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Braun 7871 Silk Epil 7 Dual Epilator

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Brand: Braun / Type: Epilator

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    2 Reviews
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      08.04.2013 21:09
      Very helpful
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      Handy high speed tweezers that pack a punch

      I purchased my epilator after a lot of research, I became bored by the idea of having to shave nearly every day, it is such a chore! I didn't want to wax myself as it is messy and really expensive to have to buy products such as Veet on a daily basis. I thought I would invest in an epilator so that it was a one off price that might reduce the length of time I spend on preening and more on showing off the long lasting results!

      The Price

      I purchased my epilator on ebay for £78.99, which was a very good price. I have found on Amazon, the same product for £85 but if you keep an eye out you may be able to get it cheaper!

      There are different head settings that can be attached to the epilator depending on the area of the body that you are looking to epilate, these include
      - A smoothing cap
      - An epilation cap
      - Sensitive areas cap

      The epilator also comes with an in-built Venus blade.

      What does an epilator do?

      How the epilator works is that it is made up of loads of small tweezers that rotate really fast and when placed on the skin, it takes the hair out from the root. That sounds incredibly painful- and to be honest, frankly, it is a painful process...to begin with. The important thing to note is, with epilation, the skin is very sensitive for first time users, but with repeated use, and with hair growing back thinner and slower, the technique of epilation and the pain is reduced. It never completely goes away but for those out there, it does get better!

      Please note- From personal experience, do not try it out on sensitive areas first of all, if you have never used it before. I was very naive, back in the day I thought it wouldn't be that bad and went straight for my underarms.... tears still prick at my eyes thinking back on that fateful night.

      Is it worth all the pain?

      Everyone has different pain thresholds and people can tolerate more than others. At the beginning I was wary, but not I use my epilator without fear. It is worth the pain, the key thing to note here is that hair grows in cycles, and when you get in a good routine with epilation, it could be nearly 4 weeks before you would need to epilate again. So on a balance, epilation + results vs. pain = smoother, long lasting results, soft legs with reducing pain the more you get used to it.

      How is the epilator charged?

      This epilator is re-chargeable, it can also be used in water, which can reduce the pain of epilation.


      The epilator performs very well, be warned, as with all epilators, this epilator is extremely noisy, look at youtube videos to get an idea about the noise- it is very noisy which is maybe of putting but again, you get used to it. Note- don't look at the tweezers as they are rotating, they look like angry teeth! The great thing about this epilator is the light, it makes it so much better to see the hair growing so that there are no bits that aren't removed, also with the venus blade gliding on your skin after, the results are really nice and smooth legs, and as stated, as long as you keep up with epilating, the hair will grow in the same growth cycle and will have better and longer results.

      The negative about this epilator is the wet application. I used it a few times in the shower and I didn't get the same hair removal and took twice as long to remove hair. So this is a negative. Also, there is a tendency in the water for the tweezers to grip on to your skin which can be extremely painful and can make you bleed- so I would tend not to use it in water. There is a pivoting head on the epilator which is meant to allow for better body contact, but in the water it does not glide as smoothly.

      There are two speeds- which is handy when I need to take a break and go a bit slower.

      Overall- in my opinion, this epilator has resulted in less time spent preening and more time spent showing off the results. Its a love/hate relationship with my epilator- as a product it is really good, operates well (except in water) and really gets rid of my hair but I guess for all the positives, the pain of epilation is a small price to pay.

      It lost a star for the results under water.


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        10.03.2011 23:12
        Very helpful



        Good for gentle wet epilation & efficient dry epilation with less pain than other models.

        First, the disclaimer: I was offered the opportunity to try this through BzzAgent. I got it for free and I'm asked to give my "honest and hype-free" opinion.

        That's the boring bit, on with the review.

        First, a quick product description. The Braun Silk-Epil 7 is a cordless, rechargeable epilator that offers the option of using it in water - making epilation gentler & helping to reduce pain during epilation. It can also be used with a "smoothing cap", that has an inbuilt razor blade. The idea here is that the razor picks up any hairs left behind by the epilator, giving a perfectly smooth finish in a shorter time.

        I'm an experienced epilator user - I've used another Braun epilator for several years. I was most excited to try the Silk-Epil 7 because of the wet/dry feature, something I thought would make a big difference to the epilation process. I should point out that I don't find epilation excruciatingly painful - just painful enough to be annoying.

