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Philips SC 2001 Lumea Hair Reduction System

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  • Great for women and men
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  • Don't see any disadvantages
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    5 Reviews
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      23.01.2015 12:59


      • "has plenty of flash time"
      • "PCOS sufferers will love this!!!"
      • "Great for women and men"
      • "works anywhere on the body"
      • Affordable
      • "Removes Hair!"


      • "Don't see any disadvantages"

      Most of the hair has gone! extremely happy! good!

      I purchased this 2 months ago and have been using it every 2 weeks. First of all, I was completely unsure whether to buy or not as I heard that home lasers and ipl treatments are scam. However, I thought to give it a try and hope for the best. Turns out it isn't a scam! The price that I bought it for was definately worth it. Most of my hair has gone! I started seeing results on my 2nd treatment as the hair just fell out on the first treatment. This works everywhere on the body; face, arms, legs, bikini area etc.
      I'm surprised to say that even though I suffer from Pcos (medical condition, endocrine disorder) I wasn't expecting this to work this well! However I am so happy after purchasing this and I would recommend anyone who wants no hair to get this!


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      11.01.2014 23:25
      Very helpful



      the best machine ive tried

      I have a confession to make.This isn't the first or even second hair removal system ive tried.Suffering from pcos which among other things causes hair to grow basically everywhere i have tried what feels like everything to stop hair growth....nothing until this point has really worked so when i was given the opportunity to try this product out i jumped at the chance.

      ==**What you get in the box**==
      Philips Lumea in hygiene sealed casing
      Luxury storage Pouch
      Cleaning cloth
      In Box DVD
      Multi voltage charger
      Quick start guide
      Directions for use
      2 year warranty card The directions for this are extremely easy to follow even if you don't use the dvd

      Women's No 1 choice: 80% of women preferred Lumea to their conventional hair removal method, because it's fast, effective and convenient

      Fast: 3 cm² application window for effective treatment of large areas. Treatment of both lower legs takes just 30 minutes. Other machines such as the rio laser system seem to take ages to cover such a small area so im really happy with the speed this seems towork.

      Effective: Up to 80% reduction in hair regrowth in just 8 weeks
      Then simply repeat treatment as necessary to prevent re-growth- Again compared to other machines the hair reduction seems greater with less regrowth.Saying that part of it may be down to it working quicker so i dont get fed up/run out of time doing it.

      Convenient: Advanced Salon technology for use at home at a time to suit you.

      Rechargeable, ready to use, no gels or accessories needed. Ive used machines where ive had to put on gel afterwards and its a pain in the backside.When ive finished using it i dont want to have to faff around with gel then wash it off.(half the time you cant use deodorant or that on the areas anyway so to me it feels like i cant clean them off properly.

      Versatile: Suitable for legs, arms, bikini area and underarms. 5 light energy settings - suitable for most skin tones and hair colours. I like having a product that i can use on multiple areas and although it doesn't mention facial hair as you can use it on short hair ive used it on my "beard" area with no problems.It does say not for face but for me the risk was something i was willing to do.

      ==**time needed**==
      Underarms: 2 mins per side
      Bikini line: 2 mins per side
      Entire bikini area: 8 mins
      One lower leg: 15 mins
      One full leg: 30 mins
      The first time i used this i took longer than it says but after that the times needed were accurate.

      ==**worth mentioning**==
      This product only works on certain skin tones. I have fairly light skin and dark hair. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) attaches itself to the pigment - if you have light hair its not going to work as well.
      When you first use the product you have to shave the area first .This is different from other products i have used where ive had to let things grow.

      The current price for this on amazon is £288.50 with a saving of £111.50(28%). Yes this is still expensive but if i add up what ive spent on other machines and creams i have spent way more and they haven't worked as well. Its also going to cost you a lot less than getting it done professionally

      Ive taken a star off for the price but this is something i am going to buy.I have tried several others and this is the best one .

      Yes i don't own the product but have been testing it out since the end of October and will give it back the end of January. I do think this is long enough to form an opinion on something its not that i haven't been using it enough.


