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Secret Romance 100 Ways To Say I Love You Card Game

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2011 12:09
      Very helpful



      Great idea for getting a little bit of magic back into your relationship

      Well, let me start by saying, this is the last category I thought I'd be writing a review for, however having recently bought this cute little card game online from love-honey, I decided I may as well review it since it was available in the Dooyoo data base.

      --Secret Romance 100 ways to say I love you card game--

      The game consists of 100 cards, each individual card has a peel back strip, to which only the person who has chosen that card should peel off. The cards come in a cute red, heart shaped tin, displaying the game's name on the lid. Each card displays the same picture as that of the tin.

      The idea of the game is to play with your partner, each taking a card and revealing what it says only to the person who has opened it. Then you do or say what the card asks of you.
      Each card tells you a different thing to do, for or to your partner, in any number of places. An example being: Write down 10 reasons why you love your partner. That is just one example of the sort of thing you'd expect to find written in the secret cards, some have you dressing up, some are funny, some are romantic, some are rude.... but I'm sure you get the idea.
      You don't have to play the game sitting down together, you could always sneak a card out and surprise your partner by doing one of the 100 things suggested on the cards, you could do this by taking it in turns, it works best when your partner least expects it.

      I paid £6.00 for the cards from an online store called Love-Honey, and got free delivery.

      --My experience with the cards--

      Now then, these cards were meant for a little romantic treat for my husband on Valentines night. In the past, when we first got together we always left silly little notes for each other around the house. Over time we progressed to sending each other silly little text messages. It's crazy I know but it's just something we always did. Now all these years later I thought I'd try and rekindle that little bit of silliness we used to share in our relationship and so hopefully this explains my reasons for purchasing the cards.

      When I first got them I was tempted to just rip them all open and read what they all said, but I decided I couldn't do that, it wasn't fair, and besides once the cards have been opened they cannot be resealed.
      My husbands reaction to the cards surprised me, I thought he'd just laugh and say "no chance", but he seemed quite interested (I wonder why?) he couldn't wait to start playing. As it happens we did have a lot of fun playing with the cards, we did and said a few things that bought some more magic to our relationship. It is nice to know that romance is not dead, he happened to get the card I mentioned above "Write 10 reasons why you love your partner" and he did this by sending me a text message with 10 good reasons why. The game is good fun to play because it can span out for as long as you like (unless you run out of cards) and the cards suggest all sorts of things that I'm sure you or your partner, whoever you are, would have fun doing together.

      If your feeling like your love life could do with a little boost, I'm sure these will work a treat for you both, even if you do only get to use them once, it's worth it, to get that little bit of romance, that you might have lost, back in your life again. I do recommend these cards, you never know they could save someone's relationship or indeed make it stronger.

      I give these cards 4 stars because they cannot be resealed, but you could always use them again by turning them the other way round.

      Thank you for reading my review


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    • Product Details

      As recommended in The Times by Suzi Godson! Show your partner how much you love them without a saying a word! This gorgeous selection of romance cards gives you the opportunity to express your love in 100 romantic ways.

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