        First I tried it as a dry epilator. I was really pleased with the Silk-Epil's performance as a dry epilator - it sounds like the head moves faster than my old one (for those who haven't used them before, epilators are REALLY NOISY), and it seems to be a quicker & less painful task as a result. The finished result is good - yes, it misses the very short, fine hairs, but to be honest I think it does a better job than my old one and I can only see the hairs it leaves behind if I look really, really closely with a light shining from the right direction.

        Using as a wet epilator gave me mixed results. What I've found is that to help it move smoothly over the skin in the water, I need to use some shaving gel, otherwise it drags on my skin - this could be a technique issue that I'll overcome with practice, though. I haven't been particularly impressed with the shaving cap - I find it hard to get good contact between the blade & my skin, possibly because it's set in this larger cap that fits over the epilation head. Due to this poor contact, the blade leaves short stubbly bits of hair behind - and when it does contact well, it leaves me itchy after use (razors & I have never really gotten along well). The head does pivot to help maintain good contact, but I find it sometimes sticks & clicks from one position to another, making me worried that I'll slip & cut myself with the razor blade. Speaking of slipping - it's kind of hard to keep a good grip on the epilator when it's wet & you've got shaving gel on your hands - it's also not as manoeuvrable as a normal razor (it's bigger, for a start, so of course it's not going to be as easy to handle). On the upside, the little dial-shaped control to turn it on & off is still easy to work when it's wet & slippery. The area I found the shaving cap really useful was when doing my underarms - usually I have to get my husband to help with this, but I think that between the epilator (which, as I mentioned before, seems more efficient than my old one) and the razor, I got underarms presentable enough to wear a sleeveless dress without fear in almost no time.

        Overall - well, on the positive side of mixed, I guess. I love using it in the bath, even though having shaving gel all over the place makes it hard to tell what's been done & what still needs to be done. But I'm not enamoured of the razor in the shaving cap - aside from the stubbly bits left behind & my irrational fear of shaving cuts, I don't like the idea that I have to keep buying new ones as the blades wear out - it seems like a big chunk of plastic to throw away, and the lack of continued outlay is one of my major reasons for using an epilator rather than home/salon waxing (seriously, add up how much it costs to get your legs waxed every month or so & you cover the cost of an epilator pretty quickly). The battery lasts about half an hour, long enough to get your legs, arms & underarms done, and a red light comes on to give you a couple of minutes warning before it goes flat. I prefer the cordless model over ther. But I'm impressed enough with the performance of the epilator in dry conditions & it's use in the wet that I'd absolutely recommend this model to anyone interested in buying an epilator. The battery lasts about half an hour, long enough to get your legs, arms & underarms done, and a red light comes on to give you a couple of minutes warning before it goes flat. I like the fact that it's cordless - aside from being a necessity if you're going to use it in the bath, it just makes life that little bit easier if you don't have to find a position close enough to a power outlet yet still convenient to sit & epilate in. I also like epilating in the bath as the loose hairs then get washed away with the bathwater - if I epilate dry I need to make sure I spread a towel underneath me to catch the hairs... but maybe I'm the only one who doesn't like having drifting leg hairs all over the place. The major downside for this model is the cost - RRP is around the £160 mark, although they are available through Amazon for less.

        STOP PRESS: Just an update to say I'm really impressed with the low level of regrowth I've had while using this epilator - as in very little so far, which suggests to me that it really does pluck out the hair rather than break it. With my old epilator I started seeing a bit of stubbly regrowth after a week or two, so I figured it mustn't be pulling the hairs out completely cleanly. I'd also say that if you're interested, definitely go for the "Legs & Body" model (which includes a couple of different caps for use on different parts of the body - like a narrow "precision head" that's good for doing areas like your top lip - yes, I use the epilator there too!).


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    • Product Details

      Giving you a new skin feeling that lasts in one stroke the Braun Silk-Épil 7 Dual Epilator combines the long-lasting effects of epilation with Gillette Venus Technology for a completely new hair removal experience. Braun Silk-Épil 7 features: Dermatologist recommended. Flexible pivoting head. Smart guide shine light on even the finest hairs. 100% waterproof and fully washable. SoftLift Tips lift even flat lying hairs. Full charge in 1hour only for 30minutes of cordless shaving.