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        11.07.2012 19:18
        Very helpful



        Reduce and remove hair with this easy to use device

        I hate shaving, can't bear the pain of waxing and epilating, but obviously don't want to be hairy so I have always wished for a solution that would mean I could shave less, and go through less pain. IPL treatment is really expensive at salons and so as soon as I saw this product in a magazine I wanted it desperately.

        Although probably worth it over time (multiple salon appointments for this treatment would definitely add up quickly), the original price of about £400 was definitely beyond my reach. I would check from time to time if the price had gone down, and when I saw it on offer for £250, at a time when I had some Amazon vouchers to use, I had to go for it. At the moment, though, it's £350 on Amazon, which is admittedly very expensive.

        The Philips Lumea works on the basis of intense pulsed light, which is supposed to make the hairs fall out and eventually grow back in thinner and finer. This means that after some time of using it, shaving should be necessary a lot less often, so I was really excited to try the product. It's a handheld, white machine with a lavender stripe down the front. It has an on button along with an up/ down button to control the strength of the pulses. There is an LED display showing which setting it's on, as well as a green light which flashes while charging, and remains still when charged. This light turns orange during use when the battery starts to run low. The device filters out UV light so this doesn't reach the skin during use. It comes in a box with a very nice little storage pouch, the charger, a cleaning cloth for the window, a user guide, and a how-to DVD (which I haven't watched).

        Preparing to use it for the first time, it's important to check the chart with different hair and skin colours. In fact, this should be looked into before purchasing as not everyone can use this--women whose skin is too dark or their hair too light should not use this as it won't work and could actually burn your skin. This apparently has to do with the light being attracted to the pigment in the hair, and if that's not different enough to your skin colour it won't work (it also says that men shouldn't use the product, although I am less clear on why). Luckily I fall in the category that can use this product, but the chart still should be checked as it advises what setting to use it on. The helpful instructions that come with the product advise doing a test with on three different settings, and then checking the area the next day. The highest setting you've used without irritation is the setting you should continue on for that body part.

        The product can be used on legs, underarms, bikini line, and apparently there's now an attachment that makes it usable on facial hair. The directions state that for the first two months, it should be used on legs, underarms and bikini line every two weeks. After this period, legs should be done only every four weeks, while continuing with every two weeks for underarms and bikini line. I can get a little forgetful about when I've done it, which is a little annoying but not a huge issue.

        Before use, it has to be fully charged, as you should not use it while it's charging. This takes over an hour, and it doesn't really hold the charge if you charge it ahead of time, so using it does require a bit of planning. Then, shave really well, making sure not to miss any hair, because it can be more uncomfortable and can damage the machine to use it if there's any hair remaining.

        Using it is fairly easy. Simply press the application window (where the light comes from) against the skin, and once it's pressed all the way down the light will hold steady so it's clear you can press the button for the flash. All the little pressure points around the window have to be depressed at once, which is a safety measure so you can't accidentally flash it in your eyes or anything. Once pressed, there is a bright flash (I tend to look away even though apparently it won't damage your eyes when pressed all the way down), and pretty much no pain. It's a bit like a pinch and a sudden heat, but it's over in an instant and there's no lasting feeling.

        It's a bit difficult to know for sure if you're missing a bit, since it's not actually removing any hair as it goes, but I try to overlap each time with the last flash, and go up and down my legs in straight lines to minimise the chance of missing out anything. I do feel a bit like a contortionist some of the time, as getting the device in the right position on the back of my legs can be a little difficult, but overall it is fairly simple to operate.

        The frustrating part, though, is that the battery doesn't last very long at all. I can do just over half a leg at a time before recharging, which usually means three goes to get everywhere done. This means I'm using it for about 20 minutes at a time, and then with over an hour of charging time in between, planning to get this done can be a little difficult and it takes me most of the day. Obviously I do other things while it's charging, but I have to remember that I have another session to go. It would be much better to be able to get it all done at once.

