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Tesco Wet & Dry Lady Shave

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Brand: Tesco

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2013 20:10
      Very helpful



      No gorilla legs for me on my holidays!

      Tesco Wet and Dry Lady Shaver.

      At the beginning of August I was shopping in Tesco picking up a few last minute items for the upcoming holidays and while browsing the electrical department I spotted the Tesco Wet and Dry Lady Shaver for a bargain price of 12.99zl (Polish Zloty, I'm currently living in Poland so our local Tesco is in Krakow) I have checked on the UK website and the same item is available for £4.96. I decided to purchase the shaver as we had our holiday to Spain coming up and I thought this would be quicker and more practical than disposable razors, it would also be cleaner than putting a used razor back in my backpack as we were travelling to a few different cities and also we were doing our whole holiday with only hand luggage and I was unsure of the rules regarding disposable razors and hand luggage.

      The shaver is pretty basic looks wise. It is made from pink and white plastic with a see through pink protector cap which clips securely in place over the blades. There is a battery compartment within the shaver which is accessed by pulling the bottom of the shaver open. There are two small buttons on either side at the top of the shaver which release the top section to allow for cleaning of the blades.

      The shaver comes complete in a pink and purple box which contains the shaver itself along with a printed instruction sheet and a small double ended brush for cleaning.

      Set Up
      The set up of the Wet and Dry shaver is really easy as it comes assembled, the only thing you need to do is add 2 AA batteries. The battery compartment is quite tough to open the first couple of times as it has a rubber seal which makes it safe to use in the shower. The batteries slot into a plastic holder and this is probably the trickiest part of using the shaver as it is a very tight fit between the edge of the plastic and the battery compartment, so tight in fact that when I removed the batteries I found that the coating on the battery had significant dents where I had struggle putting them in and removing them. For this reason I would recommend using disposable batteries rather than rechargeable just in case the damage is more severe. Once the batteries are in and the cover is safely back in position its time to get rid of those gorilla legs ready for a day or two in shorts!

      Is it a Vibrator or Shaver?!
      The first time I turned the shaver on I was a little surprised by how loud it was, but I figured it should be expected really for such a cheap price and continued with my test run. All went well for the test run, although I was pretty lazy and knowing I would be wearing jeans for at least another week I simply gave my legs a quick once over to check it worked.

      The next time I used the shaver was in the bathroom of our hostel in Madrid, this was where I was to learn exactly how loud the shaver was because after showering and shaving my legs while I was in the shower I left the bathroom to be greeted by my partner asking the question "OMG, did you just use a vibrator in the shower?!" at which point I turned bright red at simply being asked this question in front of other people in the room and had to quickly demonstrate that it was the shaver which was so loud and no I had not been using a vibrator in the shower!

      A Close Shave?
      So, did my bargain noisy shaver do a good job on my gorilla legs? Well, yes and no. I am quite lucky in the sense that the hair on my legs is quite fair and therefore not so noticeable if I don't shave them particularly well. This is quite a good job really as I found that while the shaver was effective enough in shaving my legs, the results were not exactly smooth. For me this wasn't too much of a problem as I knew the shaver was only for my holidays and the very short hair which was left wasn't really visible, however for a person with dark hair I can see that this would be a problem.

      I also found that while I was shaving the blades felt very scratchy against my skin and not really that comfortable, this was regardless of whether I was using the shaver in the shower or on my dry skin and I had to stop shaving a few times to clean the blades as even though the hair I was shaving off wasn't very long it still managed to build up rather quickly behind the blades which then resulted in the blades catching on the hairs and causing me pain.

      In the days following my shaves I was pleased to see that I wasn't suffering with any in growing hairs or itchiness, however I did have to apply a moisturiser to my legs to make up for the fact that my skin felt rather dry from the scratchy blades.

      Cleaning the shaver is easy. There is a small cleaning brush supplied with the shaver which reaches the areas it needs to with ease to remove the hair. The top of the shaver can be removed to clean inside by pressing the two small release buttons on either side of the unit. I found that when I opened this there was no hair inside and therefore I have never had to clean in here.

      The shaver is also shower proof so you can give it a quick clean in the water if you prefer.

      Battery Life
      I had owned this shaver for a few weeks before our holiday and I was on holiday for just under 3 weeks. At the start of the holiday I put some cheap Kodak batteries in the shaver and these have lasted well. While on holiday I was using the shaver every few days for around 10 minutes at a time and it was only towards the end of the holiday that I noticed the blades seemed to be running a little slower than before and they were starting to catch on the hairs rather than cut them.

      For my needs at the time of purchase this shaver did the job. I wanted something I could give my legs a quick once over as and when needed and then throw back in my bag and this was perfect in this sense. I would recommend this shaver if you are looking for something cheap to use on a temporary or occasional basis, but for all of the reasons mentioned in the review with regards to the results of the shave I wouldn't recommend it for long term or regular use.

      Overall I would give this product 3 out 5 stars with 2 being lost for the noise and for the shave not being close enough.

      Thanks for reading :)


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