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Philips HQ7390 Williams F1 Rechargeable Shaver

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5 Reviews

Brand: Philips / Type: Men's Shaver

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    5 Reviews
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      09.04.2012 00:28



      Would recommend this if you're looking for a decent electric shaver.

      I got one of these before going back to university; I'd long been using disposable Wilkinson's Sword razors, which did the job - but weren't as convenient. I'd still use them from time to time but for everyday shaving this is great.

      It doesn't get as close a manual razer mind you; I'm not sure if any electric will - rather it leaves a sorta less-than-stubble look - which I much prefer over having the baby-smooth face I get with the disposables.

      Shaving is a breeze, there's one button to turn it off and on. The only other functional button flips up the sideburn trimmer which is really useful for both accurate sideburn trims and if I've had a lazy week where I've not shaved - it allows me to get off longer hairs without pain (otherwise I find myself ouching as it nips at my beard).

      Afterwards there's a convenient release which flicks up the shaver heads - you can simply wash the shavings out under the tap. I sometimes like to use moisturizer (which I'm probably not supposed to) and this also washes out of the unit easily.

      Lastly there's indicators that let you know when you need to charge - battery life is pretty damn good, but since I don't shave every day, I could give you any accurate estimates but I've only charged it about four times in the four months I've had it :D

      All in all I'd thoroughly recommend this shaver. It has a nice design, it works well and it's F1 branded :P.


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      27.06.2011 23:19
      Very helpful



      A great shaver which does a perfect job - Maybe could be slightly cheaper.

      My old electric shaver recently packed-up due to the battery deciding to die on me. My girlfriend very kindly bought me the Philips HQ7390/17 as a replacement and I have not been disappointed.

      The shaver which has a list of F1 sponsors on the back probably wouldn't appeal to everyone. I have to say however that the design is very sleek with an illuminated green button on the front. The shaver comes supplied with a cleaning brush and a charging cable. What is more, the head of this shaver can be washed under a running tap to thoroughly clean the heads.

      ~ Usage ~

      This shaver seems to take around 1 hour to charge and so far I have been very impressed with the battery life which lasts for multiple shaves.

      After having charged the shaver for the first time I decided to put the product to the test. After switching the shaver on I was amazed at how quiet this shaver is compared to the older Philips model I own. The rotating heads on the top are also brilliant for getting to those hard to reach places on your face.

      I am very impressed with the results of this shaver. Although, not quite as good as a good old wet shave, when you are in a hurry this does a more than adequate job. I have also noticed that the shaving time with this shaver is significantly less as I do not need to keep going over bits that would not shave the first time round!

      ~ Problems ~

      As previously said this does not beat a wet shave however it comes pretty close. It is also great when you are travelling and have no access to shaving foam/a sink.

      I have had absolutely no problems with this shaver so far. The only thing that I was disappointed with is the fact that no shaver carry bag was provided with the product. I have ended up using the bag from my old shaver - Not the ideal situation but it does the job.

      ~ Verdict ~

      Without trying every single shaver out there, selecting a shaver can be a challenging task. What I can say however is that you will not be disappointed with this model which seems to do a brilliant job. I have noticed that this shaver can be sold at extremely high prices. My girlfriend however managed to get the shaver on Amazon at half price (£49.99). I have heard that this product has been even cheaper in the past due to the changing of F1 sponsors!


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      04.02.2011 23:45
      Very helpful



      No wonder formula 1 drivers are so smooth...

      Before we begin I must tell you that I prefer a good old fashioned wet shave with a good old fashioned razor, (although old fashioned isn't quite the word as for a while I had been using a razor from a well know company that begins with the letter G).
      Anyway, at Christmas I was given a lovely wrapped present and, once the paper had been ripped off, there inside lay box with an image of a F1 racing car and a couple of blokes on the front.
      Once I'd opened the box I was pleasantly surprised when I was presented with a rather striking looking shaver, and not just any old shaver, but a rather cool looking rechargeable shaver with a well known brand attached to it.
      And when I say striking I really do mean striking, with its silver body, black sides and a splash of blue along the bottom and on the sides.
      I'm guessing it is the colours of the shaver that give this the Williams F1 attachment, and the reason for the two Williams formula one drivers on the box, but as I'm not a big motor racing fan I really couldn't say.

