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Boxer Games Gentlemans Ball Scratcher

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2011 19:36
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      A Gentlemans Ball Scratcher


      This review is listed under the Erotic Category and as such will contain references to male anatomy parts - if such terms upset or offend you then you may be better off not reading this review - thankyou!


      Judging by the introduction of the new 'Erotic' category there are many external visitors to dooyoo looking for information and opinion on items which are probably best described as 'specialist' and whilst I have absolutely no issue with them being here I can't say that I would be in a rush to write my own reviews on them. Saying that though, look where I am now - The Erotic section!...naughty! so am I admitting to owning an item in this category? well, yes I am - and what's more I actually have the balls (!) to write my own, personal review about the Erotic item I own; my gentlemans ball scratcher.

      At this point I want to point out that I didn't buy myself a ball scratcher, I have never expressed a desire to own one and should I ever find myself in a position where certain parts of my body are itchy and require scratching then I have at my disposal my very own nature-given scratch reliever - a hand (my own, I hasten to add). However a so-called friend likes to buy 'novelty' gifts as he thinks he (and this) is hilarious and so for my birthday last year I ended up with a Gentlemans Ball Scratcher and noticing them in this category I thought I may as well write my one (and probably only) review here.

      **So what's it all about?**

      Let's cut to the chase here, men have external dangly bits that get in the way sometimes, they get warm after being restricted in underwear all day and sometimes they get itchy, what's a guy to do under those circumstances? things need adjusting and things need scratching, its only like having an itch on an arm or a leg and noone bats an eyelid when you scratch yourself there so why should a guy's nether regions be any different?

      It's a sad state of affairs that such adjustments are frowned upon in polite society so it's with this is mind that the manufacturer of the Gentlemans ball scratcher - Boxer Games - have come to our rescue. We all know how distasteful it is to see a guy with his hand down the front of his trousers and frankly you don't know what he is doing 'down there' it could be an innocent little scratch that he's having or it could be something a little more..erm..'fruity' so what do you do when you want to have a scratch but are afraid of being labelled a sex pest? You reach for your Gentlemans Ball Scratcher of course!

      It's a shame that Dooyoo have chosen only to picture the actual ball scratcher in their supplied illustration here as it actually comes packaged in a rather attractive metallic case which is hinged and looks like something you would keep your glasses in. Opening the case to reveal the implement itself allows you to take in the beauty of the ball scratcher, made from chrome-effect metal (ie it's very shiny) it has a very generous 9" handle designed for those hard to reach areas and the scratcher itself is shaped to look like a ladies hand. The fingers and thumb of the hand are fixed at an angle to maximise the scratching sensation for when the implement is rubbed against your skin and if that wasn't enough, it is fully dishwasher safe and stain resistant to boot.

      So, imagine the scene. You are at a fancy restaurant and you get an itch 'down there', you shuffle in your seat, squirm a little bit but it wont go and now it's getting annoying. You don't want to embarrass yourself by scratching like some kind of ape so you reach for your chrome-effect Gentlemans ball scratcher with its extra long handle and manoeuvre it past your belt and into your underwear, finding the spot you move the handle up and down and relief! the itch is gone, your hands are outside your clothing so you're clearly not a pervert and order and calm is restored once more. Phew!

      I suppose I'd better mention at this point that although I've actually owned mine for coming up to a year I haven't actually used it for its intended purpose as, quite frankly, it looks ever so slightly scary and I aint having anything metal round my bits, thank you very much. Instead it sits in its beautiful case on a bookshelf and looks from the outside like a very nice box - I know what's inside it as does my wife and some of our friends and if anyone asks what's in the box I let them find out for themselves. It's obviously a novelty item for someone with a sense of humour and is supposed to be a bit of a laugh and to that end I think it's a great success, Its the first ball scratcher I have ever owned and there's not that many gifts I have received in my life that I can honestly say are unique so if nothing else it's that.

      Even though this features in the Erotic category you can buy a Gentlemans Ball Scratcher from amazon or Play.com and prices seem to be around £5.00, I don't know how much mine was but I would imagine it would have been around that price last year. From a purely aesthetic point of view and for being something a little different to the usual presents you can buy I'm awarding five stars as my rating - I haven't used it so I can't comment on its itch-relieving capabilities though and you'd be a braver man than I am to actually put it to the test.

      Thanks for reading my review and I hope it wasn't too offensive.


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    • Product Details

      This is definitely the present for the man who has everything! Aimed at the "Busy Male Executive" is the Gentleman's Ball Scratcher!For the days when your own hands are just not precise enough, the Gentleman's Ball Scratcher is in the shape of a delicate female hand, for those hard to reach places. The 9 inch handle provides excellent extra length to help get around difficult obstacles (beer bellies, old pizza, empty beer cans etc.) and provide the relief so many crave...This quality silverware utensil is dishwasher safe, and has a stain resistant surface

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