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Philips HP6491 Satinelle Ice Epilator

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Brand: Philips / Type: Epilator

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2011 20:38



      This product is one which in principle works but in practice doesn't

      Fed up of buying disposable razors, I decided to boldly try an epilator. Normally costing around 50 to 60 pounds I managed to pick up the Phillips Satinelle Ice for around 30 in a half price offer which was a fairly reasonable deal.
      If you are looking for a lasting hair removal technique other than waxing or lazer removal this is the way to go. However, my problem with the Satinelle is that I was unable to achieve a long lasting result as I was unable to get past the pain of pulling the hair out in the first place. Although this product comes with a handy ice pack that attaches to the device to numb the area first, in honesty it still hurts an awful lot and I found the hairs had to be pretty long in the first place to have any sort of effect.
      As well as an epilator it also comes with an interchangeable plain old electric razor head so if you wuss out of the epillation treatment, there's always that as a second option.
      Although the epilator is pleasing enough on the eye, a delicate feminine colour with a swirly pattern, unfortunately this doesn't distract from the fact this is in some ways an instrument of torture. Mine currently sits unused in a drawer, never again to see the light of day.
      Would I recommend this product to anyone else? Only if they have a pretty reasonable pain threshold, unlike myself.


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      24.01.2011 13:29
      Very helpful



      see review x

      I purchased this a few months ago and it cost me around £50, so i thought well it must be good for that price. So let me tell you a bit about it.


      The Philips Satinelle Ice, works just like a razor, except instead of cuttin the hair off at the tips this pulls it from the roots. It has several rotating tweezers that pulls off ya hair and has 2 different speeds. I will not lie and say it does not hurt, cos it really hurts, but i find the faster u run it over your legs or arms the less it hurts. The satinelle comes with an ice pack, that attaches easily to the back of your epilator, that is supposed to help cool your skin, so that their is less pain, to me it did'nt stop it hurting but it does help a bit loll.

      The epliator is very easy to clean and the head detaches simply by the press of a button, and is easy to reattach. The epilator comes with a brush as it is not washable, and it cleans it well.

      They do say that the epilator removes hair for up to a few of days but i did find after a couple of days they were growing back. The epilator is really good at removing hairs though and my legs were so smooth after wards, but you must not use this product just after you have had a bath or get into the bath straight after. I think this is due to some reaction your skin will have, but it never actually states the reason why.

      If you have sensitive skin, then this will not be the product for you, and you would need to purchase one for sensitive skin. I myself do not have sensitive skin, but i did find that when i used this i came out in red blotches where it had pulled the hair out, this took a couple of hours to go down. So i would not do this just before u are due to go out lol.


      Cleaning brush
      Mains plug
      Carry case



      I do like the epliator and it does work better than a razor, just more painful to use. It is so easy to use. It is easy to take apart to clean also. The epilator is used just like you would use a razor, so it is not hard to use. It does take slightly longer though, as i find that it does not remove all the hair first time and i usually have to do it two or three times. As i have mentioned i do think it is a bit pricey as you can but a lady shave for a lot less, but it does give a great shave and my legs had never been so smooth, and i was really impressed with the results i got.

      Also on ciao under kineticspade


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