      Well what does it look like then..?

      It looks like many rotary shavers on the market, with three heads set in a triangle, each one on springs to allow for the pivoting motion.
      On the front, (so to speak) there are two sets of lights, red and green, these are the charge level indicator and battery strength, both lying just below the on/off switch.
      On the back, (so to speak), there is a array what can only be described as advertising logos, which I will not mention here.
      Then, on the back, (so to speak), at the top, there is the hair trimmer which fits smoothly onto the curved body of the shavers head.

      Are there any special features..?

      It has a few nice features to give that smooth shave without the harsh rash that some shavers leave behind, such as...
      * Ultra thin heads which shave both long and short hairs.
      * Battery indicator which lets you know if the lithion battery is low and when the battery is fully charged.
      * Duo light indicator, red for low battery, green for fully charged.
      * Automatic voltage selector, allowing it to be used in different countries.
      * A quick one hour charge which should last a good 30 minutes of shaving.
      * Precision system cut technology.
      * Hair trimmer which is released by the flicking a switch, allowing the trimmer to spring out of the top.

      Plus, inside the box you also get a lovely little brush to clean the heads, a protective cap, to cover the heads when not in use, and a good sized charging cable... and the shaver of course.

      What do I think then..?

      As I said earlier, my precious face has become so used to wet shaves as I have been using my old faithful 'disposable head' razor... the one with the brand name beginning with a G... so when I was given this as a present I was very unsure about using it, in fact, to be honest, I think my expression may have shown a little disappointment.
      But, out of respect to my in -laws, and the rather cold reaction from the trouble and strife, I thought I'd give it a go, even if it was just the once, just to fill the head with hairs so that anyone would think that it was used on a daily basis.
      So I out bit the bullet, so to speak, put away my Gillette and charged up this fetching looking rechargeable shaver which was splattered with more advertising than an ITV reality show featuring a certain double act from Newcastle.

      Once it was charged up, with the green blinking light letting me know that it was ready for action, I cautiously placed the rotating triple heads onto my slightly stubbly face, hoping that my passed experiences with this particular type of shavers would not be repeating itself.
      But as I began to use this 'new toy', feeling the places where I had shaved, I was quite impressed with the smooth hairless 'road' that it had left behind on my delicate face.

      On that first use I deliberately took it through its paces, so to speak, making the most of the 'stated' 30 minutes of shave power from the one hour charge, and the statement wasn't far wrong as my first shave the power lasted for just over the 30 minutes before the power began to fade and the 'snagging' began to kick in as the blades began to lose there pace. But by then my face was as smooth as the proverbial babies bottom, almost.

      The shape of this shaver is well thought out, feeling good in my hand as I run it around my face and neck, actually feeling like it is built to last with its rubber grip on the sides and smooth colouring throughout, although the colours of a shaver do not on anyway affect the quality of the shave itself.

      The three rotary blades are in you standard triangular position, each one being allowed to pivot in many directions, allowing them to shave around the contour of my face without too much friction.
      It is this positioning of the blades that allows you to easily get around most areas on your face and neck, this is due to what the call a 'reflex action system', which, due to the three floating heads, apparently automatically to give that crackingly clean shave. It gives that crackingly good shave due to the...wait for it, this is the technical bit...due to the 'lift and cut' technology.
      Simply put, the double blades work together with one blade gently gripping and lifting the hairs whilst the second cuts through, giving minimal pull on you facial hair.
      And with the 'reflex action system', allowing the three 'floating' heads to gently shave those tricky to manoeuvre contours of your face and neck.

      Cleaning the blades is easy and is achieved by flicking open the head, via a little catch on the front, and either brushing the hairs with the supplied brush or actually running the opened head under a running tap. The water tight body stopping any damage occurring to the unit itself.

      The charger itself is a good size, so is easily transportable when you take it away with you, as most people tend to do with rechargeable shavers, plus the fact that it sense the different power supply helps when you visit other countries.

