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Philips HP6509 Satinelle Body Epilator

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Brand: Philips / Type: Epilator

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    5 Reviews
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      01.12.2012 13:30



      I would recommend this product to first time epilators.

      After having become very tired and bored of continually shaving my legs to keep them from being prickly and irritating I decided I needed a new hair removal scheme. I tried Veet hair removal cream but found leaving it on for 5-10 minutes meant I had to keep perfectly still or risk getting it everywhere and I could not stand the smell of burning hair it left on my skin and also in the bathroom!
      Along came an idea of looking into epilators, of which I only knew as evil little machines that rip hair out of your legs.. but the more I read up on them the more comfortable with the idea I became.
      I looked through Amazon and found this little gadget at a very reasonable price and thought, Why not!?
      So it arrived and I read through the instructions to make sure I was doing everything properly to get the best experience from it. So Philips suggest you have a hot bath or shower before epilation to allow your skin to be soft and the pores open to make hair removal easier. This item comes with a protective guard which you are recommended to use at first as it massages the skin.

      It's so great to have options to epilate at different speeds so you can build up tolerance to the pain and also you can change it to a lady shaver for more sensitive areas.
      This is my one-stop shop for hair removal and I would recommend it to all who want to try out epilation.


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      22.08.2012 13:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great product for anyone is looking for reasonably priced hair removal!

      Reason for purchase:
      I purchased the philips epilator a couple of weeks ago for £27 from amazon (very reasonable price for this product). The main reason I decided to try epilation is that I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks and due to excess body hair I usually have to shave my legs at least once a day whilst on holiday.

      The epilator is packed very well and comes with two different head attachments. The first is the epilator which comes with a "lift and massage" adaptor. This raises the hair for epilation making it easier for the tweezers to catch. The massage part rubs over the skin once it has been epilated to ease the skin. Your also receive a razor which comes with a "trimmer" adaptor. Also givens is a cleaning brush and simple bag to keep all the accesories and epilator in.

      Item description:
      The epilator itself comes with a long power cord which is very handy as I can imagine if you needed to charge this it would be irritating if battery ran out half way through. It's about the size of the palm of your hand and is a nice lilac and white colour. It also comes in two speeds so I started at 1 then moved to 2 once I had gained confidence. It is very noisy (I make sure the windows are closed before I use it).

      I won't lie...this is quite painful. I used it for the first time and only managed the lower half of one leg (and I have quite a high pain threshold). However, after shaving almost daily for 10 years I did expect this. I would thouroughly recommend that you exfoliate and have a hot bath/shower before epilating as this will ease the pain slightly. Once you get into the hang of it though I almost found it enjoyable. I did have to go over the same patch a few times then tweeze the odd hair manually but I also expected this. I often sit and watch TV whilst epilating (with a towel handy) and this usually distracts from the pain.
      I did also try epilating my armpits but this gave me quite a sore rash. However, I am going to try again after exfoliating properly.

      I am absoluetly delighted with the epilator! Two weeks on and whilst there is hair growth, my legs are as stubbly as they would be a day after shaving which is amazing! However, you can find yourself with more ingrown hairs as the hairshaft is weakened and so the hairs struggle to push through the skin. Therefore would definitely try and exfoliate every other day and have a look with the tweezers to sort out any ingrowns.

      I would definitely recommend this to a friend but it does take a quite a lot of perseverance and the level of pain is quite high. However, the rewards definitely outweigh the pain!


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        20.02.2012 15:35
        Very helpful



        No more razor for me!

        Satinelle Soft

        Why an epilator?
        Well to be honest I was getting incredibly tired of the speed my leg hair grew and therefore the amount of time spent shaving! Cost came into the equation too - razor blades are pretty expensive to be replacing regularly. Making the switch to epilating would mean that I was hair free for longer and avoided regular pricey blade purchases.

        That sounds fabulous doesn't it - why was I hesitant then? Well the fact that I have previously trialled a sugar wax system - the less said the better - was a factor. This experience was incredibly messy, time consuming and boy did it produce some pain! Now if you like that kind of thing or can handle intense pain that is an option for you - me, I prefer to avoid unpleasant sensations such as that. With this in mind I had my reservations about epilating as I had heard that it can be rather painful.

        Some research took place and after some mixed responses I decided that I could most likely handle whatever the epilator did. The decision was made after my mum described her experience as being bearable. I could do this and the promise of hair free legs for weeks instead of days really appealed.

        Why Philips Satinelle?
        This was an easy decision really. Firstly the majority of reviews for this were good, add to that the fact that this was the model that mum was using with great results for some time - but the half price offer at Boots was the final deal breaker that led to this becoming a nice gift for me off mum. A winner all round so far - but I was still apprehensive to say the least.

