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Willy Bubbles Necklace Bottle

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    1 Review
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      22.05.2011 18:08
      Very helpful



      Don't bother, it's not big and it's not clever!

      A couple of years ago me and a friend had a joint eBay shop selling hen night novelties, it was actually a very lucrative venture (sex sells!) until greedy eBay killed us with ever-increasing fees. My friend carried on with it for a while selling at car boots, but I'm not really a Sunday morning kinda girl so let her take over the 'business'. When we moved house in December last year I came across a few boxes of old stock, including several of these willy shaped bubbles.

      They were actually a brilliant seller, I could never work out why as they're so tacky they're not even fun (erotic novelty???) AND the bubbles are absolutely pathetic! The willy shaped bottle is ugly as sin and to be honest the shape is so badly defined that from a distance you'd just look like you were wearing a wacky sword shaped plastic necklace.

      Yeah, you'll give a few people a bit of a giggle when they realise what you're actually wearing - but chances are they'll be laughing at you rather than with you. And unless you're a real gorgeous beauty don't even consider blowing your bubbles in the direction of random guys, the obese semi-naked drag queen types who usually wear this type of tat just look ridiculous (not to mention desperate) when trying to coquettishly blow sweet girly bubbles. Usually through a haze of Marlborough smoke.

      Not that you'll get many bubbles; I honestly can't understand what made these so popular, the thin and sticky bubble solution might give you half a dozen minuscule bubbles if you're lucky. Don't imagine you're going to get anything like kids bubbles here, they really don't work as well as even the cheapest brand of those which you can buy.

      The necklace aspect of the bubbles is equally bad. It's simply a nylon cord which you have to tie around your neck yourself, it's attached securely to the bubbles so all that's left for me to say is that I'd advise not tying it too tightly if you're off on a raucous hen night as if it got pulled while tightly tied on your neck you could end up with a nasty burn!

      The size of the willy part is roughly three and a half inches from tip to, well, ball and the cord length is just right for the 'necklace' to hang around your boob area. Which all adds to the classy effect.

      I used to sell these at four willy bubble necklaces for £6, which is EXTORTIONATE for such a cheap and tacky addition to your hen night outfit.


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    • Product Details

      If you like blowing bubbles and like blowing, er, men then you'll love this novelty penis shaped bottle of bubbles. Fitted with a pink neck string it can be worn around the neck so it won't be lost in the mayhem of your hen night.