto your leg (in this case) so you have a clear view of what you are doing.

            I won't lie, it did hurt particularly around the ankle area but only at the time that you are actually doing it and I didn't come up with a rash which I thought I would. The result was really good, smooth legs and one week on that is still the case. I will definitely persevere with it although I am hoping that it doesn't take too many goes before it doesn't sting quite so much.


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            25.09.2008 18:56
            Very helpful



            Great Epilator - Worth Every Penny!!

            OK so I'm no stranger to epilating and have done my legs for years with my trusty, old epilator but tried my underarms once and hardly even got going it was so painful.

            Decided it was time to invest in a new one and particularly wanted one for doing under my arms. So after reading 'hundreds' of reviews I decided this was the model for me.

            There's a variety of different heads/caps to use;
            Standard massage system
            Efficiency Cap (for fast epilation)
            Beginner Cap (also for sensitive skin)
            Underarm Cap (also for other delicate body areas)
            Precision head (face and sensitive areas)
            Shaver head attachment with opti-trim

            The opti-trim attachment for the shaver trims to optimum length for epilating - and beginners/first timers note: the length of your hair does make a difference to the pain!

            The heads and caps are also detachable and can be cleaned under running water.

            There are also pre-epilation wipes included with this item which you run over the area to be epilated. I'm using them now but once they've run out not sure I'll bother buying them separately.

            This model is rechargeable and not having to be next to a power point is a great bonus (takes about an hour to charge and lasts for about 40 mins - plenty of time for everything I want to epilate!) . The smartlight is another great feature and really shows up the little hairs that you'd otherwise miss.
            Another real plus point is the pivoting head which moves easily over the contours and knobbly bits - great for knees and ankles!

            Legs were a doddle, as I said I've done them before anyway but with this model it was quick, efficient and hardly felt a thing!

            Underarms....the first time,
            It hurt! Sorry but I can't lie, it really hurt - but I persevered, gritted my teeth and stuck with it (then treated myself to a large glass of wine afterwards which really helped!)

            It's hard to get the skin under your arms really taut and I found bending my arm across the top of my head was the best I could do - I have done my underarms since and have to say it's much easier, hardly any pain and certainly nothing like that first experience. The best tip is to give them a quick go every couple of weeks when there's just a few starting to pop through and you'll hardly feel anything.

            I thoroughly recommend this model, compared to my older model. It's brilliant and does a much better job, much quicker and less painfully (yes even the underarms bit!!)

            Only criticism is the two pin plug thing, Braun if you'd thrown in an adaptor it would have been perfect!

            Not the cheapest - but worth every penny!

            Please Note: I also review on Amazon under username Big Bertha and this review (or a version of it) appears on there


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        • Product Details

          The Braun Silk Epil Xpressive 7681 epilator has been designed to make the removal of unwanted hair as efficient, gentle and easy as possible. Its proven epilation system removes hair at the root, leaving your skin smooth for weeks. As the hair that re-grows is fine and soft, there will be no more stubble.

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