      Sadly, although this may be just a fault on the shaver I have, the 'precision' trimmer seems to wobble a bit so I have to hold it in position to use it properly when I need to trim my 'sideburns' and under my nostrils, but as this only takes a few seconds it is not too big of a problem.

      As for the price, well, as I was given this as a present I had to look the price up on the internet and discovered that this shaver sells for around the £100.00 mark, which for a shaver is a bit on the pricey side for my liking. But it is selling at the moment on sites like amazon for around the £50.00 region, which is a little better but still...

      Would I buy this shaver..?

      Hmmm... I think I would have to say yes I would as it gives a close shave over and over again for a one off price, unlike the razor I was using for a wet shave as I have to keep buying the rather over the top prices for the spare blades.

      This shaver gives a good clean shave, even in those hard to get at places, without hacking away at my face, which for me is a bonus indeed.


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      04.02.2011 16:51
      Very helpful



      Let down

      Recently the Philips HQ7390/17 F1 Special Edition shaver was half price in Boots, at a good price of £49.99, reduced from £100.
      I have never owned an electric shaver before and took the plunge in buying this model as, like most people would think, being a razor normally selling at £100 would be of very good quility.

      I purchased the shaver and thought it was a very stylish model and is supplied with charger lead and small brush for cleaning. This is where my first issue was....in these days you expect to be supplied for a shaver adaptor to charge the item in a normal wall socket..for some reason, is isn't, and considering its selling for £100 this is the least you would expect.

      I used the shaver the next day and it took me the best part of 15 minutes to shave and it left my skin uncomfortable and burning due to the long time frame it took to shave.
      The reason I bought this shaver was in the hope of time saving and conveniance, so I wasn't best pleased.
      In order to shave all hairs you must keep going over and over and over the same places to get all the hairs. If this isn't sone then you would be left with patches everywhere.

      Soldering on, I used the razor again the next day.....same problem. I came out in a heavy rash and again, my skin burnt, therefore I decided to take the shaver back and get a refund.

      Sticking with my normal razors is so much easier. Its an easier shave, more comfortable and much quicker.

      This was a let down and I would expect much better for £50, let alone the full price normally charged.


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      11.07.2010 13:03
      Very helpful



      If you're in the market for a shaver, you could do a lot worse.

      Up until quite recently, I've been a beardy type, with occasional forays into designer stubble. However, with encroaching middle age making me look more like a badger, i thought it was time to start shaving a bit more often. Having never been a big fan of regular razors, I decided i needed to go electric.

      The first thing that struck me about this shaver is the design. It's modelled on the design of the Williams F1 team, using their white, blue and silver livery. The shaver feels nice and chunky in your hand, and has ridged rubber grips on either side making it comfortable to hold. Overall, it feels like a very solid item.

      In use, the shaver is pretty simple. There are three rotary shaving heads arranged in a triangle. The heads are pivoted so that they can stay in contact with convex parts of your face (that's most of your face if we're honest, right?) A touch of a button unlatches the shaving unit, allowing you access to the individual heads, which are replaceable should they become blunt. This is also where the cut off bits of beard end up, so Philips have supplied a small brush to help with cleaning this area. It is also possible to clean this part by running it under a tap, but be careful - this shaver isn't a true wet and dry, and shouldn't be immersed in water. The shaver also comes with a clip-on cover to protect the shaving heads when not in use.

      Another nice feature of this shaver is the flip out precision trimmer on the back. At the press of another button, this pops out at right angles to the shaver and engages itself with the motor. This is a neat system, because the trimmer is only operating when it's in the trimming position. My only criticism of the trimmer is that it doesn't lock in the open position, so trimming/long hair removal can only be done in a downward direction with respect to the shaver.

      The shaver is fitted with rechargeable batteries that last a good long time - Philips claim 8 hours run time for 1 hours charge. An LED on the front of the shaver tells you when the batteries are low, and there is another to indicate when the unit is charging. The charger is quite small and light and plugs into a standard shaver socket. I will also work on anything from 100 to 240 Volts, and at 50 or 60 Hz, so it can be used anywhere in the world without an adaptor.

      Overall, I'm pretty happy with this shaver. Having never owned one before I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it shaves well and feels really comfortable to use. 'Nuff said.


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