        The results are good but not necessarily all I was hoping for. I was hoping not to have to shave in between uses, and I do even after 6 months of use. However I think I missed out a week in the initial two months, which may have been a problem, so I would definitely say stick to the advised schedule. I also must say that the hair is much thinner, finer, and is a bit patchy rather than everywhere which is a huge improvement. It makes the times I do shave much more pleasant and I'm not left able to see the hair still in my skin, which I could before. The hair on my legs has always been pretty thick and grew back very quickly, so this is definitely a great result.

        I also love that you are supposed to shave before the treatment, as one of the (many) reasons I've never liked to wax or epilate is that you have to let the hair grow to a certain length. The fact that this is pretty much pain-free is also a fantastic bonus.

        Obviously it's a shame that this method of hair removal isn't suitable for everyone, but if you do have the right hair colour, it's a very good product which I am pleased I bought. Unlike the dusty epilator I bought and used a couple of times a few years ago, I have actually kept up with using this and see no reason to stop. For a pain-free way to reduce hair regrowth, I think this is a great product.


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        04.05.2012 15:55
        Very helpful



        May seem expensive, but cost is less than a years waxing! Good results that will hopefully last.

        For someone with rapid growing hairs, that are stubborn to remove this could be the right product. I have been having my legs waxed for years (15ish) and they still kept coming back. It was costing £25-£30 per month, so I thought that although £270 seemed a large outlay, it was only 9 months worth waxing. Plus the inconvenience or getting to a salon.
        So this is something I can do to fit in with my life whilst watching tv, which is a lot more practical for a busy mum. There is a definite technique, but there is a very helpful light that comes on when you have the position right so you can make sure every click does the job and you are not wasting time by using it without getting the results. You need patience, although with practice I reckon you can do each leg in 15 minutes.
        Does it hurt ?-
        not at all, you can't really feel anything although if it is too much of a hot setting for your skintone/hair colour (it comes with a helpful guide to make sure you choose the right setting) it does feel warm.
        Downsides -
        it is hard to see what area of you skin you have done and what needs to be done. Maybe marking areas with eyeliner may help with this??
        Battery life - it doens't last that long and you can't use it whilst charging which I find a little frustrating.

        And as for the final results - it definately reduces hair amount and speed of growth, however after using it for 10 months, I am still having to use it every month, but maybe that is because I have thick stubborn hairs!! Generally a much better result than 15 years of waxing.


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        23.11.2011 13:54
        Very helpful



        Pain free and mess free hair removal

        IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, a form of hair removal. The Philips Lumea is a handheld device which works by focusing a flash of light onto the desired area. The light is absorbed by melanin which gives hair its colouring putting the hair follicle into a resting phase. The hair then sheds and inhibits further regrowth. There's a choice of 5 intensity settings based on your skin tone and hair colouring. None of these types of systems can promise permanent hair removal but they can say permanent hair reduction.

        I realise priced around £270 this isn't a form of hair removal that will be affordable to everyone but considering the price of IPL treatments and even shaving and waxing costs I wanted to see if this would work out cheaper, how quickly it would work or indeed even work at all.

        **Note: Please read the information given on Amazon etc before purchasing as this system is not suitable for blondes, redheads, white/grey hair, black skin tone, men & more**

        The whole kit comes well packed. There are manuals, a DVD, bag for the system, cleaning cloth, charger and the appliance. There is a lot of information and I really would recommend taking the time to read through it. The DVD has its advantage as you can see how to use it but it still refers to the manual. This is a very niche product as there is quite a big list of people who shouldn't use it and the recommended length of time to wait before/after tanning even if you are suitable to use it. If not used properly you are at the risk of burns, infections, inflammation and pain so worth taking the time to reduce that risk.

        I don't want to go into too much detail about how to use it but rather give my opinion so basically after charging and the area is shaved you just have to place the head on the area and press the button. A bright light will flash and that's it. Just move the head to another area and do the same. Once finished, clean the head with the provided cloth and put it in the bag until next time.

        Compared to shaving, the Lumea is quite time consuming. Firstly you still have to shave each area before use then it can take 15 minutes for each lower leg, 2 minutes each for under arms then more for bikini and upper leg. I had been epilating my lower legs so had to wait until I could shave but even then the hair was growing at different times so I knew I'd have to use the system several times. Compared to epilating this system is so quiet. It's not silent as there is a fan to keep the system cool but you could easily use this while staying at someone else's house or a hotel room and next door won't wonder what on earth you're up to. Compared to waxing and epilating, this system is pain free.

