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Philips HP6481 Satinelle Ice Epilator

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Brand: Philips / Type: Epilator

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    3 Reviews
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      20.07.2010 21:28
      Very helpful



      Time consuming and with less-than-perfect results

      I was curious about epilation after reading a bit about it online - it seemed like a better alternative to shaving as results were supposed to last up to 4 weeks, so certainly less time consuming. Also, while some epilators could be quite expensive I managed to get this one for around £30 and figured that it would 'pay for itself' over time considering I would be spending less money on pricey razor blades.

      The epilator has two speed setting so that those new to it can use the slower setting and it also uses massaging motions to help to reduce the pain of epilation. It also comes with an ice pack to use prior to the epilation in order to numb the area and make the process easier. Given the horror stories I had heard about the pain of epilation this was quite a factor in the choice to purchase this one!

      The epilator runs on the mains and it is fairly noisy - in fact I found it quite intimidating when I plugged it in and it proceeded to make a massive racket as all the little tweezers started rotating - not encouraging! As for the 'pain factor' it was fairly painful on the legs, more like slight 'nips' rather than terrible pain but I found by just getting on with it I got both legs done without too much hassle... or so I thought. I noticed the epilator didn't remove the hairs very easily and so this resulted in me going over the same areas two or sometimes three times, then finding more bits than had been missed! As a result I found it very time consuming.

      Afterwards my legs were sore and had red bumps for about a day - this is a normal side effect of epilation which does mean you have to plan ahead when you're going to do it if you don't want to go on a night out with red bumpy legs! I was disapointed however that the epilation did in no way create the 'silky smooth' effect of shaving, in fact my legs felt quite stubbly in places.

      On the plus side the hair wasn't very visible and it was about a week before it began to become visible - so quite a bit earlier than the claimed four weeks! Given how long it took to do the first time and how the epilator seemed to struggle to pick up the smaller hairs this was extremely annoying as I had originally got the epilator in order to save time!

      I have since used it a couple more times and while the hair does seem to take longer to grow back and appears less noticable it's still less than 2 weeks before it's visible and the process is still very time consuming. Plus I just don't like the fact that you don't get the 'smoothness' of shaving and have in fact switched back to using razors as in terms of time and effort it's easier for me just to do that than suffer through epilation once a week for mediocre results.

      It's hard to say if I'd recommend it - if you like the idea of only having to remove hair about once a week then it would be suitable, provided you have a reasonable pain threshold. However don't go in expecting a quick process or smooth legs - it won't happen.


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        19.06.2009 15:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a good method of hair removal for those with a high pain threshold

        One Saturday afternoon my housemate and I were sitting around lamenting how hair removal is expensive, time-consuming business. We got to the topic of epilators and realized that their two main selling points could reduce our whining on the subject of hair removal: once you've bought one, no further cost (except I guess the electricity to run it) and since they claim to keep hair away for up to a month it would be less time-consuming. So off we toddled to the shopping centre and settled on buying a Phillips epilator as a mid-range, 'safe' option.

        Back home we unpacked it, admired its smooth lines then plugged it in. It sounded like an instrument of torture. We marveled at its rapidly rotating tweezer-like blades and realized it looked like an instrument of torture. We therefore turned it off and opened a bottle of wine.

        A couple of glasses later we felt ready to tentatively try it. Leg outstretched, eyes half shut I placed it against my shin and started moving it upwards. Seriously, I have never felt such pain in my life and my housemate laughed hysterically, partly at the faces I was making and probably partly as she realized she had to try it too. I stopped within seconds, looked at the streak of hair-free leg and remembered the mantra of no-pain-no-gain and continued.
        Twenty minutes later, after much stop-and-starting, I had two fairly hair free legs that were throbbing in agony. Now it was my housemate's turn. She had had time to consume more wine prior to starting but also found it excuriatingly painful, and in fact stopped after half a leg.

        I then took up the challenge again to try my underarms. This redefined the most amount of pain I've ever felt to a new level. She then did her underarms, and had the opposite experience to me - she found underarms less painful than legs. By the end of this one of our male housemates came home and was mocking our intolerance of pain. He foolishly agreed for us to try it on his leg and, as a bynote, the epilator test proved men really do have a lower pain threshold than women.

        The following day we both had legs covered in red bumps which we moisturized with passion. By day 2 our legs looked hair free and 'normal', but on touching were not as smooth as after shaving. However, they remained 'acceptable' on an aesthetic level for the next week, at which point I decided to persist with using an epilator for my legs but not underarms while my housemate decided the inverse.

        Now, several months on, I can report that epilating does keep your legs hair free for a couple of weeks at a time, and when the hair grows back it is less visible than the stubbly hair that grows back after shaving. It also does become less painful to epilate with time, although I still view it as an activity best combined with some form of alcohol.

        Would I recommend it? Well, you definitely need to have a high tolerance of pain, and the end result looks fine but doesn't feel as nice as shaving. You will also occasionally need to be prepared to dig out odd ingrowing hairs with tweezers. However, overall I find it's the best method of leg hair removal for me.


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          31.05.2009 12:56
          Very helpful



          I'm loving my new gadget despite the ouch

          Everytime I've got to 50000 dooyoo miles before, i've opted for a cheque payout. Thus far I have received 7 cheques (£350/350000 miles) but the miles seemed to be adding up rather slowly this time so when I got to £20 I decided i'd treat myself to something from Amazon instead.