        Well presented...
        On the package - which is pretty neat - there is a statement which tells you that if you don't love it you will get your money back! That is good to know as until you try out an epilator you really do not know if it is something that you can tolerate - it's all fine in black and white but you really need to see how it feels and know if you can do the deed for yourself. There is lots of really useful information on the box and I like the fact that it is only as big as it needs to be - less packaging is great especially when you need to store the box in case of returns at a later date.

        In this box is a nice array of quality looking stuff. I was excited by the unit when I held it in my palm - that is about the size of the unit and so it didn't put me off! It is really light too - I was surprised by that and rather pleased as it gives more control. A power cord with plug is included and has a real good length of cable - this is appreciated so that you can reach a mirror if need be. There is a razor head here too! I didn't know that I was getting a two in one appliance here and thought that was a great bonus for any quick shave emergencies. There are two purple plastic attachments to fit over the epilator head or razor head to cut at a different length and in the case of the epilator to use initially so that you can get used to it before going the whole hog without it. A double ended brush is included and this is really handy for keeping the heads hair free and clean. All of your equipment can be stored safely away in a white drawstring bag which is included with this kit.

        A quick illustrated guide is included and I found it really handy to access and follow during my first uses. Also included is a more detailed set of instructions for you to peruse at you leisure and get to know more about your unit. Worth reading as it has great hints and tips as well as essential do's and don'ts.

        When shall I have a go?
        I'll admit that it took me a few weeks to actually get the unit out and decide to give it a whirl - even though I was really happy with what I got it just didn't come naturally for me to grab it and go remove some hairs! Just had to get some courage first.

        Off we go then...
        I am so very glad that I gave this a go and not just one use - this is out as and when I need it and has become my new hair removal buddy.

        I made a decision and went for it! I didn't use the hair lift and massage attachment as I was feeling very brave! I brushed my hairs upwards on my legs as instructed and tentatively began to epilate at the bottom of my leg. The sound was not off putting as it is actually quite unobtrusive - I had some music playing too. I was really surprised. I knew that mum had told me the very first use is the worst and then as the hair grows thinner and slower the following occasions will be less painful. What I felt was like a little scratch as if I was scratching an itch on my leg. As I moved the unit upwards I saw that all of the hair was removed! Unlike my experience with the sugar wax - I had to repeat the stripping in the same area numerous times as odd hairs were left behind. This was really very good indeed. The lower area and thigh area was absolutely fine - as I got to the more intimate areas and the very tops of the legs this was a little more sensitive but actually it was bearable! For me to say that it really is because I normally avoid pain at all cost.

        So with the legs done and in a reasonable time - singing away as I went along with the unit I may add - I thought I would do under the arms. Now this is were I made a mistake - I had let the hair grow a little in order to do the epilating but unlike waxing the epilator works better and is less painful on shorter hair - indeed it is even advised to shave a bit off if the hair is quite long before you begin to epilate. There was a bit of a grab effect that was a wee bit unpleasant but still no where near like the pain that I had expected or imagined - though the procedure is much less painful now that I understand the concept of epilating! You learn from mistakes.

        After epilating I tried out the razor around my bikini area and found the shave to be really close - the unit is very well designed to enable you to reach difficult contours of the body safely - this was easy and the results very impressive!

        Now hair free in the areas that I wanted to be I was really happy with the length of time that it took in comparison to waxing. I would say it was about the same time that I would spend with a razor but the length of time in between would be the differentiating factor here. Over two weeks later before I needed to remove hair after epilating! That will do for me.

        Cleaning the equipment could not be easier - it did not get clogged up anyway but a quick sweep of the brush and all is pristine again. The epilator head may be washed with warm water once removed from the unit.

        Epiltating times...
        After a bath or shower is a good time to use the epilator - avoid using oily products or creams though. It is good to apply a moisturiser after you have epilated. I avoid using deodorant and bathing products on the same day that I have used the epilator as the skin can be a little red and I like to allow it to recover before introducing any irritants.

        It is normal to have a small amount of redness or a light rash after epilating - I have only noted a very small redness to the skin but no rash up to now.


        Numerous other outlets stock this unit - a google search will provide more information.


        Argos have it on offer at half price at the time of reviewing.

        Would I recommend to you...
        I have to say that having been pretty afraid of using an epilator after experiencing the effects of a sugar waxing kit - which also caused a large rash - I was hesitant about trialling an epilator. I would not have bought the first unit that I saw as I wanted to know much more about the brand and model before I tried it out - namely how much pain it causes and does it actually get all hair out at once. I was happy to purchase this one as I had mum's first hand account after years of using the Philips brand. Many reviews convinced me that I too could benefit and tolerate the joys of this particular piece of kit. I was still very apprehensive prior to using it even though I was pleased with the contents of the box - but once I got the first experience under my belt I have never looked back. I expected much more pain that what I got - that was a relief. I can use this without any feeling of dread and I do use it often without any problems. I find that all hair is normally removed on the first sweep up the leg - only occasionally do I have to do the same area again. It's not a problem as for me it only feels like a light scratch! The results are great and last a long time - a good two and a half weeks or so for me! The hair is growing finer and there is less of it now too. The unit is easy to keep clean and is stored tidily away in it's own drawstring bag. If you can get this at half price too then you are getting a great deal. I am keeping mine for sure but it is nice to know that if it didn't suit me I could get my money back! Keep receipts just in case. I can highly recommend this one if you are considering an epilator.


