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Femme Fatale Wet & Dry Bikini Trimmer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Femme Fatale / Vidal Sassoon / Bikini Trimmer

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2012 13:01
      Very helpful



      Okay if you like a lot of pain down there otherwise stay away!


      Manufacturer: Femme Fatale (never heard of them)
      Additional Head/Blade for Face: No

      Spare Shaving Head/Blades: No
      Power Supply: Rechargeable Docking Station

      Skin Cooler: No
      Type: Epilator/Shaver

      Specified Areas: All Zones (excluding face)
      Pretty Templates: Yes

      Washable: Yes
      Oiled for Comfort: Yes (more of a pain though)

      I bought one of these things as I thought, what a great idea, an easy and quick way to shave the ole bikini line, and boy was I wrong.
      In theroy this seems like such a great idea, but it hurts like hell. It is oiled which is meant to be for your comfort, but when it makes you bleed there is no comfort at all. The oil only makes for harder cleaning, and even though you do get a wee cleaning brush the oil makes your hair stick to it something awful.

      The blades on this are very sharp and can cut you in an instant, no matter how careful you are. It does come with little templates, like a heart, triangle, diamond, etc if you want to be purdy down below, but these are very awkward to use, as you have to hold them with one hand and shave with the other, while trying not to hurt yourself and being down there this is very hard to do as you can barely see what you're doing past the template.
      The only good thing about this specific product is that it's rechargable so you don't need an endless supply of batteries and a charge takes no time at all and lasts for ages.

      You can set the head to different lengths, just like on mens hair shavers, but this is quite pointless because when shaving your bikini line you don't want stubble left, so it's better to remove the main plastic cover/head. Even when removed this thing still leaves stubble making you a bit itchy as it feels spikey and like I said it cuts you, and it cuts a lot, leaving you with little teeth marks/blood spots that sting madly. I recommend using some moisturiser after shaving, although you won't want to use it again.
      I got it at a good price of £15 in the sales, but it is usualy around £25 and totally not worth the hassle and pain.

      Do not buy this product unless you're one of these people who love pain (which I'm sure you're not).
      I would not recommend this product to anyone, either stick to shaving, hair removal cream or good old faithful waxing by a professional.

      Loads of discomfort and stubble, a complete waste of money.
      ouch ouch ouch!


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      26.03.2012 23:33
      Very helpful



      A much neater alternative to shaving

      I've had this bikini trimmer for years, and to be honest I'd kind of forgotten I had it after it had been stored away somewhere during many house moves. I've just recently discovered it again, got it charged up, and am now using it in place of razors which can sometimes cause irritation in more sensitive areas. It was a while ago when I bought it, but I know it was from Boots, and it cost around £25 at the time. Obviously these days we have the benefit of the internet to be able to search for cheaper options.

      The trimmer is rechargeable, so it has an adaptor which gets plugged into the mains and plugged into the base of the trimmer to charge it up. This means you don't have to use it with a wire attached to it, which would be rather tricky and make precision somewhat difficult. It has a base which you can stand it on, although personally I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to leave a personal item like this on display, inviting awkward questions from younger visitors who are of an age where they ask "Mummy what's that" about EVERYTHING they see! Call me a prude, but I'd much rather just put things like this in a drawer out of sight.

      Anyway, rant over! The trimmer has detachable blades, and a comb attachment which basically determines how much hair you're wishing to trim. There are five options, ranging from a bit of a tidy up, to full on baldness, so be careful and do a test patch before you get carried away and end up with an unintentional Brazilian! The trimmer is easy enough to use, you simply set the blade to the level you require, and press the button on the side to turn it on. It makes a bit of noise but isn't too loud, much like a man's razor. You can use it either dry or in the shower, but I prefer to use it out of the shower because I find the water distracting and puts me off so I end up being less precise. I did wonder whether it might be a bit sore on the skin if it was used dry, but it's never caused me any problems, and doesn't leave those horrible nasty red lumps that you get from shaving sometimes. It gives a really close shave and is much easier to use without any nicks or cuts.

      The charge on the razor lasts for a good while, it's never run out when I've been using it, although I do make sure I recharge it as soon as I'm finished otherwise it's annoying when you pick it up next time and it fizzles out straight away because you forgot to charge it. I doubt it needs charging this often, but I like to be sure.

      The trimmer came with a comb to clean the blades, the base for it to sit in, a charger, and some cutting guides. Now, the cutting guides went straight in the bin, but I shall tell you about them anyway. They give you five shapes, as you can see from the picture, and these are intended for the more fun-minded people who wish to perform some kind of hedge cutting shaping on their intimate area. I mean, seriously, I know I'm showing my prudish side again, but who, WHO, would ever shave an arrow into their pubic area?! But anyway, if you're into this kind of thing, you can have a heart, triangle, rectangle, arrow or square cut into your lady area.

      All in all, this is an excellent lady trimmer, which I would highly recommend.


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