          Cue- the epilator. I've read nothing but good things about epilators; minus the pain factor of course but i'm not a wimp so I dared to try!

          My natural hair colour is darkest brown and I have always shaved my legs before, the hair grows back coarser each time and it seemed I was only going a couple of days between shaves which is extra annoying when you're on holiday and have better things to be doing!
          I've tried waxing; ouch, sore skin and most hairs just broke not plucked. Hair removal creams; manky smell, have to sit still for 10 minutes smelling manky and seemed to remove half my hair only.
          So the last thing to try is epilating, fingers crossed.

          I had a look in Boots first of all and this one initially caught my eye but the price wasn't pleasing; £48. I liked the idea of cooling the skin before the epilator got to work so hoped it would be cheaper on Amazon, for once I was lucky and the current price on Amazon is £21.
          One £20 Amazon voucher from Dooyoo + £1 of my own hard earned cash and I was the proud owner of a Phillips HP6481 Satinelle Ice.

          Described as an "Ultra gentle epilator", I liked the sound of that!
          For those who don't know, probably men lol an epilator is a device which is made up of tonnes of tiny tweezers which pluck each hair out from the root as it moves along your leg (or wherever else you dare try it!)
          This one says the tweezers can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm so you don't need to wait for a long regrowth (eww) as you do with waxing.

          The epilator looks just like the one in the pic above (seen as I requested this was added to the Dooyoo catalogue!) It's an attractive little thing in pretty colours, what surprised me was the size of it; it's only about 4 inch long and easily fits in the palm of my hand.
          The epilating head itself is the pale blue bit and is about an inch wide and half an inch deep, behind this is a lime green 'massaging element' which combined with the ice pack confuses your skin and minimises the pain signals apparently.
          The dark green bit you can see on the front is a special rubber material which is really easy to keep a grip on (despite sweaty palms from pre-epilating panic lol)
          There are 2 speed setting, number 1 for areas where the bone is close to the surface of the skin; knee, ankle etc. Aka the more painful bits and number 2 for areas of denser hair on less sensitive bits. Number 2 is faster than Number 1.

          I liked the box of goodies I got; the epilator itself of course with AC adaptor plus an exfoliating bath puff thing in the same green colour, a little pouch to store everything in (again in the same pretty colours of white and pale green) the cooling glove, into which you slip a special shaped ice pack (also supplied, pretty colours) and a cleaning brush.

          Epilating time!!
          So to start you need to put the ice pack in the freezer, leave for a minimum of 2 hours and then slip it into the clever glove thing.
          There aren't many instructions; just make sure your skin is clean and dry and it's best used after a bath as your pores will be open easing the epilating process slightly.
          I held the ice pack glove over a bit of my leg for about a minute, it felt suitably cold and slightly numb after this time. Plugging in my epilator I was panicking, if it hurt as much as waxing I didn't think I'd cope.....

          So I turn it on, quite noisy which makes me scared! I edge closer to my leg, trying to be brave..and i'm off.
          For any one who has one (I have two now) it feels like getting a tattoo. As the tweezers bits are spinning really fast they are plucking around 24 hairs at a time and it really does burn. The other thing I could liken it to is probably getting a static shock over and over again....
          I presume the ice isn't really working so move onto a bit of leg which is un-cooled and try there, it doesn't feel any worse and after about 5 minutes the pain does dull (just like when getting a tattoo) I can cope with it more than I can waxing as that is just a sudden bolt of pain, this is at least consistent!lol.

          After one leg is done I resemble a plucked chicken, each and every pore is red :(
          I run my hand over my skin and still feel a couple of stubbly bits (and a lot of sore bits) so brave another go, the good thing about this is you can go over the same patch of skin as many times as you need without making it sore as if there aren't any hairs present the epilator does no damage and just glides over your skin.
          The same can't be said for shaving or waxing, your skin would be sore as hell if you went over the same bits over and over again.
          Doing my 'touching up' is a lot more bearable though it did make me jump when it found a hair lol.

          The redness disappears within a few hours so don't worry about that, don't do it the day before your big night out thought just in case.

          I have always had an obsession with plucking my eyebrows and I think it's going to carry over to this!

          It's been 2 weeks since I first used this and there are still no stubbly bits on my legs, i'm going out three nights in a row (my poor head) next weekend so come Wednesday i'll probably have a little 'touch up'.

          Apparently when the hair grows back it will also be softer and finer each time as each hair is 'new' as you plucked the old ones out by the root.

          A bargain at the price it is on Amazon, i'm looking forward to my first
          summer holiday without needing to shave my legs!

          P.S you can also use the epilator on your underarms or (heaven-forbid) bikini line but I'm not brave enough for that yet!


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        • Product Details

          Ultra gentle epilator with soothing ice pack Soothing ice pack / reduces the unpleasant feeling of epilation Ceramic epilation system / unique ceramic material and ergonomic shape for fast & efficient epilation Active massage system / minimises the pulling sensation for extra comfort Washable epilation head for extra hygiene and easy cleaning Cleaning brush Exfoliating body puff / fewer ingrown hairs Luxury storage pouch Soft touch gel grip for perfect grip and optimal handling Power source: AC (mains)

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