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Prolectrix Epilator

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Brand: Prolectrix / Type: Epilator

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2009 14:51
      Very helpful




      I have always wanted an epilator but I have always thought they were a bit expensive, especially if I got home and used it and found out I did not like it. So when in my local Superdrug shop I was looking at them and had decided that when I got paid I would definitely get myself one. I started to walk away and noticed the price on this. £4.89. I was shocked and had to read the label to make sure if was for this item. I then picked up the box to make sure it was an epilator and not just an accessory kit or something.
      I decided to buy it. At that price I could not go wrong really. Even if I found it too painful and decided never to use it again at least I would not have spent too much.

      I couldn't wait to try it out that night. I had a bath an exfoliated which they tell you to do as it is suppose to make it less painful. The box includes an exfoliater which I used.

      When I got out of the bath I made sure I was fully dried and decided to start. It took me a while to work out how to remove the plastic cover but eventually I realized that you just pull it.
      Inside the box there is a white bag to store everything in and also a brush to clean it with.
      It suggests you charge it up for 16 hours before you use it for the first time but I didn't want to wait that long so I used it while it was on charge. I switched it on to the lowest of speeds and got a shock at how loud it was. My partner said it sounded like a helicopter. I decided to do under my arms first (I really don't know why though as this is one of the most painful areas). For all those people who say that it does not hurt, you must have a very high pain tolerance because I thought it was very painful. It took me a long time to do it as I kept having to switch it off and start again as I could not take the pain. The hairs under your arms can grow in up to 4 directions (I am one of the unlucky ones who's does) so I had to keep turning it around to make sure that I got everyone of the hairs. It took me nearly 6 hours on and off to do both of my under arms. After I had finished I put some baby lotion on and within 5 minutes I had forgot all about the pain and was ready to do my legs.

      I turned it to the next speed for my legs as I thought it would not be as painful and I was right. It felt as if I was being scratched. More uncomfortable than painful I would say. It did need a few goes to get rid of them all and even after a few goes there was still the odd stray one left. I had read somewhere that moving the epilatior in short circular movements over the hair can also help to remove it so I decided to try it. It worked. I now have silky smooth legs and they are not sure and I do not have a rash etc.

      The backs of my legs were not as easy as I could not see the stray hairs but my partner helped me a little with this.
      My next part is going to be my bikini line, I did start this last night but I was too soft and could not cope with the pain. I could also imagine that this would be very difficult to do yourself.

      After I had had it on charge for over 16 hours I decided to use it without the wire. It did not last very long and I was a bit disappointed about this as it means that you can not use it in the bathroom and I have to either sit on the bed or do it downstairs. I suppose for the price though this is not that much of a problem for me. The only other problem is the noise; luckily I live in a detached house though because I could imagine my neighbors getting annoyed with it.

      All in all I am very pleased and it is the best £5 I have ever spent


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    • Product Details

      A 36 disc epilator that works like a pair of large tweezers. The 36 discs rotate and twist bunches of hairs together aplucking them from the roots.

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