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Philips Precision Plus SC2003/11

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Brand: Philips / Type: Epilator

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 20:05



      Perfect for your summer days and you will not need to get rid of hair again for about 3 months.

      For the past several years, I changed from using a standard shaver to waxing strips and waxing creams to an epilator.
      I am still very much in love with my epilator even though my mother-in-law bought me this gem, the Phillips Precision Plus.

      A few years ago, my auntie gave me a birthday present that shocked me, and that was a laser hair removal session at one of the top beauty salons in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. It was absolutely amazing as more than 70% of my underarm was gone and nowhere to be seen for around 2-3months or so, but thats the issue, I returned home and realised I needed this treatment a lot more, maybe every month so I didn't need to get out my epilator or shaver etc.

      This laser gun works wonders, but you do have to ensure that you shave beforehand otherwise you will smell that burning of your hairs which will linger around your room for a while.

      It only takes a while to charge up and is used wirelessly which is perfect as there never seems to be easy access to any plug around my house.

      I did my last treatment on my legs around 2 months ago and I haven't seen one little hair since. The difference with this and the epilator for example, is that you don't end up with unnecessary and oh-so irritating ingrown hairs.

      It is a bit pricey, but I can tell you that you will benefit from this. Apparently women spend at least 8000GBP on hair removal products...
      So ladies, and maybe even gents, go out and get one of these ASAP!


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      07.11.2012 18:12
      Very helpful



      The best find for my needs. Very happy to have bought this.

      I have been blessed with dark Mediterranean skin and consequently, hair growth in unwanted places is more evident than on lighter-toned people and I needed to do something about it.

      I came across machines in the home that could slow or prevent hair re-growth. After much research my hopes were slightly raised because the best reviews and success stories were about this product. I made repeated visit to websites, re-reading the comments. Ultimately, if I tried this it would be cheaper than many sessions of embarrassing therapy.

      Be careful to check your skin tone against online or shop information as, for example, very dark skin will not benefit from this treatment. This machine is not meant to remove hair for good but it does slow re-growth.


      There are videos online to view how to use this and a DVD comes in the box. There is a very detailed information booklet provided and you MUST read this. I was concerned that I might be too dark for this so I tried the lowest setting. I was quite scared about using this. I did my upper lip as instructed. The hair has to be shaved or cut back very close to the skin. Longer hairs will produce a burning smell and then the part that slots into the machine and presses against the skin will need to be carefully wiped clean. Therefore, before use, you still have to take time to shave.


      Upper lip - no pain at all. The machine is held to the skin with the power switched on. The setting, if too low, won't be effective but too high and you'll get a sharp, but quick to disappear, shock. I had it on the right setting for me. Push in the button when the green light comes on and it lets out a bright red flash.

      Under arms - no pain.

      Lower arms - no pain.

      Legs - no pain.

      Bikini line - I was nervous about having to shave here as I knew the pain that would come from new shaving sores, something I'm prone too, but I decided to do it this first time. There was no pain when used.

      This was to be done once a week for a while and then changed to longer times apart as the hair growth should have lessened.

      On the second session familiarity made it easier. Difficulty comes from the weight. Do not buy if you don't have normal hand strength or if you don't have someone to hold the machine for you. This is very heavy and even my wrist can ache after a while.

      You must be patient. The most tedious part is the legs. You have to move the machine to get the green light which isn't always easy to get especially on bony areas. It's also hard to tell where you've used the machine so some people use an eye liner to mark the leg. I don't bother and rely on memory but later I can see where I missed as the re-growth comes back sooner. The knees are very awkard because the bones don't provide the flat surface needed for the machine to work. I swop to the smaller head for this area and along leg bones I sometimes have to approach the leg from a different angle.

      The power levels are poorly located as they are too easily moved up by accident and that's when I've felt a brief moment of uncomfortable shock but I've learnt to be more wary when handling.

      The other disadvantage is that the power does not cover a full body session. (The British adaptor is not provided. Luckily, I had one in the house.) It cannot be partly charged so this process often carries on for me the next day when I have to finish an upper leg. I have found, over the months, that the process is much quicker with finer hair to deal with.

      It's also noisy so the TV or radio has to go up loud to hear over it.

      It works.

      I don't get any more shaving sores on my bikini line. I don't have to shave on daily basis, more like once a week, and I could probably get away with two weeks, and it's a breeze not a chore. On my lower arms, where I had never shaved or done anything else, the re-growth is minimal.

      Overall, it took many weeks to notice a real difference before then I just suspected the hair was lighter. Now I am certain. I noticed a patch under my arms doesn't grow back at all.

      This has to be one of the best shopping choices I have ever made. The disadvantages are annoyances that I can put up with. No more sores no more pain. I can where skirts in the summer!

      I feel confident in my body now.


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