        Star Rating

        Thanks for reading
        Also published on Ciao


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          03.12.2011 23:00
          Very helpful
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          Would definitely recommend. Hair takes longer to grow back than with shaving, and grows back thinner

          Every summer I got so fed up with the continuous burden of having to shave my legs almost everyday whilst I was on holiday. I'd tried hair removal cream, which hadn't given me good results at all; waxing strips, which I never seemed to be able to get results with; and was at that time using a simple Venus razor, which required more or less daily use. So last summer I decided to do something about it and started researching epilators.

          Ranging from £20 to in excess of £100 I really had no idea what constituted such differences in price; as far as I was (and still am) concerned an epilator is basically an electric set of tweezers. Seeing as Amazon had a seemingly good deal on the Philips HP6509 I decided to give it a go, knowing I'd only regret it when next summer came around. I had read that epilating hurts a lot the first few times you do it, so I was prepared to feel the pain. When I turned it on for the first time I will admit I was quite nervous, and it took me ages to actually put the appliance against my leg, as I kept chickening out thinking it would be agony! But I finally mustered up the courage, and I'm not going to lie, it did hurt quite a bit. I guess you could compare the sensation to lots of little pin pricks going up your leg. The second time I used it though, I didn't feel the pain at all and actually enjoyed witnessing the hairs being plucked out my legs! It probably lasts about 2-3 weeks until I feel I should epilate again, but even then, the hair is so much thinner and sparser than it is when having shaven, that you can get away with having slightly stubbly legs. As the hair is being removed from the root like in waxing, you do end up with slightly red and bumpy legs just after epilating, but if you do it before you go to bed and moisturise, your legs are fine by the morning.

          Another point I feel I should make is although all the thick, visible hairs are removed, it doesn't quite manage to take out all the tiny, barely visible ones, so you don't end up with the silky smooth feel you get immediately after shaving.

          You should probably allow yourself a good 20 minutes to half an hour if you want to do a really good job and get to all the areas on your leg. This is because you have to move the epilator up your leg quite slowly if the tweezers are going to have a chance to reach all the hairs.

          Regarding use on the armpits, I have only tried it once, but quickly gave up as the pain was unbearable. Hopefully at some point I will be able to get over the initial pain, but shaving my armpits really isn't much of a burden in comparison to shaving my legs as it's such a small area.

          This particular epilator also comes with a shaving attachment, which I'll admit doesn't give such a clean result as regular razor, but is really useful as you don't need water, so you can use it in emergencies wherever you are (as long as there's a socket!).

          All in all, I would have to say that buying my Philips HP6509 epilator has been my purchase of the year, because the results last so much longer than with shaving, and once getting over the initial pain, isn't a hassle to do. And although it's not as cheap as a razor, it will probably save me money in the long run because I won't have to keep on buying refills for a razor. I think I bought it when it was about £30 on Amazon, and today I've looked and it's down to just under £24, so this really is a bargain

          I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new way to get rid of unwanted hair, as, if you decide that it's not the method for you, not too much money has been wasted. Having said that though, unless you can't get over the initial hurdle of the pain, I can't see any reason why you'd want to go back to shaving or waxing once you've tried this epilator.


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            05.05.2011 22:17
            Very helpful



            A fantastic epilator from the Philips brand.

            I am known, from time to time, to rebel and refuse to want to shave my legs. Mainly because I find the whole thing quite a chore, however, after reading a review on this epilator back in March I was prompted to purchase this and found mine reduced from the RRP of £56.17 down to £18.10 in mid March. The price seems to fluctuate quite frequently but this was the cheapest I'd seen it at the time and I haven't seen it go this low again since.

            When I received my epilator it was adequately packaged in a cardboard box. There was a plastic tray within which was holding the epilator, power adapter, life and massage attachment, shaving attachment, comb for shaving attachment to trim hairs, cleaning brush and plastic cover for the top of the epilator. The epilator and accessories are coordinated in a lovely lilac and white colour with nice detailing on the front of the epilator making it lovely and feminine. The overall design is lovely, the packaging is more than adequate and the handy white pouch that is received is ample to hold all of the pieces that come with the epilator, the epilator itself and the power adapter. The pouch has a drawstring to it making it ideal to pull together to prevent water or dirt getting in the pouch when stored in my bathroom.