        The initial charge is 1.5 hours but it says you're only going to get 15 minutes operation at intensity 5. Because of my skin tone and hair colouring I needed to use this at 4 or 5. However I managed to do both under arms plus both lower legs and the charge still be green at intensity 4. For legs alone I really need to charge the system each time so I know it won't run out. The window is really small considering the areas that will be covered. Each under arm needed about 7 flashes (I lost count on legs) bearing in mind you need to overlap each flash to ensure the full area is treated. I'd have liked a little flexibility in the head as it did get a bit awkward to use. Shins especially are not easy to get the system to recognise the contacts. I also learnt my lesson quite early on not to look at it when I pressed the button: the flash is incredibly bright. Lastly (to get the bad points out the way), it's really hard to tell which areas have been covered. I found it easier to start at the front of my leg by my shin working up the leg to the knee then starting again at the bottom slightly further round. You do need to apply a little pressure so there can be a little outline from the window which slightly helps.

        While there are bad points, there are great points. The system is very easy to use and there are a few safety features so you won't be able to use it if it's overheating or if it's not correctly placed on the skin. I was surprised by just how painless it was. The majority of the time there was just a blast of heat on my skin while other times there was a little electric shock feeling. These shocks didn't hurt - once you've felt one or two you're more prepared for them (and if they are too intense you should lower the intensity). The thicker manual is highly detailed but still easy to understand. I wouldn't throw this away because there are a lot of good troubleshooting tips. The thinner booklet is quite handy too as it gives you space to write down your treatments and when the next one is due.

        Of course the most positive point is it works. I wasn't actually sure what I was expecting after I used it the first time - it did seem a bit of an anti-climax though. I'd shaved, flashed each area then that was it. There was nothing to see and nothing to feel. I knew this wouldn't work with just one use. I knew I'd need around 4 treatments and to ensure optimum hair reduction to repeat under arm every 2 weeks and legs every 4 weeks.

        I started using the Lumea back in May and after a month or so of using it every 2 weeks I was seeing results. One of the best points was where I'd normally be shaving every couple of days, I could go far longer although there was still hair growth so I still had to keep using it. I did become quite lax about using it after a while though which I do regret because on the areas it hadn't worked on it did go back to needing to shave regularly but now into November I still have completely hair free areas. I think that was one of the bad points of starting to use it over the summer though because I did have a tan so didn't want to risk burning my skin. Now it's back to Autumn/Winter I can use it regularly right through to spring so by the time summer comes around again I do hope there are few areas with hair growth.

        Any tips? I honestly don't know if there's any thing to help the process. I generally used it straight after a bath so my skin was still warm but it's impossible to tell if this gave any advantage or not. I also don't have sensitive skin so I moisturised the same day rather than waiting until the next.

        One of the things the Lumea does mention is you can't use it on your face. After researching it a little I found out the hair on your face is different to that on other areas of your body so less likely to work with the system. Facial hair can also be down to Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) so it would be worth visiting your doctor to find out if this is the case - medication may give far better results. Boots have their own version of IPL which can be used on the face but I'm not sure if this is because it has a lower intensity as it can also be used more often on the body than every 2 weeks but I can't compare it as I've not tried that one.

        The system is incredibly easy to use and has so many benefits over other types of hair removal but with such a small window it does make it time consuming. It is a big expense too but I really do feel it is justified as long as you're committed to using it every 2-4 weeks otherwise you will end up wasting your money as you're still going to have to shave regularly and when you do come to use it, you're effectively starting all over again. If like me you've got light skin and dark hair, it does make a huge difference not having to worry about hair removal so often. As long as you follow the instructions it shouldn't cause any problems.

        So does it help save money? Well yes because I do have to shave less meaning I'm not replacing the razor heads as often and I'm hoping it won't be long before I won't need to shave at all.

        Overall I really recommend it.


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