            The epilator is very simple to use you just need to plug this in and it's ready to go. I have found the flex to be ample to plug this in outside my bathroom (in a standard UK plug socket) and then stretch the wire underneath the door frame and over to my bath tub. I would estimate that the flex is around 2 meters, if not more, and is more than ample for any purpose I can think of needing that length for. The power adapter plugs in to the bottom of the epilator so it's not really in the way while the epilator is in use. Once you are in place, legs in the dry bath tub for me, all you need to do is add on the necessary adapter head you want to use. There is the standard epilator head which you click in to place with a slide motion and to remove you just simple slide it using the two arrows on the back of the epilator as a guideline. Then you can attach the lift & massage attachment which is designed to pull the skin tight, epilate the hairs and then roll over the surface with the other side of the attachment after the area has been covered. This should help with pain relief by ensuring the hairs are epilated as smoothly as possible and that the area receives a brief massage afterwards. There is a shaving head attachment which I have been using for my armpits and then there is an attachment which goes on the shaving head to ensure that your hairs are trimmed to the optimum level for epilation. The shaving head and epilation head clip on very easily and can be removed just as easily in a matter of a few seconds. The clip on attachments are very easy to fit and due to the location of the two small noddles on either side of the heads it's clear which way round the attachments should go. Overall the design is fantastic, set up is quick and the ease of use is brilliant. There is a small instruction booklet included which is very basic with mainly pictures and diagrams showing you what to do so I guess it's their universal booklet as lack of words and mass of pictures should cover most languages really!

            Once the epilator is all set up it's very simple to get to work. I made sure that I had exfoliated my legs before use and that they were completely dry. I then sat with both legs inside the bathtub on a cushioned chair for comfort and I was ready to begin. I only epilated my legs on the first occasion and that's all I've been brave enough to do so far! The noise from this epilator is very loud and I did wonder that my neighbours may here all the noise and wonder what I was up to! I began at my ankles and worked my way up to my knees before epilating my thighs and then going back for any stray patches of hair I may have missed. It took around 1 hour 40 to do both legs completely including the backs of my legs and any stray hairs on my feet which was longer than I was expecting but then I wanted to do a very thorough job and yet take it slow.

            Now don't get me wrong here, it does hurt, a lot, at least the first time you use it. I was under no illusion that it was going to be pain free but it was quite painful. In particular the worst parts were my shins and the hairs on my toes (gross!). I managed to grin and bear the pain but there were times when I had to stop for a few minutes just because the pain and stinging was a little unbearable. I found that the lift & massage attachment did make a difference and once I had got used to the speed (and the pain) of level 1 I was able to move it up to level 2 which is a fair bit faster and therefore removed the hairs quicker. This did mean that the pain was a little more intense but everything was over quicker and it did make a difference in the time it took to do my second leg. I will say that epilation is painful but having done it three more times since purchasing this back in March I have been pleased that each time it's been less painful. This is possibly that my tolerance has got higher or just that the hairs are finer, lighter, whatever?!

            After using this I made sure I rinse my legs thoroughly to remove all loose hairs, I then dried them gently before using a non-scented moisturiser to give my legs some hydration in all the open pores. I did end up getting a fairly red rash which lasted 2 days on the first occasion but each time since it's just been red for a few hours before fading away. I would recommend epilating before bed, moisturising well and by the morning you should notice your smooth legs don't look like plucked chicken legs as much anymore!

            I have noticed a decrease in the thickness, colour and amount of hairs that are re-growing on my legs. Each time I have epilated there have been less hairs coming back and they appear to be less dark & thick. This could be due to the decrease in quantity. Even from the first use I noticed it was several days before I felt any regrowth at all and I usually notice it around 36-48 hours after shaving which is always quite annoying to me. After the second and third use it's fair to say it was around a week before there was really any significant regrowth at all. I have been very pleased with epilation so far and I'm really pleased that I was convinced to purchase this after reading a review on it.

            I must also add that I have used the shaving attachment for my armpits and while the results aren't as amazing as with a decent 'wet' razor I have been very pleased. The razor is comfortably and moves around my armpits very easily without causing any irritation to my skin.

            If you are in the market for something that's a little different to shaving with a lower frequency required then why not try this? You need a fairly high pain threshhold to get through the first few uses but it definitely gets less painful in time with less regrowth. I was very pleased with the price I paid for this and it's worth a few hours of sore legs for the weeks of lovely, soft, smooth skin I have, particularly in the Spring/Summer months. While this is a fantastic product I've knocked off one star because of the noise when in use which is quite

            This item is available for purchase from Amazon, amongst other stores, with the price varying from between £18.10 and £56.17 in the 3 months I have been watching the price.


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